JIJI MAA 17 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ADOM TV UPDATE:  Bina and workers scolding Falguni for cheating them. Falguni says this isn’t true, you are mistaken. The workers show her the pic with Suyash and scold her. They protest against Falguni. Suyash comes there to stop them. He asks them to stop the nonsense.

He gets angry and says we don’t want to answer you all, Falguni is still the bahu of this house, if she has spent the night at home, you should not care, we are not yet divorced, shall we think of you first if we want to hug being husband and wife, she was worried for a little boy, she was crying and hugged me, she maybe supporting you, but Falguni and I can’t unite, she will always be my enemy. Bina apologizes to Falguni. Suyash calls police. Falguni asks Suyash not to call, they should forgive someone if apology is made by heart. Workers praise her and go. Suyash says I would have done this always since I can’t bear misbehavior. Falguni thinks I know you love me a lot, we will soon unite. He says these people started doubting on you soon, can’t you see this. Laddoo comes and says I can see Falguni’s wound, would you do the aid. Suyash refuses.

Laddoo insists. Falguni gets the aid. Suyash asks her not to support the workers, who are wrong. Falguni argues with him. She says I came to get justice for workers, I will get justice and show them the way. He says fine, keep fighting and bear the pain. He goes. Laddoo asks Falguni not to take any tension. He takes her to Govind’s room and shows the toys. Falguni cries. Suyash comes and stops her from touching any toy. He asks her to stay in her limits. He says you know you lost the right to enter this room. Falguni says rights were snatched from me. He asks her to leave. She cries. Devraj meets Laddoo and sys I was missing you. He gives him a chocolate and asks him to eat it. He asks is Suyash’s house very big. Laddoo says yes. Devraj asks the entrance. Laddoo shows him the way. Devraj smartly gets all the info from him. Laddoo asks when will you get me home. Devraj says I will talk to your mum and then come to take you.


Laddoo goes. Niyati asks who can click this pic and send to workers. Falguni says I don’t understand this, who wants to trouble Suyash. Niyati says enemy won’t be quiet and do something. Devraj enters Suyash’s room and hides. He connects a wire to power socket and thinks Suyash will get electrocuted when he wakes up. Falguni sees him leaving. Suyash wakes up and sees window open. Falguni says who was he, is Suyash fine. She rushes to see Suyash. Falguni says I have seen someone leaving from Suyash’s room, let me go. Servant stops her. Suyash is getting down the bed. Falguni runs upstairs. Devraj had slide away the slippers. Falguni comes and shouts Suyash. She moves him away. Everyone comes. Suyash asks why did you come here. He pushes her. Water glass water. He gets hurt by a spark and falls down on the bed. They see the current wire lying in water. They get shocked. Vidhaan disconnects the wire. Falguni says someone has thrown this wire here. Vidhaan says someone has tried to kill you, police said those people got arrested. Laddoo asks Suyash is he fine. Falguni recalls Devraj.

Falguni coming to Laddoo’s house. She checks Devraj’s clothes. A lady sees her. Falguni lies to her that she works in NGO and have come to meet Laddoo. The lady tells her that Laddoo is tortured by his parents, who make him do theft and illegal activities. Falguni gets shocked. The lady says Laddoo thinks its his duty and he does it, I heard Laddoo’s work isn’t done well regarding Rawat. Falguni thinks it means it was Devraj at the house. She goes back and meets Laddoo. She gives him chocolates and asks him if he knows anything about Devraj, he was planning to kill Suyash. Laddoo says no, my dad can’t do this. Falguni says they are bad people. Laddoo says don’t say bad about my parents. He argues and goes in anger.


Falguni tells everything to Niyati. Niyati consoles her and says we can talk to the inspector who is handling Suyash’s case. Falguni sees a shadow and says no, we should find out. She signs Niyati to look there. She goes and catches that man. She sees a worker and leaves him. Suyash looks for Laddoo and wonders where he is. Vidhaan says Laddoo has gone home. Laddoo goes home and gets beaten up. He tells his parents that Falguni spoke against them, and that’s why he got angry and came home. He tells them everything. Devraj asks him to go out and play. He says if Falguni is doubting on me, its not safe to send Laddoo there. Suyash asks guards about Laddoo. He scolds them. Servant tells him about Falguni and Laddoo’s argument, and how Laddoo left from the garden. Suyash gets angry and goes to Falguni. He blames her for making Laddoo away from him. He asks her what did she tell him that he left. She says I can’t tell you. He says you have hurt his heart, if anything happens to him, I will not leave you, I will make you protestors bite dust, you can never succeed. He scolds her and goes. Falguni cries and says how shall I tell you that I can’t lose Laddoo, I will save him and not let anything wrong happen with him.

Chamki meets a lady. The lady tells her that someone can give her much money for Laddoo. Chamki asks really. She thinks to sell away Laddoo. Suyash asks inspector to find Laddoo. He says I have sent you his pic, inform me if you learn anything. Vidhaan asks what did you decide. Suyash asks what. Vidhaa says you have to accept workers’ demands. Suyash refuses and says I won’t bow down to them, just find Laddoo. Vidhaan says maybe Falguni knows about it. Suyash says I won’t take her help. Vidhaan says maybe Laddoo went to his house. Suyash says I m scared as his parents had ousted him at night. Falguni and Niyati meet Chamki in disguise of child buyer. Chamki asks why did you don long ghunghat. Falguni scolds her and fools Chamki. Falguni gets emotional seeing Laddoo’s clothes. She pays the money and says think this is just shagun, call the kid first. Chamki says I will call him later. Falguni says you will be in pain making your son away. Chamki says he is not my son. Falguni and Niyati get shocked.





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