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Iron Lady 3 March 2021 update: The show today begins with Manoj who comes in search of Rishi as he was told by a friend who was in the same tuition class with Rishi that he’s a translator and can help.Indira is shocked.

Manoj tells Rishi that we have a new assignment if he could help them in the new project Rishi asks “WE” who? Manoj tells him me and madam showing Indira who was standing near him.Rishi tells Manoj he’s okay with selling sweets but will never accept to work with Indu as in a few days Indu will be throwing him on the road.Indu seems a bit nervous and embarrassed while he was telling her.Manoj continues on persuading Rishi to help them out and he continues to refuse.Rishi tells Indira to go and give a watch to Ishan who’s sleeping in his room while Indira goes to take Ishan in Rishi room she sees Rishi who’s laughing with Manoj and leaving him at the door she also sees a picture of him and thinks whoever I meet they only stab you on the back.She takes Ishan with her downstairs.
The old lady is thinking why all these problems are only for Indu.
next morning Ishan is going to school he does not want to be accompanied by Indu because he thinks she’s not kind but his mom asks him to wait for his dad with whom he want to go to school.Ishan leaves home in search of his father and fine him in a garage sleeping on a car he keeps on calling for him but he’s deeply sleeping that he’s not able to answer back properly.Indu is calling for Ishan and both her mom and sunaina tell her that Ishan left home her mom taunts her a bit more and when she answered back her mom tells her whenever you open your mouth it is only for harsh words.
Ishan takes a stool likes thing and climbs on it when munna opens his eyes a bit he sees him to be a grown up boy and Munna says you are enough big to go to school alone finally Rishi arrives and gives to leave Ishan at school happily Munna kisses him.

On the road Rishi wants to pay Ishan Kulfi but Ishan sees a little girl with her dad gets sad thinking how a perfect family it when child stay with both parent,Rishi explains to Ishan how good is his bua(Indu) with some philosophies and using some examples.Ishan tells Rishi that he wantto meet Indu now and he will also asks her not to throw him out Rishi tells him okay you also give it a try.
Indu still searching for a translator on the road meets with Ishan and Rishi she’s surprised Ishan is talking well with her and he thanks Rishi not for what he did but for making her loose her assignment as she will not have her bonus.Both Ishan and Indu leave.
Rishi is thinking to himself when does Indu gets angry she does not know neither she knows what does happiness mean.
In the office the boss asks Indu if she finds the translator she says no and he says that mean Manoj will assist you as he find the translator Manoj calls for the translator Indu is looking away thinking it must be Rishi.The person enters with a bouquet in his hands he seems to be a little weird and finally he was asks to leave by Indu.

Indu again tries to find a translator but she heard a voice and sees Rishi who’s behind her wishing everybody good morning loudly The two guests ladies are happy seeing him and they begin to talk.The boss asks who’s he Rishi presents himself and says he’s Indu translator flirting a bit with indu who does not please at all.Indu asks to talk privately to him and she asks him what are doing here he tells helping you Indu says I never asks you for any help.rishi says let go as your clients are getting late:Indu tells himthat the ladies are here for business and for a big deal You will just talk rubbish with them and i can’t expose my job as it is too precious for me you may go as I already phone for a translator who will assist me.Rishi tells her to think once again and he leaves saying the deal does not get finalised between me and the ma’am and he leaves.

Indira’s boss telling Rishi to go with the travelers and Indira decides it better she goes and bears Rishi instead of sending Manoj. They leave and Manoj swear to himself that he will steal Indira’s seat from her.

Muuna steals the money that belogs to the Garage owner, Montu and lies to Montu that no one came in to give money. He then goes to his house where Indar just leaves since Munna is coming home. Then both mom and bhabhi take care of him and when Montu comes there, he runs away telling lie again to his wife.

Ishan goes to the garage to find Munna and Montu tells him to go and sit inside. He might be upto something..

At the other hand, Rishi and Indira quarrel more and Rishi forces her to say thank you. He irritates her by teaching wrong Hindi to the two girls. Indira says thank you every time not wanting to so that Rishi doesn’t do it again. They are then coming back and by mistake, she pulls the handle and the chair goes down. Rishi says that he understands that she doens’t like her and thus wants to take revenge. But this way… She retorts and pulls the chair back up.

Indira asks Rishi to ask them if they need help with ordering dinner. Rishi asks what about us? She says she will go home and it and he can have his own dinner wherever he wishes to. He says that’s the treatment I get after standing all day working to save your job? Won’t you at least ask me for dinner! She says NO and goes to attend the call. Coming back to him, she says that the arrangement of money has been done. Till then… he smirks and she then calls Radhe to tell him that he has till sunday to find a pay-guest.

Rishi takes the cell from her and tell Radhe to hold the house master that he will give the rent on time. He then goes away. Indira says to herself: “How much more troubles will I have to go through because of him.

While, with Ishaan people in garage give him ice-cream to eat. Montu comes in and they find Ishaan missing. They were going to use him as a bait to get money back from Munna.

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