JIJI MAA 6 NOVEMBER 2020 ON ADOM TV UPDATE: Suyash seeing the security guard. Jayant tells him that his sons’ lives are very precious to him. He says try to understand, I can’t live without you, you have made strong enemies, they can attack you again. Goon tells Abhishek that a man can do this work and break into security. Abhishek comes to meet Devraj and bribes him for killing Suyash. Devraj takes Suyash’s pic. Abhishek hires him. Laddoo sees them from far. Chamki takes Laddoo with him and scolds him. She punishes him. He cries and thinks of Falguni.

Falguni and Niyati discuss work. Veena comes to meet them. Falguni hugs her. Veena asks her to help and complaints against Rawat textiles. Falguni worries and says I will fight for you. Veena goes. Niyati says you can’t go against Suyash. Falguni says I have to support Veena, I will explain Suyash. Chamki gets happy seeing stolen things. Laddoo changes his shirt. Chamki stops her and punishes him again. He gets scared. Devraj comes and stops her. He acts good towards Laddoo. He asks him to do some work. Laddoo comes to Rawat mansion to meet Suyash. Guard stops him. Laddoo argues with him. Suyash sees Laddoo and asks guard to let him come in. Laddoo goes to meet Suyash. Devraj says I was good to Laddoo, I have sent him to break Suyash’s security. He tells his plans. Chamki says we will get much money. Laddoo sees the house and asks Suyash about his wound. Suyash says I m fine. Laddoo says it had to happen, aunty has done aid to you.

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He greets Jayant. Suyash takes Laddoo and asks him to take anything he wants. Laddoo sees many things on the table. He takes milk and says I get other things by working for the school, I have to do some work and get money to donate to school. Suyash asks him to measure the house so that they can have a carpet made for the house. Laddoo agrees and drinks milk. Everyone likes Laddoo. Laddoo goes to Govind’s room and plays. Vidhaan says Suyash will get angry seeing this. Suyash comes. Jayant says he is a kid, don’t scold him. Suyash asks him not to play with his son’s toys, he will get other toys for him. Laddoo asks where is he. Suyash tells him that his son left him and went far. Laddoo says you can call me your son until he comes back, I won’t feel bad.


Suyash crying on hearing Laddoo. Laddoo makes him smile. Suyash lets him play with the toys. Devraj makes a plan to blast and kill Suyash. Niyati asks will you go home after many years. Falguni says yes. Laddoo plays with the remote car. Suyash laughs. Vidhaan and Jayant smile seeing Suyash laughing. Suyash plays with Laddoo. Suyash gets ready. Jayant asks the time. He says I have to go now. Suyash says I will drop you. Devraj gets the bomb and waits for Suyash. Vidhaan says I will drop him. Suyash says don’t worry, security is there. Suyash and Laddoo leave. Falguni comes there and thinks of Suyash and her moments. Yaadein….plays…

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Jayant and Vidhaan see her. Jayant says I think you have come back forever. She says no, I have come to talk to Suyash, the workers have many complains with him, he has to listen to them. Vidhaan says he just went. She says I will go there and talk to him. Suyash drops Laddoo. Laddoo says if I get car, I will also drop you somewhere. Suyash smiles and says keep meeting. Devraj wants Laddoo to go away. Laddoo plays with Suyash. Falguni is on the way. Laddoo goes. Suyash asks him to get his toys which he bought on the way. Laddoo gets choked. Suyash runs to him and feeds him water. He asks where is your dad. Laddoo says he will be around, I will go. He leaves. Suyash turns to go. Falguni reaches there. Laddoo sees her and runs to her. Devraj throws the bomb. Laddoo stumbles and leaves his toys bag, which hits the bomb. The bomb falls elsewhere. Suyash and Falguni see the explosion and get scared. Guards asks Suyash to leave, there is danger. Suyash and Falguni take Laddoo and leave. Devraj looks on.

Falguni asks Laddoo not to think much. She thinks Suyash’s enemies have done this. He asks her to go, if his mum sees her, she will shout a lot. He says I don’t like when she shouts on you. She gets emotional. She says I don’t like when your mum shouts on you. She hugs him. Devraj doesn’t see her. Suyash calls Falguni. He asks how is Laddoo. She says he is fine, I have dropped him home. He disconnects. Vidhaan comes to Suyash and says inspector has come. Inspector says I told you not to go out. Jayant says I won’t let him go out now. Inspector says that man can blast this house also, you three will know about Suyash, we will try to find the culprit. Suyash asks where will I stay. Inspector says we found out the person you hate the most, stay with Falguni. Suyash gets shocked. He refuses to go there. Vidhaan thinks mom stays there, it will be bad if Suyash goes there. Jayant asks Vidhaan to explain Suyash. Suyash says I won’t like seeing Falguni’s face, I won’t go there.


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