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Iron Lady 2 March 2021 update: Mandira talking on the phone while Indira calls her. Hanging the call and picking up Indira’s, Indira inquires whom she was talking with and Mandira says to doctor, and after asking how Ma is doing she asks to talk with Ishaan. But Ishaan denies saying, “He doesn’t want to talk with his aunt.”

Sunaina bhabhi calls for Ishaan to wake up while she is getting ready to go out somewhere. While Maa comes in and asks where she is going to which bhabhi replies to see her husband and starts with her favorite task, crying as Ma stops her saying its time for Indira to come home. Suddenly drums sound comes from the colony and Mandira goes to see what’s going to find out that Munna return. Manna announces that when his “own blood” left him in prison Rishi came by and helped him.


Indira comes shortly and is bewildered to see Munna released from jail. Ishaan comes and says, “See aunt, my dad has returned and you have not brought him back but Rishi uncle did.” Indira gets angry and tells him to get out saying that how dared he break the guest rules and go against her decisions. Rishi causually replies you are worried and care about rules and your decisions more than your brother coming back. He says to Munna, “Isn’t she a weird creature.” Munna surely seems to start liking Rishi rather than his thoughts about him from the first day. Indira gets angrier at him and repeats “get out right now” but Ma comes in and says what he has done that bad, he has just tried to help us. Rishi enjoys when Munna argues back saying that he is also the elder son of the house. While the rest stands up straight with definite face. Munna declares that Rishi is he younger brother from now on and if he leaves the house than so will he. Our Hitler didi just crosses her arms across the chest and stares with no words. Rishi asks for his money back. Indira says she doesn’t have the money at the moment. Rishi replies its alright till you don’t give me the money I will stay here only. He walks off saying, “we will talk after 4 days, when you have the money. At the moment I was to rest in my room,” emphasizing on the word ‘my’. When every one glares at Indira, she says, “Why are you all looking at me like that? I haven’t removed the son of this house, he left by himself.”

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Next morning, Ishaan ignores Indira, Ma has gone on hunger strike and Sunaina bhabhi is over flowing bucket with her usual tears and goes on with her rambling. Indiara says sometimes I think I should open an acting company, I am my family members will play a great role in it. To which Mandira agrees too and also says, “Last night you were right, you can never be wrong,” obviously giving out that she wants something. Mandira says that she wants some money buy new clothes for cultural activates. Indira says she doesn’t have enough to afford for her usless activities and that she should pay attention to her studies and if she is not interested in education that she can get her married. When she calls Ishaan to go to school Ishaan says, “He doesn’t want to go with her.” Munna calls Ishaan from the main door and drops him off to school.

Indira gets angry at Rishi yet again as he talks to Munna from the window before he left with Ishaan. Rishi smell the bread and says that since he is downstairs he will have break fast too. Indira so not like the fact that Rishi is interfering and getting along with her family. Indira glares at Sunanina and she does not give anything to Rishi. So, he goes and get the bread himself. He praises bhabhi for her delicious food.

Indira calls Radhe and informs him that she needs new pay guest with 3 months advance. And if he cant do it than she will get another broker. Radhe says not to worry when he is there, he will find another party.

Indira walks off to work in her usual anger and Rishi mimics her “left – right – left” making ma and sunanina giggle. Rishi comments, “Did you picked this house mistress from mental hospital?”

In the office:
Manoj is sl*gging Indira off with his boss as he’s saying she can’t take good care of clients and this is the way clients just go away as she’s an ordinary girl who knows looking about her home.The boss says you are right my nephew but this travel agency runs only because of Indira.The boss looks at the door and is shocked to see a peon with a tray of tea standing at the door Manoj gets angry with pandey as he needs to knock before coming in but pandey says I am holding the tray and asks for forgiveness and leaves.pandey decides to reveal the relationship of Manoj and the boss to Indira.the boss tells Manoj to leave before Indira sees them,Manoj leaves thinking he’s sure to take the place of Indira.otherwise he’ll change his name.

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On the street:
Mandira with her boyfriend are at a sweets shop and he asks whether she wants something she refuses her BFsays how long will you be off then she says my probs is that I have no new dress for the party he says don’t I’ll take care Mandira tells but you don’t have money he says yes but I have my head.They sees a shop and enter the begin to look at the clothes and mandira BF tells her to steal the one’s she like,and she did so while a salegirl sees and begins to shout thieves and they run away they arrive at chandni Chowk and the security are still following them.They are ask to show the bill if they have purchased it but mandira says why should I when I did not pbuy from your shop,lots of people gathered on the road and finally Indur handles and solve the problem by clainming Mandira his daughter and by paying the sum. Indur tells Mandira boyfriend not see his daughter.

In the office:
the boss asking Indira to let Manoj assits her in a new project but she refuses and the boss get angry saying you are too full of ego but indu says don’t worry I don’t need this smart Manoj I willo ask my translator to be assistant if needed,but the boss continues to argue with her until she accepts and says to Indira you must give the opportunity to others also to learn the job is that clear he keeps on asking Indira who agrees.
On the street at Chandni Chowk:
The person takes his money saying to Indur you seems to be a good man do explain to your daughter how many times will yo save him and he leaves.Indur tells Mandira BF not to see his daughter again as he does not know him well.He goes to talk with Mandira who’s standing next to kutumb and he tells her to ask him whenever she needs moneyIndu mom tells Mandira one day Indu also will get to know the greatness ogf Indur mandira agrees.Kutumb tells him to return home he says he also wants to but thinking about indira he turns hesitant.Kutumb takes his blessing and he blesses her while Jhumpa is looking at them.He returns back to his shop.

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In the office:
Manoj is on the phone searching for a translator ans so is Indu while she’s unable to find one.pandeyy enters to serve tea to Indira and tells how he felt bad when the boss got angry with her and finally tells Indira thaqt Manoj is the boss nephew.Indu asks Pandey to leave and begins to think while on the other hand Manoj finds a translator,and is happy he asks Pandey to dring his tea.
on the street of Chandni Chowk:
Indur returns to his shop and is shocked to see Jhumpa overthere,she asks have you also eaten from the other housebut Indur says please be seated i’ll explain,he says I need to return back to return back in this house again to seek divorce from Kutumb hearing this she feels happy,saying how much you think about me and my son.indur says so that I can marry you legally and the house also can belong to you They are bot happy and hug.
In the street of Chandni Chowk at night:
Indira is returning home and is talking on the phone asking to find a translator,she says she really need it and she can works at night also.

At home:
she enters home,ishan is screaming telling his mom he will eat along with Rishi,Indira is still talking when she slipped and hopefully Rishi who was coming downstair holds him and he asks what are your intention this morning you were arguing with me now in the evening you fall in my arms,indu realises and push him back she tells him to keep quiet bif she wanted to beat him she could have done this long ago.Indu says within four days I’ll throw you out from here as enough is enough.
there’s a knocjk at the door Indira goes to see and at her surprise it is Manoj Indu says you Manoj is afraid on seeing Indira and says you this is the address of the translator and he says I’m sorry may be I’m mistaken as this your house and he leaves.Indira says what a joke she enters and sees Rishi playing with Ishan.Manoj returns back and is checking the address thoroughly and sees it is the exact one and he calls for Indira again saying this is the exact adress and the translator is Rishi Kumar Indu is shocked.


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