Jiji Maa on adom tv Friday 26th June 2020: Jiji Maa 26 June 2020 on adom tv, The Episode starts with Balwant asking Uttara to shoot Lazer. Uttara shoots at her. Falguni falls down.

Balwant asks Uttara to go fast, he will dump the body. Suyash picks Falguni’s pic and keeps it back. Uttara gets in shock and thinks of killing Lazer. She says if I didn’t kill her, she would have got me hanged, no one will know me about it. She gets shocked seeing something.

Its morning, Vidhaan reads the newspaper. He says our party coverage has published, come. She thinks to go and check Falguni. Uttara stops her. She asks where are you going. Niyati says I wanted to visit temple and thank Lord. Jayant asks Uttara what’s the surprise, who is coming. Uttara says someone special is coming, I want you all to welcome her. Falguni comes home. They all get shocked.

Uttara does her aarti and blesses her. Suyash asks did you forget what happened. Uttara asks them to forget it too, Falguni is their house respect, she should stay with them. She says I will give her another chance. Jayant blesses Falguni. Suyash looks at her and says you have a big heart to forgive her, but I can’t. He goes. Falguni says all this got possible because of you. Uttara says stop this drama, everyone is gone, you have blackmailed me and come here. Falguni says it doesn’t matter, my fate is bright. She lectures Uttara and goes.

Uttara says if you think you will make me dance like a puppet, then you are wrong, I don’t accept defeat with ease. Falguni hugs Niyati. Niyati asks how did you manage this. Falguni says I have threatened Balwant and got him on my side, this was all my plan, Uttara killed Lazer according to my plan. Niyati says you took a big risk. Falguni tells her next plan. She shows the evidence against Uttara. She says now we can trap her with ease, Uttara felt she had kidnapped and killed Lazer, the bullet was fake, I had recorded this, Uttara will be punished, I blackmailed her and asked her to get me home with all the respect. Niyati asks why did you come home by blackmailing.

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Falguni says sometimes we have to do wrong to teach a lesson to wrong people, if we showed that video in the party, we would have won but lost, Suyash would have broken down, now help me in ending the distance between me and Suyash. Falguni comes to dine with everyone. Suyash stays away. They talk about Lazer. Falguni says Lazer has died. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni says Lazer is a cat of our locality, the cat died. Niyati argues with her to do a drama. Falguni scares Uttara further by reminding the murder. Suyash takes the sweet dish. Maharaj says Falguni has made it. Suyash leaves the sweet dish. They all leave. Niyati says everything will get fine soon, don’t worry. Falguni says I will see till when he stays annoyed, Uttara will break the wall which she created between us.

Suyash finding a gift on the bed. He opens it and sees the photo collage. He smiles and thinks of the old moments. Falguni comes and says when we were together, we were so happy, do you remember the time when Vidhaan dropped us in the jungle for candle light dinner. He gets angry and goes out. He throws the photo frame. He says you neither have a place in my room nor my heart. He goes. She cries and runs. She picks the glass pieces. He goes to room and says she did wrong with everyone, why do I feel bad to do wrong with her. She gets the frame back. She sees Uttara smiling. Uttara says Suyash has no place for you in his heart, you did all this to come in his life, he is behaving bad with you, I felt bad seeing this. Falguni says its fine, you will help me, you will do this work and bring me closer to Suyash, you will make my relation better with Niyati, you know what I have and what I can do. Uttara says what can I do. Falguni says just do the drama like always, this time I will give you the script.

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Uttara comes to Suyash. He asks what happened. She says I can understand what’s going on in your heart, but how will you move on and stay happy by thinking the past, maybe we are thinking wrong about Falguni, she maybe right, she is part of this family. She reads the lines from boards and tells him. Falguni holds the boards. Uttara reads wrong and changes words. Suyash turns to see. Falguni hides. Uttara says I want a promise from you, you will try to make your relation with Falguni fine. He says I will try, but I won’t promise. She gets glad and makes a sad face. She goes. Falguni asks why is the coat kept like this, I will put it in cupboard. The coat gets stuck. He says I will manage. They argue. She falls over him. Uttara says once I get that video, I will make Falguni dance. Niyati hugs Falguni and says you have raised me with love, I will make a video on you once this gets over. Falguni says it will be fine, and about the video…

Uttara comes. Niyati shouts on Falguni. Uttara sees Falguni’s phone. She asks Niyati to forgive Falguni. Niyati says sins can’t be forgiven, ask her to leave. Falguni goes. Uttara sits there to talk. She takes Falguni’s phone. She asks him to forgive Falguni. She goes. Falguni comes and asks where did my phone go. Niyati says Uttara sat here. Falguni runs to Uttara. Uttara puts the phone in microwave and destroys it. Falguni comes and gets shocked. She asks what did you do. Uttara says your phone and data got burnt, all the videos are gone, sorry. Falguni cries.

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Falguni comes to Uttara. Uttara asks her to take her new phone. Falguni plays the recording. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni says all the data and videos are stored in the memory card, I have many copies, you can break my phones, break this one also, I m not old Falguni now, I m ahead of you now, you thought you got the phone easily, I have let you take the phone to see happiness on your face.


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