Jiji Maa 4th August 2020: On Jiji Maa On adom tv Tuesday update 4 August 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni saying I have strong belief in Suyash, for me, he is not wrong. Niyati says we can explain heart, but we can be happy this way.

Falguni says no, I really believe he is right, you focus on your relation with Vidhaan, clear your misunderstandings. Niyati prays. She returns to room and asks Vidhaan to forget everything. She hugs him and apologizes.

He breaks their photo frame. He asks her to fix it well. He says I m also broken, we can’t forget it, I will sleep on sofa. She cries. Jayant asks Uttara why is she crying. He cheers her up. She says I m scared that we will lose happiness, why does Falguni want to keep Shreya and Chiku here. He shows her the moon. He says eclipse isn’t forever, same way problems don’t stay, we will find a solution, Falguni’s belief didn’t shake, we should be glad that Falguni and Suyash are together.


Suyash sits sad. Falguni says nothing is proved. He says don’t believe so much, when trust breaks, you will be hurt, I don’t remember anything. She hugs him. Chiku gets Shreya there. She says I told mum to come here, we can meet you any time, you are my dad, I came to take you. Shreya says Chiku is adamant that you will make her sleep. Chiku pulls Suyash’s hand. She gets adamant. Shreya scolds Chiku. Falguni hugs Chiku and asks Suyash to go. Suyash goes to Chiku. She asks him to sing a song and dance. Shreya asks her to stop it, else she will slap her. Suyash says don’t scold her, its not her mistake, I m tired, I won’t sing. Falguni looks on.

Uttara asks why are you doing this, you don’t believe reports, why did you keep them at home. Falguni says Shreya is wrong, what’s Chiku’s mistake, I have sent Suyash as I couldn’t see her crying. Uttara says you may lose Suyash’s love. Falguni says I m not scared, I believe Suyash. Shreya says sorry Suyash, I feel bad, I have come just for Chiku, I will try that your and Falguni’s relation doesn’t get spoiled. Suyash says I wish I could say the same, I spoiled your life, don’t know what’s Falguni going through, sorry. He goes. Falguni goes to Shreya and checks her phone. She thinks call history is deleted, maybe she is hiding something. She gets shocked seeing pillows in Shreya’s place. Shreya goes out and steals costly things and money from temple. Falguni calls her out. Shreya gets tensed and covers the bag. Falguni asks what are you doing here. Shreya says I wasn’t getting sleep. Falguni says you are lying, you kept pillows under sheet, why, what’s the truth.

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Shreya says I have kept pillows so that Chiku doesn’t get scared, you really think I will lie to you, I m not a big liar. Falguni says you are lying, I won’t ask anything more, go to your room, if Chiku learns you aren’t there, her trust will break, kids get hurt when trust breaks. She goes. Shreya takes the bag and goes. Falguni looks on shocked.

Its morning, Uttara asks servants about the costly things. Servant says I don’t know. Shreya tries to hide and leave. Uttara stops her and asks where are you going. Shreya says I have some work. Uttara asks her to take Chiku along, its not an orphanage. Falguni says don’t say this, Shreya is going for work, let her go. Uttara says this woman is bringing storm in your life, even then you are pitying her, I can’t help you, do anything you want. She scolds servants and asks them to find showpiece. She goes. Falguni asks Shreya to go and come back soon. Shreya thanks her and goes. Falguni follows Shreya and sees her going to some house. She thinks Shreya’s truth will come out, she is cheating Suyash.

Falguni going to see Shreya’s truth. She sees Shreya getting tortured by her fiance Bhanu. Shreya gives money and things to Bhanu. She goes to Shreya and scolds Bhanu. She warns him. He attacks them. Falguni stops him. He says I can do anything with her, she is my would be wife. Shreya says I will handle this, you please go. Falguni refuses to go. Bhanu says so you won’t agree this way, I will see you. Shreya stops him and asks him not to hurt Falguni. She says I m fine, Falguni you leave. Shreya gets hit. Falguni asks him to have shame. She beats him up.

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Shreya says don’t beat him, he is hurt. Falguni says Shreya still pities you, you are thinking you got a right to beat her if you are marrying her, I hate men like you. Shreya takes her bag and leaves. Uttara asks Niyati about Vidhaan. Niyati signs he is fine. Everyone comes to dine. Uttara asks where is Falguni. Falguni gets Shreya. Shreya returns everything and apologizes. Falguni stops Uttara from slapping Shreya and says Shreya was helpless.

They ask the matter. Falguni tells everything to them. Suyash gets shocked. Shreya says Bhanu forced me for marriage, when I came here, he started threatening me, he tried to threaten about Chiku, so I went to him. Jayant says you shouldn’t agree to him. Suyash says you should get him arrested. Shreya says no, I have to marry him. Niyati asks why. Chiku asks why did you go to that bad uncle, did he beat you. Shreya says no one has beaten me, I fell there and got hurt. Shreya and Chiku go. Everyone feels bad. Falguni goes and hears Shreya and Chiku talking. Shreya says Falguni saved me. Chiku says where was dad till now. Shreya says Suyash was here, I didn’t know if he will accept you, now truth is out, I m not scared, I will go. Chiku asks what. Shreya says nothing and hugs her. Falguni cries and thinks of Shreya. She says Shreya isn’t lying, it means Chiku is Suyash’s daughter. Suyash comes to her and cries. He hugs her.

She says Shreya is saying truth, you are really nice, but you have made this mistake, Chiku is your daughter. He says forgive me. She says no, I find you helpless, I have no complaints with you, because I know you did this mistake unknowingly, you can’t cheat any girl. Uttara says I don’t care for that girl, she broke this family’s peace, give money to Shreya and send her. Vidhaan says mom is right. Jayant says I don’t think Shreya will agree, she wants Chiku to grow as Suyash’s daughter. Falguni says I didn’t trust Shreya, what should be my punishment, I made a mistake. Suyash says your life got spoiled, I don’t know I deserve you or not. She says you are the best, and hugs him. She says injustice shouldn’t happen with Shreya.

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She goes to Shreya and apologizes. Shreya says no, Suyash is really nice, its fine that you reacted this way. Falguni says I know you are true, you won’t go, you will stay here and raise Chiku. Shreya says no, I have to marry Bhanu, he did many favors on me, I don’t want him to hurt Chiku, she will stay here with you. Falguni refuses. Bhanu comes to meet Shreya. Bhanu asks servants to leave him. He sees Chiku and says you know me, tell me to let me come in. Chiku says you are bad uncle, you have beaten my mum, I will ask Falguni to beat you, just go. Falguni holds Chiku. Shreya sees Bhanu…


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