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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Iron Lady update Wednesday 24th February 2021 Zee World

iron lady
iron lady

Iron Lady 24 February 2021: The show opens with a background voice saying I don’t know why the sun rises in Chandichowk.Indira is seen putting the clothes to dry and she called her sister in law asking to prepare the breakfast for Ishaan.

She goes to ishaan room and tells him to get up.Ishaan says good morning to Indira who’s his aunty.Indira gives him his spect and tells him to get ready fast ishaan think to himself hope my aunty would have been like sweets soft and sweet and ishaan asks her you are already ready aunty?she does not answer back.Ishaan leaves to take his bath.
Indira goes in the kitchen and sees her sister in law who’s standing near the kitchen door with close eyes she asks her are you sleeping or are you making the tea the sis in law says I was thinking.she asks what the sis in law says i was thinking of making some fudge,she also asks indira if she can takes some more milk today as she drank some more milk yeaterday due to acidity problems.Indira says by eating much more that a person suffers with acidity.Indira tells her this butter is only for Ishaan she herself does not eat it.The sis in law goes to make breads for everyone.She calls for Ishaan who in a hurry put on his uniform and get ready.
Indira calls for Mandira who does not answer back.Indira herself goes to search for her on the terrace who was on the phone with a her neighbour seeing Indira she hang up.Indira asks what wee you doing she says I was putting the towel to dry she asks her so much time.Indira goes to check the phone of Mandira,who tells her it is not fair checking someone else phone.Indira tells Mandira not to talk lots as she can takes the phone back as she’s the one who gifted it to Mandira.
Indira tells her to get ready fast and to go for her exams.
Indira tells Ishaan not to drink milk only and she adds some chocolate in the milk.Indira calls for her mom who does not answer and she says I don’t understand why to do lot of prayers and Ishaan says that indira does not have any problem with the grandma prayers but she keeps on looking at the picture of her husband which disturb aunty.
She again tellIishaan to hurry up and while she was going to take her bag her mom gives her the water bill and she asks when did this arrive her mom says yesterday and indira says you should have given it to me yesterday she says I forgot about it.she tells her there’s a big amount to pay her mom suggests if she can give the bill to her father to be paid Indira gets angry and says no that he’s not part of the family as he left the house time ago.Ishaan comes with his bag and Indira asks whether he has completed his homework her sis in law says you did not help him yesterday ?Indira says don’t you think you should take care about his homework it is not your task?you only know cooking and eating the sis in law gets hurt and begin to cry.While leaving Indira sees the lace of Ishaan shoes opens and her sis in law was coming to tie it and Indira says don’t worry keep on crying I’ll do it Ishaan is thinking i know that aunty love me a lot but i feel bad when she talks so rudely with mom.
Ishaan father opens his shop and comes out and his friend says go home he says hitler is still at home and he wears his shirt and decides to go home.Indira is placing a chocolate under the pillow of Ishaan.

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Ishaan father is coming home singing and as he arrived home he meets with indira and Ishaan who were leaving and Indira asks what happen where did you stay that we are meeting after such a long time and he tells her that I don’t have time and he enters in.indira follows him in and says of course as you sold your watch to pay for the debt while gambling.He says yes but you don’t need to tell me and they begin to discuss Ishaan father says you don’t need to tell me all these Indira says I will tell you as I’m the one who earn money here.Ishaan father tells his mom that his going to sleep and will eat his breakfast.IndiraIs leaving when some people searching for a rent are standing at her door Ishaan thinks Indira will definitely refuse them as she did lots of times in the past. she tells the man who will stay in the house and the man with his wife says we will be staying here Indira asks do you have any marriage certificate and the man says we got married in the temple and the blessing of the priest itself is our certificate.The man decides to make a fake certificate.
Ishaan goes to meet his dad and waking him up he tells him to show him the magic and his father light an empty bottle and Ishaan is happy.Indira calls for Ishaan and His father tells him to go Ishaan says the next magic and he gives him the chocolate Indira places under his pillow.her brother thinks wow this great of you madam.
Indira asks Ishaan you have already seen the magic that is all your dad knows to do.
They are on the road and they arrive near a shop indira look at the shop and takes and another road Ishaan suggeats to take the road nearer to the shop as it is a short cut but Indira says no to Ishaan and says you must also not go near as i have my spy who keeps an eye.They are still walking and they meet a kulfi maker and she says once my bro wh’s studying in America and I used to eat lots of it.Ishaan thinks whenever we come here she always tells me they used to eat lots but she never buys one for me.they are still walking and someopne teases indira and she slaps him Ishasan thinks it is impossible to win with Indira.They catches a rickshaw and Ishaan says aunty is very good but i have never seen her laughing ishaan enters in school and Indira continues her way and catches the bus she’s thinking about Ishaan she thinks she knows Ishaan must be thinking he never saw her laughing.She’s thinking that she herself does not know when she laughed last time and a flashback is shown when they were small and they were playing with their dad.The only problem of timebeing is the crisis of money they are six person in the family and the money she earns is not enough,to satisfy everyone need.She continues to think with her diary in her hand one will arrive when I will laugh that much that the whole delhi city will laugh with me.In the meantime a motocycle is coming from behind the bus.it arrives near Indira is sitting and Indira tears the page and throws it out it get stucks on his helmet he stops and removes it saying Delhi if you wanted to throw something you should have thrown your heart and the bus continues.

