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Jaana na dil se door 14 June 2021 update: Atharv comes downstairs. Uma asks him what happened. Atharv looks upset. Vividha asks about Ravish. Suman says he called some days back, he is fine. Vividha says I did not call for formality, I could not become your bahu, but I can become your daughter. Suman blesses her. Uma comes to Vividha and asks her did she talk to Atharv, he came here. Vividha asks did he come here. Uma says yes. Vividha goes and sees Atharv outside cutting grass.

She asks why did you not meet me. He says nothing, you were busy on phone talking to Ravish. She says no, I was talking to Suman, Ravish is at border, I was asking how is Ravish, why are you upset. He says I m not. She says I know it, tell me the reason.

Atharv says Sujata wanted to get clothes stitched for you, she
asked if size is same, I said yes, Vividha is same, still fat. She asks what clothes. He says every type of clothes. She asks him not to joke. He says you will do all this work after marriage, I m not joking. She says fine, I will ask Sujata. He says you have to wake up at night and check cows. She asks him not to tease and get lost. She goes.

Its night, Kailash comes to Vividha’s room. She wakes up and sees him. She asks who is it, and wakes up Uma. He hides. She says there is someone. Uma asks who, there is no one. Vividha says someone was really there. She rushes out of the house to see. Atharv hears her and wakes up. He comes there and asks why are you worried. Vividha says there was someone in my room, I have seen him, it was darkness so I could not see face, till Uma woke up, that man left. Sujata says maybe you thought so.

Atharv says no, maybe its bad dream, are you sure. Vividha says maybe its bad dream. Kailash looks at them. Vividha says I felt I know that man. Kailash goes. Atharv says don’t worry, we all are here with you, you go and sleep, I m here.

Atharv does shayari and jokes on Dadi. Sujata and Uma smile. Dadi asks him not to say such things. Atharv says I m fine now, see even my bandage is gone. Vividha comes and says sorry, I slept till late, what’s the time. Atharv says its 10am, its not late. Vividha says sorry Maa. Uma says its fine, its your home, we all got chance to spend time. Vividha asks what talk is going on. Atharv says I will tell you, we were thinking how to make your sleeping late habit end, I will go on work soon, wife won’t look good if she sleeps till late, we were thinking this.

Sujata asks him not to tease Vividha. Atharv smiles and says family was thinking to keep our marriage soon, with all rituals, unlike last time, we will keep engagement next week, engagement will happen at home, we will call pandit ji, is this right Vividha. Vividha gets shocked. He gets a red chunri and makes her wear it. Dadi says see our Vividha looks so beautiful. Atharv compliments Vividha.

Sujata says we will just do engagement, Ravish has sent divorce papers, marriage will happen after divorce. Vividha removes the chunri and runs out of the house. She goes to temple and cries. She says what’s happening, everything is fine, but… Atharv comes out of home and sees her at temple area. She recalls Atharv and Ravish. He holds her hand and takes her. He asks do you remember this place. She says how can I forget it. He says then you will remember what thoughts we shared here. She recalls their vows.

Atharv says nothing changed today, I loved you by soul before and even now I love you a lot by my soul, I always respect you, you are in my heart, just my body and head broke, my heart is still there, with you….She cries. Jaana na dil se door……plays………… He asks can I ask this to you, is your heart there even today, you told me you were waiting for me, then why are you getting back, why do you look for mangalsutra, why did you get upset hearing about our engagement. She asks don’t you trust my love. He says my trust should not break, but why did you change, if nothing changed, why do I feel you changed.

