JIJI MAA 19 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ADOM TV UPDATE:  Devraj asking Laddoo not to go anywhere. Laddoo irritates him and asks why are we running away. Devraj threatens to shoot him. Laddoo gets scared. Devraj then hugs Laddoo and thinks I had to kill my wife because of Suyash, if I have to kill you, I won’t think.

Falguni, Niyati, Suyash think of Laddoo and cry. Niyati reminds that Laddoo always brought Suyash and Falguni together. Suyash says Falguni has lied to me, I can never forgive her. Uttara gets ready and thinks I got the status, once I get everything, I will get the power as well, I won’t leave Suyash. She calls Abhishek. He asks where are you. She says I have a good plan to kill Suyash. Jayant goes to call her for breakfast. She keeps the phone and acts mad in front of Jayant. He feels bad. She fools him. Vidhaan asks Suyash to think about Falguni’s words once again. Suyash says no, just think of finding Laddoo. Uttara asks for laddoo to eat. Jayant asks her to sit. Suyash says I don’t care if she gets fine or not.

Suyash gets insulting Uttara. Uttara gets angry and controls. Suyash calls her a Naagin. She screams in anger and takes a knife to stab him. They get shocked. She laughs aloud and then her dream ends. She eats food and thinks I can kill you right now, but I can’t ruin my future. Suyash gets Laddoo’s call. Kidnapper makes Laddoo talk to Suyash. Laddoo asks Suyash to come and save him. Suyash gets shocked. Kidnapper asks him to come alone. Suyash leaves to save Suyash. Laddoo scolds the kidnapper and runs away.

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Vidhaan calls Falguni and says Suyash has got kidnapper’s call, he has gone to save Laddoo. Laddoo flees and runs on the road. He sees Suyash going and shouts to him. Suyash turns to see. He misses to see Laddoo. Devraj takes Laddoo. Laddoo says the goon has called Suyash at cliff, save Suyash. Devraj hugs him. He says I will take care of Suyash. Abhishek aims at Suyash. Uttara asks him to shoot Suyash and stay on call so that she can hear Suyash’s screams. Abhishek smiles and is close to kill Suyash. Suyash looks for Laddoo and shouts out. He gets shocked seeing Falguni getting police. He says I can’t shoot Suyash now, else I will get caught. He runs away. He scolds Suyash for getting police along. Suyash gets angry seeing the police with Falguni. He angrily asks her to kill her. They argue. He asks Suyash to take away Falguni

Uttara shouting how did Suyash get saved again, I have to kill him. She throws things and hurts herself. Jayant comes. She acts mad. He goes to get medicines. Niyati and Vidhaan talk on call about Suyash and Falguni’s fight. He says things will get fine when they unite, I couldn’t find Laddoo, I wish I could do something for them. Suyash says you can do one thing. Niyati sees Falguni crying. Falguni feels bad. Niyati consoles her. Suyash scolds Vidhaan. Vidhaan shouts you have got blind in anger. Falguni asks why do I have to bear so much pain. Niyati says just Lord can answer this, he has to help you.

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Vidhaan says you don’t listen to anyone and think just you are right, you are my brother, I would want your good, Falguni is your wife, she can’t wish bad for you, she worries for you, so she got police, Laddoo is not with you, its because of you, you just want things to be as you wish. Suyash scolds him for taking Falguni’s side. Vidhaan says you forgot all relations before. Suyash leaves angrily. Falguni says I will not sit in peace, I will fight with the world but get my child back, I will cross any limit for saving my husband and child. Niyati says I will always be with you. They hug.

Abhishek and Devraj have a talk. They drink. Abhishek says Suyash has a golden fate, think how to kill him. Devraj says we can kill him when he is in police custody. Abhishek asks how. Devraj says police is in my hands, we have to give them money. Abhishek laughs. Laddoo hears this and gets shocked. He recalls Falguni’s words and tries to go out. Goons beat up workers by taking Suyash’s name. Bina gets shocked. Uttara looks on and hides her face. She sees Laddoo coming and worries. She stops him and asks what are you doing here. He says I have come to alert him, my dad and Abhishek want to kill him. She says but he is not at home, Suyash has gone to office, come I will take you there. Vidhaan asks Suyash to sign papers. Suyash says saving Laddoo is imp. Vidhaan says they are using Laddoo to hurt you, Falguni isn’t wrong, police will help you. Inspector comes and says yes, we are here to help, we have to arrest you.

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Suyash and Vidhaan get shocked. Inspector says you got the workers attacked. Suyash says I didn’t do anything. Inspector shows proof. They see video. Suyash says its a lie, I m being framed. Inspector says say anything but in court, we got a warrant. Vidhaan says I will talk to lawyer. Laddoo asks how long will we walk. Uttara says you love Suyash, you can do anything for Suyash. Laddoo says yes. She asks can you die for him. She suffocates him. Devraj stops her and takes Laddoo. She says Laddoo is Suyash and Falguni’s son, he can unite them. Devraj and Laddoo get shocked. Devraj asks her not to worry, he won’t let Laddoo run. Bina tells everything to Falguni. Falguni sees injured workers. Falguni says I trust you, but I know Suyash well, he can’t do this, never, take complaint back. They refuse and scold her. She says I have supported you, I m with Suyash this time, I know he isn’t wrong. Devraj gets Laddoo to his place. Laddoo scolds him for trying to kill Suyash. Devraj says you won’t meet your real dad, he will be dying in jail tonight. He laughs.




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