JIJI MAA 16TH OCTOBER 2020:  jiji maa today on adom tv live ghana, The Episode starts with minister taking baby in arms. The clown takes the remote to explode the bomb. A boy runs and collides.

The remote falls away. Clown looks for it. Guards look for the attackers. Falguni goes to storeroom and sees the guard. He says I lost my way. She asks what, you won’t tell me, I will complain to minister. He says no, I will tell you everything, minister’s life is in danger. She gets shocked. He says don’t tell anyone, its my request. Suyash comes to her and asks what are you doing here. She says storeroom door was open, so I had come to see. Baby cries. Niyati says maybe he is feeling hungry. She takes baby. Suyash asks why are you worried. Falguni says nothing. Goons look for the remote. Falguni sees guard and asks him what is he finding. He says a bomb is hidden somewhere. She gets shocked. The kids fight for the remote. Suyash gets the remote from them. Clown sees him and asks him to come, he has to show something. Suyash goes with clowns. Minister praises the arrangements and says it was fun, this party is memorable.

Uttara thinks I want the same. Clown asks minister to give the gift to baby by his hands. Minister agrees and gives the toy to baby. Goon goes away and tries to use the remote. Minister leaves. Everyone looks for him. Jayant says he was here just now. Guards take minister to storeroom and tell him about the threat. He says this was Falguni’s idea to get you here. Falguni dresses up like Santa and sends everyone away. She asks Niyati where is baby. She sees Vidhaan on call and says it means baby isn’t with him. She goes and finds baby with the clown. Jayant asks clown to come in the party fast. Falguni takes the baby. She finds the bomb in the toy. Clown goes to stop Falguni and try to take the baby. She says baby is crying, I will manage him. She removes the Santa beard and tells them about the threat on the family.

The clown says its us who have come to attack the minister. Vidhaan sees Suyash lying unconscious. He asks what happened to you. Falguni shouts for help and asks clown why are they doing this. Suyash gets up and rushes to them. The clowns stop Suyash and Vidhaan. Suyash sees the remote. Falguni asks Suyash to stop baby, they have tied a bomb to him. Clown asks him to back off. Suyash beats him up. Falguni takes her baby from clown. Falguni falls down. She holds the baby and cries. Suyash and Vidhaan fight with goons. The clown tries to snatch baby. His mask gets off. Falguni sees his face….

Uttara asking Niyati where is Falguni. Niyati goes to see. She gets shocked seeing the fight happening. Falguni hugs Niyati and says the goons were using our baby to explode the bomb. Niyati gets shocked. The goon presses the remote button. Vidhaan says we need to defuse the bomb. Falguni says why is this beeping. Guard says the bomb timer started, don’t risk life, come. Falguni refuses to leave her child. Niyati says if anything will happen, it will happen to all of us. Suyash says I will call Vicky, he will tell me, he is a commando, he would know this. He calls Vicky and tells everything.

Suyash tries to defuse the bomb. He hugs the baby and closes eyes. Vidhaan says bomb got defused. They all get a relief. Falguni says Suyash, you have saved the baby. Guard goes to minister and says everything is fine, bomb is defused, goons are caught. Minister says I will meet Jayant. Guard asks him to head towards home straight. Jayant asks Uttara about the children. She says I will go and see. Guard stops her and tells everything. They get shocked. Guard asks Jayant to send off the guests.

Clown gets Niyati at knifepoint. Falguni begs him. Guard comes there and points gun at him. Clowns run out. Suyash takes baby in arms. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. They all smile. Suyash and Falguni take care of baby. He says when it was about Niyati, you left baby alone, its good I have seen him. She says I knew you are with baby, I promise I will always take care of baby. He says take good care of him. Everyone is happy that baby is fine. Jayant says he is born with good fate. Inspector comes and says we have arrested a goon, by following Falguni’s described sketch, she has to give statement in court. She agrees. Niyati says we won’t be scared. Suyash says we will not leave them, they tried to harm baby. Falguni calms his anger. Goons beat their man.

Goon learns that Falguni is going to give statement against them. He throws knife at falguni’s pic and says she can ruin us. He tears her pic. Servant gets hot oil for baby massage. Falguni says its too hot, I asked you to get normal oil. Servant says sorry. She goes to get oil. Suyash comes and picks the baby from getting burnt by hot oil. Falguni comes back. He scolds her for not looking after baby well. He says I will cancel the meetings, your focus is somewhere else, do anything, I will take care of him. He goes. Niyati sees a bad dream and gets worried. Falguni goes out and sees a stabbed baby toy. She gets shocked. Everyone waits outside while police and bomb squad check the toy. Inspector says there is some note here, that it could have been their baby instead this toy, if Falguni goes to court to give statement, this will happen with the family.


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