Jiji Maa 21 July 2020 On adom tv: On Jiji Maa On adom tv Tuesday update 21 July 2020, Suyash coming to Uttara. She asks are you hurt, I m not able to raise falguni well. He says I m fine, don’t blame yourself, you are raising her well.

He goes. She says I thought you worship me, I was wrong, everything changed since Falguni came in your life, I have to make you out of Vidhaan’s way. Niyati comes and gets tea for her. She says Suyash was sending tea for you, so I got it. Uttara says you would have added something in it. Niyati says hatred, I got tea for you, you are doubting on me, I m your bahu, its my duty to serve you. Uttara drinks the hot tea and scolds Niyati. Niyati says sorry.

Uttara says tell me what’s in your heart. Niyati says I m also this hot tea, you would have made Falguni against Suyash, if anything happens to Falguni, I will burn you. Uttara says wait and watch what I do to you and Falguni. Its night, Falguni comes to Uttara and sees her talking to a doll. Uttara says I always talk to this doll, you can also talk to your teddy. Falguni says yes, I will talk to teddy. She runs.

Falguni wakes up and talks to teddy. She says Suyash is good, but Uttara isn’t lying. She goes to sleep. She dreams of waking up Suyash. She says what clothes was I wearing. Suyash gets breakfast for her. He asks what happened. She says I saw a dream, I got breakfast for you, I was wearing a saree. He says so what’s there to worry, you can wake up early and get breakfast for me, like I got juice for you, have this soon. He goes. She looks for teddy. Uttara asks what happened, are you not getting your teddy, come we shall check storeroom. Falguni finds teddy torn and asks who did this. She cries. Uttara says you would have told about hero ji to teddy, so hero ji would have torn this teddy in anger.. falguni says I just said hero ji is bad. Uttara says why did you do this, if you tell him about me, he will kill me. Falguni says I will scold him. Uttara says no, even if you beat him, he will get fine and trouble us again. She fools Falguni and asks why don’t you kill him. Falguni says I will kill him. Uttara hugs her.


Uttara says I m scared of Suyash. She shows Suyash with a jam spreader knife. Falguni says I will not tell our secret to anyone. She goes to hit a plate on his head. Suyash turns and asks did you get plate, I was making sandwich for you, see. She smiles seeing it and eats. She goes to Uttara. Uttara asks was the sandwich good. Falguni says yes, it was tasty. Uttara says good, you can’t save me from hero ji. Falguni says I love you a lot. Uttara asks what will you do for me. Falguni says I was so angry, when he came in front, don’t know what happened to me, I got confused, he is very good. Uttara thinks I won’t lose.

Uttara saying I have to go to Yamraj and die. Falguni says no, I will save you, if hero ji does anything, I will kill him. She goes to teddy and cries. She says what shall I do to repair you. Niyati comes and asks who did this. Falguni doesn’t say. Niyati says the teddy won’t be spoiled, don’t cry, come with me. She takes her and shows the sewing machine. She says you can use thread and stitch anything. Falguni recalls herself and says I feel I have seen this machine before, like I have used it too. Niyati smiles and says maybe. She asks her to sit. She stitches and fixes the teddy. Falguni hugs her and thanks her. Niyati wishes Falguni gains her memory. Suyash leaves work on seeing mangoes. He says I really like the farm mangoes. Uttara asks Shom to ask maharaj to make mango pudding today. Falguni asks shall I eat a mango. Suyash says sure, its all yours. Uttara gets angry.


Jayant says Suyash likes mangoes a lot. Vidhaan says he can die for mangoes. Uttara smiles. She goes and says why doesn’t Suyash give his life by having these mangoes, he was a good son before, he did a mistake too, he should die. She injects poison in the mango. Falguni comes. Uttara says this is a return gift, Suyash wanted to be friendly with you, maybe he stops troubling me if he becomes your good friend. Falguni says yes.

She takes the mango for Suyash. She says its our friendship mango. Suyash says I will cut it. He eats the mango and starts coughing. Uttara smiles. Falguni shouts what happened, have water, you will get fine. He falls down. Uttara thinks he will be dying now. Falguni asks Suyash to say something. He says I m fine. Uttara gets shocked. Suyash says the mango got stuck in my throat, I m fine, get the mango, we will have it. Uttara thinks how did he not get affected by poison, I have poisoned the mango, he is still alive. Niyati gives mango to Vidhaan and jokes.

She says I collided with Falguni and mango fell down. Uttara thinks maybe the mango got swapped. She stops Vidhaan and says the mango is bad. She says the mango is really rotten and goes. She gets angry and says Suyash will die tomorrow by Falguni’s hands, live the day. Niyati thinks mom is planning something, but what. Servant says a rat died, maybe by consuming the mango. Niyati says it means mango will have poison, she wanted to kill Falguni.



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