Jiji Maa 14 July 2020: On Jiji Maa On adom tv Tuesday update 14 July 2020, The Episode starts with Uttara getting tensed when the man points at her. She turns and starts shouting on Shom.

She slaps him. She asks why did you tell the man about the bad incident, it could have affected her badly. Shom understands and takes the blame. He apologizes. He scolds the man. Suyash asks Shom to stop it. Uttara sees Niyati and smiles. She gives money to Shom and says I had to do this, as this would have affected much, take this money. He thinks its some test and refuses. She slaps him again and gives money.

Niyati comes and shows an injection to scare Uttara. She acts and says sorry, forgive me for my mistake. She holds Niyati’s hand and takes the injection. She says your plan was good, when my sons know that you are behind my madness, what will they do with you. She says I told that man to create my fav scene. She taunts Niyati. She asks Niyati to get lost, she has to rest now.


Suyash sits sad and recalls Falguni. Falguni wakes up and sees him. She hugs him. Music plays…. She says I don’t want injection. He says doctor left, nothing will happen. Niyati looks on and thinks I couldn’t take care of you, forgive me. Falguni asks for Uttara and goes with Niyati. She hugs Uttara and says you know doctor is bad, he gave me injection, don’t leave me. Uttara says I will tell him not to do this, sit here. She goes to Niyati and shuts the door. Niyati cries. Uttara starts her emotional drama. She says I feel if I was in your place, I would have gone and hidden where no one would have to worry for me, so that my mum would not need to cry for me. She asks Falguni to sleep. Falguni thinks of her words. He packs her toys and fruits in a little bag. She goes. Uttara smiles and says Niyati, your little Jiji Maa has run away.

Niyati takes water from kitchen. Falguni hides. Niyati turns to see. Vidhaan comes and asks what is she doing, come and rest. They go. Falguni goes out of the house. Niyati comes to Uttara’s room and doesn’t see Falguni. She calls out Suyash. He asks what happened. She says Falguni isn’t here. They all look for Falguni. Uttara asks how can this happen, she would have hidden somewhere, did she go anywhere out. She smiles seeing Niyati. Falguni comes to her locality and stops near her house. Niyati comes to Uttara and says I m warning you, if anything happens to Falguni, I swear I will expose you, I was silent as Falguni was regarding you mum, now why will I stay silent, you will go to jail. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni sees her house. Niyati and her moments are seen.

Niyati saying if anything happens to Falguni, Suyash will know that you killed his real mum, I won’t care if I lose Vidhaan, Falguni is more imp to me, you will lose all comforts if I lose Falguni. She goes. Uttara says did I dig my own grave by sending Falguni away, she is my ace, I should have kept her along. Falguni sits near her house and eats food. She says mum isn’t with me. She goes to wake up an auto driver. She recalls Niyati’s words. She says I want to go doll land. He says I don’t want to go, you hire anyone else. She thinks I miss Niyati, shall I go there, no doctor will give me injection again.

Suyash, Vidhaan, Niyati, Uttara and Shom are on the way. They look for Falguni. Shom says you do everything well, how did you make this mistake, I was sleeping on money pillow. She says don’t know, Niyati made me mad, stop your nonsense now. Suyash reaches the locality and checks house. He calls out Falguni. Niyati cries and says I m silly to think she will come here. Suyash shows Falguni’s pic to auto driver and asks about her. The man says she was just here. Suyash goes to find her. Falguni checks her water bottle. She sees some men and asks do you have water. The man says yes, have it. She drinks water. She says I shouldn’t talk to strangers. The man says we are your friends now, we gave you water. She says yes, friends, I m going to doll land. The man says wow, we are also going there. They take her in the car. Suyash reaches there and sees the car leaving. Niyati sees a doll fallen there and says Falguni was here, she left in that car. They rush. Falguni asks what happens here. The man says clothes are dyed here, we have come to the doll land. Falguni gets happy.

She says this place isn’t good. The men smile seeing her. They start misbehaving with her. She says give my scarf. Bal Gopal’s pic is kept there. The pic falls. Falguni cries and says you are really bad, you took my bag and scarf. The man says we are really very bad, you didn’t see our badness yet. A man records her. She goes to pic Krishna pic. The ladder falls on the goon and blackens his face. She laughs and runs. She says I will complaint about bad uncles to hero ji, but hero ji is at home, I m going far. The man says now I won’t leave you. She hides. A lady sees her and asks how will you go home, don’t worry, come with me, your mum would have also took you home. Falguni says I can’t go home, so I m going away. Falguni goes with her.

Suyash reaches and checks the place. The lady locks Falguni. She says I got another girl, she is little mad, she talks like a kid, give my commission. The man pays her. Niyati and Suyash call her out. Suyash says Falguni can come home and find it locked, mom and Shom are also finding her, go home. Niyati says I can’t go home, Vidhaan you please go, I will be with Suyash. Vidhaan goes. Falguni sees the girls trapped. She stands in the line. She asks can we go to doll land at night. The girl asks her to shut up, they are devils, they will beat us. Falguni gets scared and says I won’t go to jungle, I want to go to mum. She shouts. Suyash and Niyati look for her. The man scolds Falguni and aims gun at her. Suyash sees Niyati gone and calls her out. He says phone battery had to end right now. The man threatens them. Falguni asks Laddoo Gopal to punish the bad people. The man throws the idol. She cries.

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