She says because I changed, every day and moment of these three months changed me, how did you say easily that you are still there, three months were three days for you and three years for me, you don’t know what I went through, what I felt knowing you are not part of my life, I have crossed the journey from your death to return, when everything is fine, I had to come in this house, where my dad made my mum’s life hell, where I had a younger sister, who died in front of me, much changed in these three months, one thing did not change, your love for me, even if I die, my love for you will never get less, I did not finish yet, I know I did not get excited about engagement, because I need some time, I m sorry Atharv. He looks on. She says I want some time, don’t misunderstand me, don’t raise questions on my love. Vividha asking Atharv not to raise questions on her love. He hugs her. Piya…..plays…….. Sujata asks Atharv why did you make Vividha cry. She apologizes to Vividha and says I have seen what you went through in last three months, I should have understood that you need time to get okay. Vividha asks her not to apologize. Atharv says just forgive me, its tough for me to forgive myself, this marriage and engagement won’t happen till you say, no one will say anything, I promise.

Uma asks Vividha to light balcony. Vividha says this bulb is not working, is there spare bulb. She goes to Uma. Atharv comes there in balcony and fixes the new bulb. He rushes back. Vividha comes in balcony and sees the bulb glowing. She sees Atharv downstairs. Jaana na

dil se door…..plays……… Its morning, Vividha does puja and prays. Atharv gets leaves for her and keeps in her puja plate.
She recalls Atharv and looks around. She completes puja. Later, she comes home in auto. She does not have change. Atharv gives him change. Atharv cuts the grass by machine. Vividha comes in balcony. He sees her and smiles. He continues his work and feeds the grass to cows.

Vividha goes out and hires rickshaw. She does not get any rickshaw and gets her cycle. She sees the tyre flat. Atharv gets his bike there and waits for her. She sits behind him and they leave. Days pass. Vividha comes in balcony and sees him. He sees her holding a book and says the book is upside down, read right. She dries hair and comes in balcony. She sees pumping air in the cycle tyre.

She wakes up by cow sounds. She hears Atharv. Atharv asks Gungun not to worry and take it easy. She says gungun is going to deliver a child.

Vividha goes downstairs and says gungun is going to deliver a child, I will help you. He says no, you go inside, humans need animals, animals don’t need humans. She recalls he told the same to her earlier. Gungun delivers a calf. Atharv smiles. He says its a beautiful calf gungun, see. Vividha smiles and thinks this is the moment, this happened when I met Atharv for the first time, our fates got linked, we did not know this, this is the sign from Lord, why did I hesitate when Atharv asked me for marriage, was I afraid of society or something else, I was just hesitant, it does not exist in front of our love, now I m ready, I love you Atharv. She happily cries, thinking all the moments of the past. She thinks of his words and turns to see him. He feeds the cow and calf. She thanks Lord and walks to him.

She says Atharv, I m ready to marry you. He looks at her. She says I m really ready to marry you, you start preparing for our engagement, first engagement and then marriage, I don’t want long gap between engagement and marriage. She goes ahead to hug him. Atharv falls down. She gets shocked seeing an axe stuck in his back. Atharv bleeds. Kailash cleans his blood stained hands.

Kailash goes away. Vividha shouts Atharv. She asks who did this. She calls out Sujata, Dadi and Uma. They come and get shocked seeing his bleeding back. Abdul uncle comes and gets shocked. Sujata asks him to see the bleeding. Uma says who did this. Vividha says we have to take him to hospital. She recalls Ravish’s words to focus and think what to do.

Abdul uncle says take him to hospital. Vividha says no, we can’t take him to hospital, we will first stop his bleeding. Sujata says we have to remove axe. Vividha says anything can happen, we have to stop bleeding, get a cloth, nothing will happen to Atharv, trust me. Sujata says why does this happen with my son. Vividha removes the axe from his back. Sujata and Uma turn face away. Abdul uncle gets a cloth. Vividha fixes cotton and presses it on the wound. She puts the towel cloth on his wound. Abdul uncle gets a taxi. They take Atharv to hospital in the taxi.

Abdul uncle asks Vividha to come. They all sit in taxi. Vividha asks them to go, I will come. They leave. She looks at the house. Atharv gets treated. Uma pacifies Sujata and says nothing will happen to our Atharv, he will get fine. Sujata asks why does this happen with my Atharv, he always faces many problems. Vividha comes and asks how is Atharv. Abdul uncle says he will get conscious soon, doctor is treating him, who is trying to hurt our Atharv. Vividha thinks. Atharv gets treated in the OT.

