Jiji Maa 24th August 2020: On Jiji Maa Monday adom tv update 24 August 2020, Falguni asking Piyali what did she get hurting Jayant’s feelings this way. Piyali threatens her about Jayant.

She says Jayant will reach his room and get a big shock. Falguni worries. She asks what did you do. Piyali says I was having gola there, maybe he will slip. Falguni runs to see. Jayant gets shocked seeing Uttara’s pics in room. Falguni comes there and sees pics. Suyash, Vidhaan and Niyati come. They also see pics. Jayant asks who did this. Suyash asks Niyati to take dad. Niyati takes Jayant. She comes to them and says dad fainted.

They all rush. Doctor checks Jayant and gives him medicines. Uttara asks what happened to Jayant. Falguni says he is fine now. Uttara says I want to pray for his recovery. Falguni goes. Uttara says you were always weak-hearted, who will save you from me. Jayant wakes up and says Uttara. He says I felt I have heard Uttara’s voice. Falguni apologizes and takes all the blames to save Piyali. She says I have made that video and put Uttara’s pics. Suyash says you don’t know using laptop well. Falguni says I took someone’s help, I did a mistake, I felt dad didn’t remove mum from heart, so I have done this, I m sorry.


Uttara laughs. She tells Piyali that Falguni is her own sister but she has lost her, Niyati won’t accept her, even Vidhaan didn’t accept his mum. Piyali says Niyati will accept me. Uttara says Niyati will find truth, Falguni will become Devi for her, Niyati is Falguni’s puppet, she follows just Falguni, you got this necklace from Niyati on Falguni’s saying. Piyali gets angry. Jayant asks Suyash to go and get water. Suyash goes. Jayant asks Falguni why did you lie, can you swear on me and say this. Falguni cries and says I said this to save Piyali, I didn’t wish to get upset and oust her from the house, Piyali hates me, she holds me responsible for the incident, she knew she is my sister and was harming her intentionally. He asks why are you saving her.

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She says she is my sister, I want to give her love and bring her on right path, don’t tell anything to Suyash, else I will lose my sister once again. He gives her Gita and says I m always with you. She says I want to become good sister for Piyali.

Uttara says Falguni has controlled Niyati, she is a magician, I tried to break them, but Niyati wasn’t affected, Niyati won’t see you till Falguni is in her life. Piyali throws necklace in anger. She says I will make Falguni helpless, she will make me Niyati’s Jiji maa, I promise myself. Falguni says I promised myself, I won’t lose and support my sister. Suyash comes to Falguni and asks her to swear and tell the truth. She says sometimes mistakes happen, forgive me please. He kisses her hand. He forgives her. He asks her to be careful next time, that Jayant doesn’t get hurt. He goes. She prays to Lord.

Uttara coming to kitchen. Falguni comes to help. Uttara says I don’t like troubling anyone. Falguni asks what do you want. Uttara says I wanted to have green tea. Falguni says its there in that shelf. Falguni comes back. Uttara’s fake beard comes out. Falguni says I will give you. Uttara says no, I will give it. She fixes her beard back. He says I m exercising. Falguni asks how did you know green tea is there. Uttara says you have arranged kitchen so well, that there is no problem in finding anything.

Vidhaan gives rose to Niyati. Niyati says I don’t think Falguni has done all this. Vidhaan says if she did this, maybe there was some reason. She says yes. He says forget it, how did you like the rose. She says its really good. She asks him to go and have bath. Maharaj says Jayant went out in anger and is digging the soil. Falguni comes to Jayant. He says I will bury everything here, its a curse. Uttara looks on and gets angry. Piyali dances in her room. Falguni comes to her and tells what Jayant did. She asks her not to trouble her family. Piyali asks her to beg. Falguni says fine, if this will calm your heart. Piyali gets happy. Falguni asks her to keep relations. Piyali says you made Niyati act nice to me, you are giving her a chance to come to me, if you want your family’s safety, then give your one relation to me, give me Niyati, I want her to care for me, respect me, I want to become her only sister.

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Falguni asks how can I ask her to love you forcibly. Piyali says you have to do this, else be ready to see your family’s ruining. Falguni says I can’t force her to call you Jiji maa. Piyali says you just have 24 hours to do this, if Niyati doesn’t call me Jiji Maa, I will target anyone from your Sasural. Falguni cries. Piyali jokes on Suyash. She says Falguni is my twin sister, I have to call you by name. She apologizes to him. He says you just have relation with Falguni, she is free to do anything, its her house, I don’t need to make relation with you, the house is very big, we can ignore each other and live. She says I also don’t care for your existence, I m here for Niyati. Uttara says we won’t be able to do anything, you want Jiji Maa’s status. Piyali says yes, I m going to snatch biggest right from Falguni. Uttara says this can’t happen, you know everyone will doubt on you, I couldn’t separate them. Piyali says stop giving me gyaan again and again, else I will expose you, you are a criminal, you will be punished.

Uttara keeps knife at her neck and threatens to kill her. Piyali says I got to know we are dangerous for each other. They smile. Uttara says you will know your mistakes, then come to me to take help. Piyali goes. Falguni and Niyati make food. Niyati says you get emotional soon. She shows the food and says I have prepared everything. Falguni asks her to accept Piyali. Niyati says I tried, when I see hatred in her eyes for you, I don’t like to call her sister, give me some time. Falguni says there is no time, I mean if we delay, she will get bitter hearted, you try. She makes Niyati swear on her. She asks Niyati to call Piyali as Jiji maa. Niyati gets shocked. Niyati refuses and says no one can take your place, I can’t call her Jiji maa, just you will be my Jiji maa. She goes. Falguni cries.

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