Is the iPhone XR Waterproof? When It Gets Wet What To Do

Is the iPhone XR Waterproof? When It Gets Wet What To Do: It is not waterproof. iPhone XR is not waterproof but it can be used in the event that you spill liquid over its surface or drop it into the pool. With a water resistance rating as high as IP67 Apple claims that the iPhone XR is able to be submerged in 3 feet of water , for up 30 minutes, without becoming damaged.

The first number of the IP (Ingress Protection) rating informs you about the device’s dust resistance while the second number informs you the water resistance. This means that it’s the iPhone XR is totally dust-tight and shielded from temporary water immersion.

But, the water-resistance of iPhones is going to decrease as time passes as they age, and the older they become the more vulnerable for water damages. This is crucial since liquid damage isn’t covered under Apple’s warranty.

Is Any iPhone Actually Waterproof?

There’s no iPhone available that’s truly water-proof, however, all models prior to up to iPhone 7 are water-resistant. The latest iPhones are more water-resistant and the most recent iPhones are able to be submerged the water up to 20 feet for up to 30 minutes without causing damage.

Can You Use the iPhone XR in the Shower?

To stop to prevent your iPhone XR from getting damaged, Apple warns users not to bathe, swim, or shower while using their devices. There is no way to ensure that iPhones are protected from high-temperature or high pressure water jets. Also, steam in your device may cause damage to it.

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Its waterproofing feature was designed to shield it from accidental spills, and not to be used for purposeful use in the water. This means that, although it’s likely to be okay if you spill your drink onto your iPhone or drop it into the pool, it’s not recommended to carry it in the sauna, shower or in the ocean. If you’re using your phone in water Check out our listing of the top iPhone protection cases to find a water-resistant model.

What To Do When Your iPhone XR Gets Wet.

In the event that you’re iPhone XR gets wet, clean it up, switch off the device, and unplug the cables. After that, gently tap it with your palm with the Lightning port facing downwards to eliminate any water that has accumulated. You could also place your iPhone against an air conditioner that blows cool air through it’s Lightning port to dry it out.

The drying process could take up to a week or more however, Apple suggests waiting at least five hours prior to making a charge on the iPhone. It is not recommended to make use of a blow-dryer or compressed air source to speed up the drying process in order to avoid the risk of damage to the iPhone.

It is also recommended to avoid putting things into the ports on your iPhone such as cotton swabs. Also, don’t put your phone in a bowl with uncooked rice as it is a source of some starches and tiny gains that could get stuck within the ports. It is also recommended to not open the SIM tray until the iPhone is totally dry.

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How To Tell If Your iPhone XR Is Water Damaged

The iPhone XR features Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) that changes red when water is absorbed into the iPhone. To locate this LCI in your iPhone XR, remove the SIM tray for your card on the right-hand side of your iPhone and you’ll be able see the sticker on front of your slot.

If your smartphone has experienced damaged by water, it might be time to upgrade. Visit the Amazon iPhone site to find a model which is ideal for you.


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