JIJI MAA 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 ON ADOM TV UPDATE: jiji maa on adom tv today update, everyone doubting on Uttara. She starts her drama. Suyash says I won’t mind if you shift entire property to Vidhaan but stealing will is a big ting, tell me if you got the will.

She refuses to know anything. Jayant says we need to check your cupboard. Everyone checks her cupboard. She asks did you get the will. She cries and says you didn’t accept me by heart. Suyash apologizes to her. He asks everyone not to doubt on her again.

He holds Uttara’s feet. Everyone apologizes to her. She cries and says if you are ready to accept me, I m ready to forget whatever happened today. Suyash hugs her. They go. Falguni says now I m sure of this. She smiles. Jayant says I don’t know how can I be careless. Niyati asks him not to worry. Falguni comes and says I got the will, dad can call the lawyer. Niyati asks where did you get the will. Falguni says I didn’t get it, we have to make fake will and do justice. Uttara thinks no one will get the will, you all made my work easy.

She asks Jayant how could he blame her. He says yes, I got the will now. She asks how did this happen. He asks why not, I have got that, its good that Falguni got the will and kept it safe, she said she will get the will when lawyer comes. She says fine, I will thank Falguni. He asks her to meet later. Lawyer comes. Niyati gets fake will. She asks are we doing this right. Falguni gives the fake will. Uttara goes to temple and checks the real will papers. She says which will did Falguni get, she is acting smart. Falguni looks at her and asks for the will. She takes the real will and gives to the lawyer. Suyash asks how did you get these papers.

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Falguni says Uttara had kept will in temple. Jayant thanks Falguni. Uttara asks why didn’t you tell family about the will. Falguni says I still have hope that you change, I want you to see your evil losing, this time my Lord is with me, since he just supports the truth. She goes and prays. She says I have full faith in Lord, I knew Uttara will commit this mistake. Niyati praises her. Falguni comes to room and sees Suyash making a bird shadow by hands. He asks does Falguni love Suyash. She also makes a shadow and says yes, but does Suyash not agree. He says Suyash is very eager. She laughs. He gives her a rose. He says you have found the will, you saved the past of this house. She says future is related with past. He asks her to marry him. She asks him to have patience.

Niyati getting superstitious about her bad eye winking. Vidhaan checks on net and says its considered bad omen. He blows on her eye and asks is it fine now. She says its not helping, you go and have a bath. She sees something and checks. She sees the Kanha idol. Suyash comes to help Falguni. She says you want to do all the work, I thought to become your assistant. Jayant asks Suyash to assist Falguni everyday. Niyati shows the idol. Falguni asks where did you get this idol. Uttara asks did you get this in your cupboard, you know this idol is hidden in marriage items, if the idol comes out on own, it means Kanha wants to be born to you, its time you give a heir to this house. Niyati and Vidhaan get shocked.

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Jayant says yes, she is right, make us grandparents soon. Uttara asks Niyati to keep idol in temple. Falguni asks Niyati what happened, come. Niyati asks why was this idol not hidden in your cupboard. Falguni says because I wasn’t expected to give this good news, I want you to give good news, there is no happiness imp to me than yours. She ties a Mauli to Niyati. Niyati cries and says I get tears when I see so much love in your eyes. Falguni hugs her and says I will love your child a lot. Niyati cries and goes by making an excuse. She goes to room and cries. She says Falguni was so happy, I feel like a criminal to lie to them. Vidhaan asks her not to worry. She says Falguni’s heart will break, did you know about this ritual. He signs no. Uttara says there is no ritual, I had kept that idol there. She explains her plan that Falguni won’t become mum soon, but if Niyati becomes mum, her stand will be higher, Vidhaan’s child will be elder, Falguni’s importance will get down. Shom says you are great. She smiles. Suyash comes to Falguni. She shows the toys she got for Niyati’s would be child. He says if we were married, we would also have a child.

Uttara comes to Niyati and asks her to come to temple. She makes an excuse to avoid going. She hurts herself and falls. Falguni cares for her. Niyati asks how will we go to temple now. Uttara says no, you take rest, we will go tomorrow. Falguni takes Niyati to room and asks is it hurting a lot. Niyati tries to call Vidhaan. She puts phone on charging. Falguni sees her walking. She thinks if Niyati is fine, why did she act of sprain. She gets the hot water bowl for relief. Niyati acts like she is in much pain. Falguni adds balm in the water. Niyati puts the wrong foot in the water. Falguni says your other foot had the sprain. Niyati gets tensed.

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She makes an excuse. Falguni asks her to take care. Shom says I have told the lawyer whatever Jayant told. Uttara says I have sent you for my work, you could have told me about the lawyer. Suyash reminds about some marriage function. Jayant says we can’t go, you and Falguni go on our behalf. Shom says there is much cold at that place, there is a layer of fog. Uttara says you got old, such things are romantic for young people, Suyash and Falguni should go. Suyash agrees. Uttara smiles. Shom asks her to explain what is she thinking. She tells him the plan and smiles.



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