Jiji Maa adom tv update Thursday 9th July 2020: On Jiji Maa 9 July 2020 Adom tv, The Episode starts with Niyati coming home and talking to her mum.

She says its my duty to protect Falguni now and become her Jiji maa, bless me. She comes home and sees Falguni with Uttara. She says you just think Uttara loves you, you can’t see her hatred, I will bring out the truth. She fixes spy cam and says mum never leaves a child, I m your Jiji maa, I will never leave you now, you are innocent, you won’t tell me anything, these cameras will help me. Suyash sees Falguni sleeping and kisses her. He thinks when will I get Falguni back. She wakes up and gets scared. He says I came to show something. He shows the pics of ghost and asks do I look like this. She says no. He asks why are you scared of me.

She says I feel scared of this and you also, you have a beard like ghost. She runs to Uttara. He says what to do that she doesn’t feel scared of me. Niyati asks why did you come out, you are not fine. Falguni says I m fine. Niyati says Uttara’s friends have come, she wants you to meet them. Falguni goes. Uttara talks to her friends. Falguni comes and greets them. She asks are you my mum’s friends. She annoys the ladies. She sees a lady’s long hair and asks Uttara to see. The lady’s wig comes out. They all get shocked. Falguni laughs and runs with wig.


Uttara asks Falguni to stop. Shom comes and asks what do you think, who will win. He says I got chocolates for you, come. Falguni goes with him. Uttara says I m so sorry, I didn’t know, how did this happen. The lady asks did you call me to insult, this happened by wrong treatment at spa. Her friends leave. Niyati looks on and thinks see how Falguni troubles you. Uttara gets angry and throws things. She says I never got insulted, I have to shut her up, what shall I do. She sees cosmetics. Vidhaan and Falguni play. Niyati comes. Falguni says she is bad. Vidhaan asks Niyati to go. He plays again. He explains her and says Niyati is my good friend, she is really nice, you should know her, she isn’t bad. She thinks of it. She goes to Uttara and asks are you going out. Uttara says no, I thought to get ready for your sake. Falguni says I will also get ready.

Uttara says come, I got a new lipstick for you, same lipsticks for us. She recalls adding glue in the lipstick to shut up Falguni. She hears a sound and goes out to see. She comes out and applies lipstick to Falguni and herself. Falguni compliments her. Vidhaan calls Falguni a fairy. Falguni says I m getting bored, shall we play. Vidhaan says yes, we will play tongue twisters. Suyash joins. Falguni tells it right. Suyash tries. Falguni says you forgot, you lost. She laughs. Vidhaan says now its Niyati’s turn. Falguni says she won’t play with us. Vidhaan says she is my friend, please. Uttara thinks everyone got mad because of her, she will not be able to talk now. Falguni says your friend lost, now mum will say, I know mum can say it, its easy. Uttara thinks she can’t talk now. Falguni says I think I have bitten my tongue. She tells the tongue twister. Uttara’s lips get stuck. She fails to talk and thinks how could I do such a mistake. Niyati smiles.

Uttara worrying when she fails to talk. Niyati recalls seeing Uttara’s plan on spy cam and changing the lipstick. They all play. Falguni asks Uttara to talk. Suyash and Vidhaan ask is she annoyed, why isn’t she talking. Niyati asks did you keep Maunvrath. Uttara nods. Falguni asks how will we talk then. Niyati says she did this for your sake, so that you get fine soon. Suyash says we are lucky to get a mum like you. Niyati thinks now she can’t trouble Falguni for some hours. Uttara goes and checks the lipsticks. She gets angry. Shom comes to her and says everyone is praising you, you are so great. He asks her to talk now, there is no one around. She sign that she can’t talk. He doesn’t understand. She sign that her lips got stuck. He asks what, your lips got stuck, you didn’t keep maunvrath, you are helpless. She nods. He says how will you call me now.

Falguni sees a teddy and talks. She says I talk so much, tell me. Suyash comes from bath. She hides and sees him. He gets ready. He falls and drops a box. Everything gets spread on the floor. He sits to pick the things. He tries to thread the needle. She laughs. He sees Falguni hiding and calls her. She asks can’t you do such a small thing. He asks can you do it. She says yes. She threads the needle. He recalls their moment. She goes. He says you are still the same Falguni. Uttara gets angry when Falguni hugs her. She thinks you ruined my plans, I will not leave you. She gets an idea and thinks to trouble her more. She throws her clothes on the ground. Niyati comes and asks do you want to explain something to her. Uttara nods and signs to Niyati that Falguni should wash the sarees. Niyati says your sarees are already washed, do you want to donate sarees. Falguni calls servant and asks him to give sarees to poor people. She says you are so good, you think a lot for me. She goes.

Uttara holds Niyati’s neck in anger. Niyati jokes and goes. She makes food and says this smell will reach Uttara’s room. Uttara comes there. Niyati thinks worse will happen with you, just see. Falguni comes and says I won’t eat kheer if you have made it. Niyati says mom has fast and can’t eat it, but you should eat it. Falguni agrees to have it. Niyati says I forgot to add fruits. Uttara gets tempted. Falguni eats the kheer. Uttara comes back to room and tries to talk. She angrily crushes the glass. Falguni comes with kheer bowl. Uttara writes on paper and asks her to read. She asks Falguni to get fork for her. Falguni goes to get it. Uttara smiles.


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