Iron Lady Zee World Full Story: Cast And Plot Summary

Iron Lady Zee World: A heads-up that a rebroadcast of Iron Lady replaces the Mehek repeats on Zee World once Mehek ends on Tuesday 23 February.

Iron Lady Series starts on Wednesday 24 February at 17h00, with new episodes from Mondays to Fridays. It centres round Indira (Rati Pendey), a young woman who protects herself with a strict disciplinarian-type demeanour because of the huge amount of pressure she’s under. She’s the only bread winner in a family of six.

Iron Lady Zee World

Iron Lady Zee World

Iron Lady Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

Iron Lady story depicts the life of hard working woman who has the responsibility of providing to her family single-handedly. The young Indira Sharma makes her family’s well being her aim because of which she turns out to become a workaholic and a strict disciplinarian who chooses not to show her emotions and loses her cool at even the minutest event. Rishi enters as a tenant at their house who with his happy-go-lucky nature brings about a light environment among the family members who seem to have become burdened by Indira’s reign.

The drama began with the story of a young lady named Indira Sharma,whose struggle for survival relates the story to anyone of us in the real world;all around her life looked real,whether that be her attitude towards life,or be her attitude towards relationship.whether it be her rudeness to people around her,or her unconditional love for her family.Everyone people discovered Indira Sharma among one people,living and breathing.And the author superbly balanced this subject of reality with fiction at the beginning.Not a knight in shinning armor,but a normal young guy,someone like us came into Indira’s life and began changing everything about her.This guy Rishi,made Indira find a friend in him,made her again hope in men,which she’d lost after her father’s betrayal;Rishi made her feel like a woman:desired to be loved and love in return.But their love did not find a simple manner;such as fairy tales,they also had to fight the wicked.

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The story seemed to maintain a balance with a combination of drama and love and humor.But it began to fall apart as the lead characters were begun to become disintegrated;as reality appeared to go far away from the reel;as the series of events,which can be an essential component of great drama,began to break-sometimes from the plot with pristine unions of Indira and Rishi;and at times with plots of kidnapping.And the last blow to the story was added together with the sub-plot,where the protagonist is shown dead;when someone alike Indira is resurrected as Zara.Hereon, everything changed,which makes most people wonder whom is this narrative’Hitler Didi” about?Is it a story about Indira Sharma? ,or is it a story about Zara Khan?Are the lead characters of the story changed?

Well,as far as I am concerned,I believe I’ve never encounter such a absurd piece of book,or play where the protagonist has been changed,or where the lead characters are altered.And I feel that is the very reason why the series has been under constant scrutiny;why a lot people feel that this not exactly the identical story that touched our hearts.The harm that Illa Bedi has done to the narrative is beyond repair;since the figures Indira and Rishi has been compromised time and again merely to justify the topic of the story,i.e,’battle’. And now as it seems,it has grown into a mess.I can not really understand what potential concept is their from the author’s head to bring back the story to its first track?Really had expected long that this November would bring back the magic of’HD’ since it had,which make us cherish those moments between Indira and Rishi.But it appears that the boat has already sailed.Now in each episode it seems the author and CVs are attempting to make a forced romance and comedy between Indira and Rishi;at the most inappropriate situations humor is inserted,and in the most critical situations,romance is added.In brief,the founders are juggling with the plot and theme of this story.

iron lady

iron lady

8 Years Later On Iron Lady

Things Have Changed In Chandni Chowk And Sharma Niwas Turned Into Sharm Niwas And Indira’s Father Has Changed And Munna’s Wife Sunaina Ran Off Residence with Daughter Seher And Indira’s Daughter Indu Is Much Like Her Mom And Calls Her Dad’s Name And Indira’s Doppelgänger Zara Malik Khan An Police Inspector Out Of Mumbai And Munna Falls Love with Savita And Punishes Her However Reveals The Truth About Savita That Indu’s Mother Is Indira And Indu’s Mom Lies Her And She Renders Home Indira Return But Sunaina Returned As Ace maa And Zaara Kidnaps Indira Kills Savita and hides her body in Bricks However Rishi Conserves Indira Out Of Zara And Scared Of Her.

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And zaara Disguied as Indira In Rajisthani House Meher treating Sunaina And Seher Badly And Indira’s Mother Teaches Lesson to Meher And Rishi Indu Escapes and Indira Gave birth her child.

Iron Lady Casts/Realname and Pictures:

  • Rati Pandey Acted as – Indira Rishi Kumar / Zaara Malik Khan
  • Sumit Vats Acted as – Rishi Kumar / Ricky Diwan
  • Shruti Bisht Acted as – Indu Rishi Kumar / Ricky Diwan
  • Rituraj Singh Acted as – Inder Sharma / Kala Diwan Chandela
  • Sejal Shah Acted as – Kutumbh Sharma
  • Aakash Pandey Acted as – Radhe
  • Moorti Persaud Acted as – Jaya
  • Sandeep Baswana Acted as – Munna Sharma
  • Smita Singh Acted as – Sunaina Sharma
  • Rahul Pendkalkar / Harsh Rajput Acted as – Ishaan Sharma
  • Divya Naaz Acted as – Seher Sharma
  • Aasiya Kazi Acted as – Dr. Shweta Kapoor
  • Girish Jain Acted as – Dr Jaswant Rai Singhania
  • Barry Chuckle Acted as – Adolf Hitler
  • Silky Khanna Acted as – Abha Jaswant Singhania
  • Hardik Somnathwala Acted as – Sahil Singhania
  • Rahil Azam Acted as – Malik Khan
  • Rohit Roy Acted as – Major Kabir Chaudhary / Saheb
  • Dolly Sohi Acted as – Noor Kabir Chaudhary
  • Vikram Sahu Acted as – Major Khan
  • Abhinav Shukla Acted as – Inspector Sumer Singh Chaudhary
  • Mrunal Jain Acted as – Sameer Diwan
  • Neha Talwar Acted as – Sajni
  • Ravi Jhankal Acted as – RajRani
  • Jasveer Kaur Acted as – Savita Munna Sharma
  • Kapil Soni Acted as – Vidhit Sharma
  • Deepesh Bhan Acted as – Pappu Chaddha
  • Gargi Sharma Acted as – Mandira Sharma/Mandira Pappu Chadha
  • Preeya Subba Acted as – Meher Khan
  • Navneet Nishan Acted as – Simi Diwan Chandela
  • Sheeba Chaddha Acted as – Dulari
  • Shabnam Sayed Acted as – Jhumpa Lahiri Sharma
  • Pankaj Vishnu Acted as – Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela
  • Garima Bhardwaj Acted as – Nanda Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela
  • Jaanvi Sangwan Acted as – Jwaladevi Diwan Chandela
  • Sunita Rajwar Acted as – Jamuna Dhai
  • Saurabh Yadav Acted as – Saurabh Sumer
  • Nittin Sharma Acted as – Vanraj / Inspector Rudra
  • Ranjeet Acted as – Ranjeet Kukreja, Owner Kukreja Properties Acted as – Special Appearance From Episodes 149
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