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Iron Lady 25 February 2021: The starts with Indira returning home late and she missed the appointment fixed with Rishi.she arrives home and calls Sunaina loudly to open the door when she enters sunaina asks if she will eat or has already eaten.

Indira tells her she will eat and Sunaina tells that little gas remained for preparing tomorrow breakfast if ever she wants her to heat the food.Sunaina was going to heat it when Indu tells her to leave it.sunaina is happy and while she’s leaving indu asks her where is your hubby(sorry don’t know his name)sunaina says he’s asleep as he’s tired after fixing some deal.indu enters her mom room and leave a packet and goes to see ishaan who’s sleeping she covers with him with a bedsheet.Indu tries to call Radhe but in vain as he’s phone is switched off so she send him a message telling that she missed to meet with the party and to bring them tomorrow.she brings her diary at the dining table and begins to calculate the budget she thinks how will she manage with everything and what tyo pay and what not…she falls asleep on the the table.

Tomorrow morning Radhe comes near to his shop to see it close when Rahim tells him that hero took the keys with him.ishaan and Mandira are aeating and indira arrives telling Ishaan i told you not to drink only she goes to mix chocolate in his milk when indira tells her she’ll do it Indu asks what the probs Mandira tells that she need money,indu tells her this afternoon after settling all the bills she will give her her pocketmoney but Mandira is adamant telling Indu that also her pocketmoney is a need.Indu gives the money to sunaina telling for buying the gas.

indira mom is opening the tap for some water noticed that the water connection is cut and calls for indu.


Everyone along with Indu are shocked as there’s no water sunaina says she has not even taken her bath.indu calls Radhe and tells him to bring the lodger today itself,when Indu mom and brother go against, her mom says how can you take a yound boy as the tenant i have two young daughters what will happen if something happen,Indu says don’t worry for me as i’m already settled i don’t need to marry we just need to look after mandira as for time being we hardly need money her bro says if we need money that mean you will keep anyone as the tenant w/o asking me I met her he’s not a good guy.Indu tells him to search for a lodger himself he says what the big deal in it as he has so many contacts.The postman brings in the notice to pay for the bill within the day and indu tells her bro that half of her salary will be going in paying the water bill and who will pay for the other bills.Indu says can you search for a tenant before the end of the day he says tenent cannot be found like that.Indu tells him not mix with her decision and gives him him the bill to be paid with the check and tells that the room must be cleaned before the tenant arrives.

On the road: Rahim is telling Radhe don’t worry about the shop as there’s only some few old furnitures inside if you want I can break the padlock,Radhe says no need.i’m only worry that the hero is not calling and i did not ask him any info about him in the meantime Rishi calls radhe and the latter gives him the good news after telling him that his keys are safe in his pocket.Cassim annonces Hitler is coming and Radhe greets indu telling that the tenant is coming and she tells radhe that she wants the three months deposit personally .Indu goes to tell the shopkeeper that he will be paid by this evening.Both ishaan and Indu continue their way arriving near the kulfi shop she again tells Ishaan about her bro and her but Ishaan does not let her finish and tells her let go to buy kulfi it is a treat on my side as I have taken the saved money before dad.indu tells she will pay her the kulfi in the afternoon and to give her the money to be deposited in the bank.

Indu arrives at the office her boss calls her saying that they have appointed a new guy (Manoj) to be trained under her, she agrees and the guy happens to be the boss nephew also the boss request manoj to¬† behave well with Indu as she’s the one who take care of almost everything in the office.Manoj asks indu to take a cup of coffee with him and she agrees instantly they leave the office and Indu drags him in the boss office asking Chadda what have you seen in him to appoint him or he’s related to you and they all cont and finally indu beat him with her slipper.

Rishi along with Radhe arrives at Indu house and radhe tells him that Hitler wants a three months deposits Rishi says what the big deal once I make my place in someone heart it is not impossible to get out.Indu mom opens the door asking them to wait she calls for Sunaina telling to prepare for the room.radhe tells rishi to give the money to indu directly,radhe tells rishi hitler is very punctual by this evening you will surely meet her and leaves though rishi continues to call.cassim leave the luggage of rishi and runaway.Sunaina tells her mom in law hwho will be cooking if I’ll going to clean the room.Indu mom tells mandira to clean but she refuses telling if I don’t study Indu will not be satisfied with my final result and she will reduce my pocket money.She asks who’s the tenant Rishi who’s hiding from behind the pillar and listning to their convo just appears with his luggage presenting himself as Rishi Kumar and says in short you can call me RK,Mandira comes and introduces herself and also shake hand seeing this Indu mom gets angry says your father could have left me but I will not leave you indu goes in saying don’t worry for me .rishi request indu mom that he can clean the room himself mandira looking at him from behind the curtain says how sweet and indu mom tells sunaina to give him the broom and show him the way to the room.While climbing the stairs Rishi says I heard in her house i will get everything and looking at the broom he says this is how I’m been welcome and he enters a room in a mess and it is a must watch as how he clean the room.


Rishi sees a case and was going towards it when he heard a voice and goes outside to see who’s an old lady says to him you already arrived he says yes amma i’m back hope you did not wait long and she asks you are the new tenant he say No your first love and he flirts a bit with the old lady who gets shy and she says something in Punjabi (I don’t understand that much)Rishi is suddenly sad and says yes amma.

after his bath he open the case and find a rat in it he’s says get out otherwise I will beat with my slipper he throws it on the rat which hits Indu and she says who are you Ishaan says he’s our new tenant Indu says what????


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