Jiji Maa Monday adom tv update 10 August 2020

Jiji Maa Monday adom tv update 10 August 2020: Jiji Maa 10 August 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni asking Uttara to tell what she did with Gayatri. She scares Uttara. Everyone sees this on the camera feed and gets angry.

Uttara shouts for help and falls down while running. Everyone comes. Suyash asks Falguni about Uttara’s confession. Falguni says that will happen soon. Uttara wakes up in the hospital and asks what happened to me, I was with Falguni. Suyash says you fell down, your kidney got a rupture, doctors had to remove one of your kidney. She gets shocked and asks what was the need. Jayant says we will talk to doctor, take care.

Falguni says we have to make Uttara admit the truth. Uttara cries for her kidney. Falguni comes there again and scares Uttara. She says what one does with others, same thing happens with them. Uttara shouts. Lights come. Falguni hides. Shom comes there. Uttara slaps him and says I told you not to leave me, I lost my kidney. Shom says I got to know Falguni’s spirit is after you, I didn’t know about your kidney. He sees Falguni and signs. He recalls Falguni taking his help by threatening to get him arrested. He asks Uttara to compromise with Falguni. He gets a gun for Uttara and asks her to shoot the spirit. She says it will be better that I shoot you. Shom gets shot. She gets shocked. Shom falls down. Nurse comes and shouts murder.

Uttara goes to jail. Suyash says Falguni, mom is suffering so much because of you. She says I know, her crimes pot is full. Vidhaan asks her to prove it. They get angry and leave. Falguni asks Niyati to keep courage, Suyash and Vidhaan have belief on Uttara, once truth comes out, everything will be clear. Niyati worries and hugs her. Jayant meets Uttara. He says your bail will happen in the morning, you have to stay here in the morning. Uttara asks him not to leave her. She asks the lady constable not to leave her, the ghost will come to trouble her. The lady constable locks her and goes.

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Falguni comes there. Uttara says don’t do anything to me, leave me. She says you can’t do anything, the door is locked. Falguni opens the lock and gets it. She asks provoking Uttara to confess her crimes. Everyone looks on the screens. Falguni asks Uttara to accept her crimes, else she won’t be saved. Uttara shouts yes, I have killed Gayatri. Everyone gets shocked. Falguni smiles.

Uttara says not just Gayatri, I have killed the PM, I kill everyone who comes in front of me, I have killed Jayant, Suyash and Vidhaan also, I accept all the crimes, Kerela flood has come because of me, everything happens because of me, everything happens because of me here, eclipse, rain and everything happens just because of me, I m bad, I killed everyone, kill me. She hits her head on the lockup cell. Everyone gets shocked. Uttara faints down. Suyash and everyone worries for her. Falguni cries.

doctor treating Uttara. Jayant says she is in much pain. Suyash goes to Falguni and scolds her for making Uttara mad. He says I won’t support you now, remember this. Falguni says its nothing like that. He goes. Niyati says there is no one with us. Falguni shows her belief. She thinks of Shreya. She goes to meet Shreya at Rawat office. Shreya gets shocked seeing her. Falguni says there is no use to run away now, I have sent you message from Uttara’s phone, I got to know the truth two days back and everyone got to know the truth today. Suyash, Vidhaan and Niyati come.


Falguni says you were feeling bad, you can ask the truth to Shreya now. Shreya says everything I did was a drama, Uttara came to me, she knew we were classmates, maybe one of your friend told her about farewell party, I agreed to her when she offered me money, I was in need of money, Chiku’s father is really ill. Vidhaan says you are lying. Shreya says no, Uttara wants to remove Falguni’s womb so that Falguni never conceives, she told me to take Falguni’s promise at the time of dying. Falguni cries. Suyash scolds Shreya. Vidhaan says Suyash is right, this girl used her daughter for money, she can blame mom for money. Suyash says we shall leave.

Falguni says don’t forget that you gave me 24 hours time, you have to support me. At home, Uttara gets conscious and looks around. She says I have come home. Suyash says you are fine. Vidhaan says your kidney isnt removed. Jayant says doctor was mistaken. Uttara says you all stay with me. Vidhaan says yes, on Falguni’s saying…. Suyash stops him. He says nothing, Vidhaan is saying we decided to go after Falguni’s leaving, we won’t go now. Jayant says I have kept a puja at home, some artists are coming to show their art, Falguni’s soul will get peace. Vidhaan says maybe Shreya is saying true. Suyash says why will mom act. Falguni thanks him for keeping his word. She says I will also keep my work and prove my innocence. He asks her not to hurt Uttara. Falguni and Niyati go and pray to bring out the truth. She plays the shank.


Everyone gathers for the puja. Jayant and Uttara do the aarti. Uttara thinks now she can’t do anything to me. She sees Shreya as a dancer. She gets hurt. She goes to see Shreya and doesn’t find her. Suyash asks are you fine, you left aarti. Uttara says I was finding hard to breath in there, you go, I will come. He goes. She says I don’t care about Shreya, its imp that Falguni is dead, even if Shreya comes, I will kill her. The dances dance. Ghoomar….plays…. Falguni looks on from far. Everyone dances. Uttara worries seeing Shreya. Falguni signs Niyati. Shreya calls Falguni and says she is coming after me. Uttara comes to Shreya and asks who are you. She gets shocked seeing Shreya.

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