Kailash looking for something in the stable. Abdul uncle says who is that who wants to hurt our Atharv. Vividha says you don’t worry, Atharv will get fine. Uma asks Vividha where is she going. Sujata cries. Vividha asks Sujata to leave worries, nothing will happen to Atharv, I know, Atharv did not refuse till now, his will power is very strong, I m not scared as you all are with me, I will come back after doing an imp work. He goes. Kailash is still at stable. Vividha comes there.

Vividha says what you are finding, you won’t get there, don’t worry the axe is safe, as your fingerprints, you did big mistake, I will tell your mistakes, you attacked with axe and left the axe, you came back to find the axe, you got caught, you will go jail now, your biggest mistake is you have hurt my Atharv, I will not leave you.

She says even many people has harmed him Atharv, now the axe will go police station with your fingerprints, you don’t try to find it, you will not get it, before you go police station, I would like to see who you are. She sees knife in his hand and says you are scaring me, I will not be scared, I see your fear by it, I want to find out who you are. She pulls his shawl and sees his blood stained clothes. She asks who are you. Kailash holds her hand and pushes her away. She turns and sees him gone. He hides.

Its morning, Vividha is with Atharv. Doctor says Atharv is better, he will be discharged tomorrow, you can take him home, his fate is good, despite the big wound, he is fine, person loses life in such case. Sujata says its Vividha’s doing, she has removed the axe from Atharv’s back, we could have not done this. Dadi says Vividha got army training by Ravish. Atharv holds Vividha’s hand.

Everyone get Atharv home. Dadi says wait, I will ward off bad sight from Atharv. Atharv jokes that she eyes him badly. They all smile. Dadi flirts with him. Dadi wards off bad sight from Atharv. Atharv says I will sit in stable for some time, you all go. Sujata asks him to rest. He says I m fine, I want to spend time with gungun and payal. Abdul uncle says I will be with you. Atharv says no, I want to be alone. Sujata goes to get haldi milk.

They go. Atharv sits thinking. Vividha looks at him and recalls how she proposed him for marriage before. She goes to him and sits down holding a ring. He asks what are you doing. She says to prepare for a new relation. He says but you needed time. She says yes, but I have realized I want to spend my life with you, we wasted much time already, life has no guarantee, why should we wait. She proposes him. He smiles seeing her.

They hear car sound and turn to see. Police comes. Inspector meets Atharv and says police got news of attack on you, we have doubt that same robber gang has attacked on you. Uma says Vividha has seen someone at night. Inspector says gang members keep eyes on family and then attack to rob the house, we have no proof, we thought you can help us. Vividha says I have something, it can be some proof, the axe used in the attack, and the fingerprints on it, I have hidden the axe when everyone went to hospital.

She recalls sending Atharv to hospital and lifting the axe with a cloth. She hides the axe. She says when I came back from hospital, I saw a man who was finding axe in stable, I could not see his face, his face had bandages, he could not find the axe. Inspector asks where did you keep it. She says I kept it behind temple, come. She gets shocked seeing the axe gone.

She says it was here, when I kept it here, no one has seen me, who can take it. Inspector says maybe they got the axe, thanks for trying to help us, once we get anyone from their gang, we can catch all of them, stay safe. Police goes. Uma says the robbers got just our house in this city, and why did Vividha took risk to come here alone, this is not called bravery, this is called foolishness. Vividha thinks no one has seen me hiding this axe, how did that man know this place, which just me and Papa knew. Atharv asks what happened, are you fine. Uma asks what do you have. Atharv says wedding ring, she was proposing me. They smile. Uma says she asked for time and started preparing for engagement, but engagement will happen in front of everyone. Sujata says yes, but ask Vividha first, can she wait till tomorrow. Vividha and Atharv smile. Dadi says we will keep their engagement tomorrow. Atharv says tomorrow, how will this night pass, there is no torture bigger than wait. They smile. Music plays………….

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