Jiji Maa 10 July 2020: On Jiji Maa Friday 10 July 2020 adom tv update, The Episode starts with Falguni saying I want a fork. Niyati gives her. She checks the cctv footage and sees Uttara adding something in kheer.

Falguni comes to Uttara and gives the fork. She asks shall I eat the kheer now. Niyati runs upstairs and asks Falguni not to have kheer, she didn’t add sugar. She gets relieved. Suyash talks to doctor about Falguni. Doctor asks him not to rush and remind Falguni her past, it can affect her badly. Suyash cries and thinks will Falguni like this always. Falguni comes and asks him why is he crying. He says something went in my eye. She checks his eye and then gets away. She goes to Lord and complains about headache. Vidhaan comes and says Lord has sent me to treat your headache, see I will give you a good champi, come. He makes her sit and asks Niyati to do the champi. Niyati does the hair champi.

Uttara waits for getting able to speak. Her lips get free. She gets a big relieved. She says I can talk now. She happily dances with her. She feels hungry. She goes to kitchen and eats a lot of food. Suyash sees her and asks her about her fast. He asks her to have some food. She says no, I will have something later, along with the family. Falguni says you do a good champi, you do this everything. Vidhaan asks sure. Falguni says bad girl has done champi to me. He says she is my friend, Lord knew your ache will go by my hands. Falguni says yes, my ache has ended, your friend is good. Uttara looks on. Falguni says maybe she can become good sister and become my friend. Vidhaan asks them to shake hands. Falguni and Niyati shake hands.


Falguni calls her Bittu Didi. Uttara gets shocked. Niyati thinks I answered mom well and now Falguni regards me a friend, everything shall be fine. Uttara comes and says I got to know everything, you are doing this so that Falguni listens to you. Niyati thinks how did my plan fail, I shouldn’t lose. Niyati says no, I m not playing any trick against you, I m not Jiji, I m helpless Bittu, I know you are great, you will crush me, I m a weak person. She fools Uttara by acting helpless. She asks Uttara not to throw her out of the house. Uttara says I m glad to know this, you are right, you are nothing in front of me, maybe my mind is working a lot as I was silent all day. Falguni asks Niyati how will I please Uttara. Niyati says I will tell you what to do. Falguni goes to Uttara and says you kept fast for me, I want to get something for you. She does Uttara’s aarti. She asks her to close eyes and wait. She pours water on Uttara’s head. Uttara gets shocked. Niyati smiles.

Falguni telling Uttara that she has done her abhishek by pouring water, it had Gaumutra as well. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni thanks Niyati and goes. Niyati smiles. Uttara comes to Falguni and sees her sleeping. She says you have got my sarees donated and made me bath by Gaumutra, you are sleeping here, I won’t let this happen. She wakes up Falguni and starts the drama. She tells her that she feels hot and wants to fan some air, but her hands are aching. Falguni says I can do this for you, you do a lot for me. She sits fanning air to Uttara. Niyati looks on in the spy camera feeds. She says Uttara just wants to trouble Falguni. She wakes up Vidhaan. She thinks he will follow me. She goes to Uttara. Falguni sees the mosquitoes and hits on Uttara’s head.


Uttara wakes up and asks what happened. She asks how did mosquitoes come. Falguni says window is shut, you sleep, I will kill mosquitoes. Niyati thinks now Falguni can sleep in peace. Uttara goes out and slips by the marbles. Shom holds her and saves her. She scolds him and asks him to leave her, else she will not leave him. He leaves her and falls. Falguni sees a marble and eats it. It gets stuck in her throat. She coughs. Suyash sees her and pats on her back. She spits the marble. He gets water for her. He asks is this anything to eat, don’t you know. He scolds her. She starts crying and refuses to talk to him. Niyati comes and asks what happened. He cries and says I lost, Falguni is trying to go away from me, do I look like a ghost.

She gets an idea and calls Vidhaan. Vidhaan comes and asks what happened, why did you call me. She tells the plan. Suyash agrees. Niyati talks to Falguni by acting like a teddy. Falguni asks teddy can you really talk. Lights go off. Vidhaan scares her as ghost. He shouts to help. Suyash comes there and scolds the ghost for troubling Falguni. She asks him to make ghost away. Suyash says I will teach him a lesson. He mocks fight with ghost. Niyati comes there. Suyash beats more. Niyati says Suyash is not a ghost uncle, he is a hero. Suyash comes to Falguni. Lights come. She claps. He says I have beaten the ghost, I m not a ghost. Falguni says yes, you are not ghost, you are a hero. Vidhaan comes and says he has beaten the ghost, amazing.


Falguni says I will call you hero ji now and hugs Suyash. Suyash thanks Niyati. Falguni goes to Uttara and shows the doll house. She gets Niyati, Vidhaan and Suyash’s dolls as well. Uttara says something is wrong, Suyash has become hero for Falguni. Suyash asks riddles and plays with Falguni. She laughs. Suyash asks Falguni to see her milky moustache. They take a selfie. Uttara thinks how did they become good friends. Falguni says I have finished the milk. Uttara says good, you take some rest now. Falguni says no, I don’t want to rest, I will play with them, you go and rest. Uttara says fine, and goes. She thinks how did Suyash and Niyati become Falguni’s friends, she will get out of my claws if this goes on. She calls Shom. She gets a fake snake to scare Falguni. She leaves the snake inside the doll snake. She smiles.


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