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Indira arrives in the office and is thinking she’s never late and putting her presence she asks to bring the files.She’s thinking she’s the best employer of the office for never being late and is rewarded for it with more money.She thinks today she will get her salary and she needs to pay the water bill and it will be done.she’s still thinking taking such a a big sum from her salary will still be a difficulty to run the household for the whole month and if ever the tenant were good everything would have been settled.Rishi is shown searching for a house.

Indira thinking about the water bill and that if she pays the bill from the pay check she is going to get today than how will she fit the money with the house payments for this month. She thinks as she starts writing a check, ‘that if in the morning the Radhe Estate Agency had brought a correct renter than maybe the advance taken form the renter would have been of aide to pay for the water bill.’

Scene changing to Radhe Estate Agency where Rishi asks if there is any place he could stay as a paying guest. To which Radhe replies while praying to God, “You have really good luck that by just stepping into Chandni Chouk you crashed into Radhe. We are sitting hear to serve the people looking for shelter.” To which Rishi says, “Thank you” and continues with a beautiful shayri, “Jabtak tha sar par haat, Armaan rahe adhe adhe, Bemakan joh hue, toh mile Radhe Radhe,” And thus Radhe and Rishi gets into shayri mode. While saying the last shayri Rishi opens the paper he had saved and looks at it ‘ the one that Indira threw out the bus window. While the servant offers spiced tea to Rishi, Radhe offers Indira’s place saying that Rishi is the perfect person and also may be him staying their as paying guest could bring the entry of happiness into Hitler Didi’s life. To which Rishi asks, “that means there is someone over here who does not smile?” Radhe says, “Arey Hitler Didi is an item of our city. Understand it by the name itself ‘Hitler’.” Rishi smiles and says ,”In Delhi pretty girl’s smile is vanishing.” And tells to himself while standing up, “Come on Rishi, steal the smiles!” Radhe too stands and asks, “So, your name is Rishi? What is your full name?” “Rishi Kumar, you can call me RK.” Radhe asks, “Where are you from,” Rishi replies, “In general I live in people’s heart, at the moment you give me a roof to live under.” Saying so, Radhe takes Rishi to Indira’s place to show him his soon to be home.

After they leave Indira’s calls Radhe’s office. On their way to Indira’s house, Rishi says there is a problem, “I can’t pay the advance, but I will pay 3 months rent all together and pay the advance later on.” Radhe says it’s alright now you are our own family member type and attends the call he gets on his cell while at the same time Indira tries his cell to get it busy. Rishi knocks on the door to which Ishaan’s dad, opens the door. Upon hearing that Radhe has brought along a party who is searching for a place to dwell, Ishaan’s dad tells Radhe to go away and stops Rishi from going after Radhe saying, “Where are you going? You are the customer,” and tries to sell the house to Rishi. Rishi tries to explain that he doesn’t want to buy the house just want to dwell their as renter but Munna is not ready to listen to him. Rishi leaves from there saying that he could work and get the extra money if he wants joins he palm and saying “Namaste” he walks off. On the other hand Rati redials Radhe’s number and hope that he will pick up the call. When Radhe picks up his cell Indira says, “Hello, I am Indira speaking.” Radhe asks, “Who Indira?” to which she sighs and replies, “Hitler Didi”

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Indira informs that she really needs a paying guest to which Radhe says he cant find one if Munna bhai (Ishaan’s dad) comes in the middle. He tells her how he found one who was ready to pay 3 months rent all together but lost him due to Munna. She tell him to, “Hold on to the party and she will try to get back home till afternoon.” Indira goes to her boss and tells him that she will be going to her home during lunch time as it is really important for her to go home.

Indira ‘ Rishi ‘ their first meeting. Indira runs to a auto while at the same time Rishi puts his bag in the same auto. She argues that she called the auto first. The auto drivers them to ride together as both of them want to go to Chandni Chowk. Rishi says he has no problem but Indira says that she does and tells him to find another auto and they both start arguing on why Rishi should go find another auto. Finally they both go in the same auto while Indira just finds him getting on her nerves with his whistling, and stretching. He frowns at her and after that when he get his bag he touches Indira by mistakes and says, “Sorry I am very sorry I was not trying to touch you.” Indira says, “Don’t even try I have my flats on.” He looks down at her feet and understands the meaning. On the way Indira’s boss calls her saying that she needs to reach airport at the moment. She cuts the call having no other option and tell the auto driver to stop on the side and gets off.

Radhe takes Rishi to Indira place yet again while Indira goes off to airport and on her way she calls her mother and lets her know that Radhe will be bringing a party to show the house and introduces Rishi to Babhi and Maa. They both tell him to bring Rishi back when Indira is home till then no one can enter inside. At night Munna gives a peal necklace to Bhabhi and she loves it. Indira knocks on the door, Mandira is on the phone so she doesn’t go. Indira yells “Bhabhi” from front steps to open the door.


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