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Iron Lady 1 March 2021 update: Rishi talks about Indar Sharma and if they are relatives or not. Indiri get mad and showers him with her seriousness. She taunts on how Akshay Kumar and other are jis reletives just because their last names are same.

He talks with her in his playful way and she says to live according to the rules of the house. Mother starts crying and goes away. Even Rishi lives saying yes, he should live as a pay guest only.

On the other hand, Munna goes to Indar’s house and asks for help. The evil step-mother says no and Indar listens to her as a dog who is afraid of his master. She says things to him that are mean and he also replies back saying he is my father. Who are you to come between us. Indar seems like he wants to help but she holds him back and creates a big thing out of it yelling at Munna and Indar. Her plan seems to be that she will make the Sharma’s leave their house. Munna is disappointed in his father.

It is late night 1:00 and everyone is asleep. Indira takes out Indar’s photo hidden in her closet. She looks at it and it surely seems as if she misses him. Rishi is going through the box in his barsati and sees the other half of the phota. On the back it said that her birthday is today. Rishi says Happy Birthday Miss Indira Sharma. Appko apki khoi hui hasi bohut mubarak ho.

In the morning, Indira takes toothpaste from Ishan’s brush and puts it on her. He nods looking down. She gives her strict attitude to Bhabhiji. Ishan says that everyone goes through the day the same way as any other day even though it is my bua’s birthday. Except for daadi who makes kher this day. Ishan is smiling and when she raises her brows, he shakes his head and says he’s going.

Then she sees Rishi sleeping on the terrace side. She screams and tries to wake him up or else he would have fallen down. She rushes up with Ishan behind her and bhabhi tries to wake him up. He wakes up and says who is it?! She throws water on him and as he sees her he salutes and says Good morning maam. When asked what sort of place is this to sleep? He says that he fell asleep as he likes sleeping under the stars. She warns him and when she is going he wishes her.

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She is taken by surprise and Ishan thinks how he knew and how come he always make’s wrong entries. She asks him to repeat and he gives her the gift. She is shocked to see the box and asks where he got it from. he replies casually that he found it while cleaning yesterday. She goes away taking the box and Ishan tells him to be quiet and that she doens’t celebrate her birthday. He says a shayri and recieving a call, he leaves. Ishan doubts him and his true self.

In the office, they all are making plans for a card and gift and only 2 people seem to understand that she might blow up. The peon brings flowers and says it’s for hitler didi. Everyone is surprised. Pandey gives to to her. She reads the note and has tears in her eyes. The note is from her brother who lives in America. It says that he is coming back in 6 months to take all the responsibilites and that not to ruin her mood at least today. She calls the make sure and hears the voice-mail. She leaves a message of thanks and that she loves him.

Munna starts new business!! While coming home Indira stops by to get some samosa’s and jalebi’s. She stops at the gulfi place and sees a brother and sister sharing gulfi’s since it’s the sister’s brithday. She gets emotional and also sees his father in dream mode asking her to come and hug him, also wishing her. Indira comes home and Munna says that he has gotten a business. He hands her the money. She doesn’t believe her and seems something to be fishy.

The police and Indira’s father and step-mother are at Indira’s house. Claiming that Munna is a thieve and with fake signatures has taken out money. And Indira’s step-mother wants him arrested. They argue a bit, but Indira stops them. Then she asks Munna his version and he denies what he’s accused for and insults their step-mother. But their father slaps Munna and shows him the papers with the fake signatures. Then their step-mother insults the whole family. Indira stops them saying, she won’t tolerate anymore insult, and she says to the police to take Munna away. Sunaina bhabhi and Ishaan begs Indira not to, but she doesn’t listen and asks Sunaina bhabhi to take Ishaan inside. Ishaan’s mother tells Ishaan not to say anything to Indira, she doesn’t care for them, she only cares for herself. Indira gets hurt listening to this but doesn’t say anything. Then Indira’s mother begs her husband to release Munna, and she says that after all Munna is his own blood. Indira intervenes and says that, blood relations aren’t all, aapko rishton ko nibhaana bhi chahiye. Still Indira’s mother continues. But Indira’s step-mother come in between, and insults Indira’s mother. But Indira stops her, and warns her not to insult her mother. And then argue, until her father stops his wife. Indira’s mother get unwell and her husband seems concerned. Indira’s ex wife is saying that if your so concerned stay with them… and is about to leave when Indira stops her yet again, and gives back the money Munna stole, saying she doesn’t need anyone’s help , she can take care of this family herself. She leaves. And her father stands there alone (flashback of Indu-father is shown)

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Cut to Munna bhai. Who the police is taking away, and the whole street is cheering (like he’s some celebrity). Some of his friends come over, and he says he will be okay and back soon.

Cut to the home again. Where Indira called the doctor and he arrives. Mandira is talking on the phone while the mother is lying on the bed and crying for her son. The doctor is checking her. She tells Indira to bring Munna back. But Indira says no. She asks her mom if she felt the least insult. And her mother says, only when you become a mother you will know. Indira says that he’s done something wrong, he should at least bear the punishment. And she’s determined. Ishaan walks in and he’s crying, but he’s silently looking at his bua. She comes close to him and wipes his tears, and put her hand on his shoulder, but he takes it away. And says he won’t ever talk to her, and he says I hate you bua. And he runs away. Indira is shocked but she recovers and is about to shout at him but Mandira stops her at says that this isn’t Ishaan’s fault. They disagree a bit.. And Ishaan is watching from a distance. His mother comes and takes him away saying that no one in this house is their own. Indira is upset over Ishaan’s behavior and her mothers illness.

There’s a knock on the door and Indira opens. There’s a little boy there saying Happy birthday Indira didi and hands her the samosas and jalebis she ordered earlier. And she thinks of her brother’s call earlier today, and how he told her to be happy today at least. Indira gets upset and says her birthday is over and he can give the food to the poor outside a mandir.

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Later Indira is sitting on the dinner table and Sunaina bhabhi served her food. Indira asks about everyone else. And her bhabhi says no one has eaten. Indira asks her about Ishaan, and she says he cried for a very long time and then slept. She goes. While Indira is sitting there, she pushes the plate away and she has tears in her eyes.

Next morning, Ishaan is on the roof crying, Rishi comes there and asks him why he’s crying, but he doesn’t answer properly. The old lady next to them tells Rishi what happened last night and why Ishaan is crying. He comforts Ishaan, and Ishaan asks Rishi to bring his father back.

Sometime later. Indira is looking for Ishaan, but Sunaina bhabhi comes out of the kitchen and says that Ishaan woke up earlier and has left with the neighbors kids to school. Indira’s hurt.

Rishi while walking on street talking to radhe, meets Inder sharma Indira’s father. And tells him about indira’s house and how it looks less like a house and more like a zoo. He also talks about yesterday’s events. And indirectly insults Inder Sharma, but he doesn’t know that he’s Indira’s father. He also says to him what kind of a father does such stuff. On his own daughter’s birthday. Before Inder can answer Indira comes . Clears out everything to Rishi. She also tells Rishi that he doesn’t need to ask “strangers”(Indu’s father) about their house information. Rishi is shocked, and wonders what kind of a father-daughter they are.

Munna is in jail, but is clearly enjoying. He’s kind of playing cards. Then Indira arrives. She goes to see Munna bhai, and he gets excited because he thinks she’s there to bail him out. Indira notices that Munna doesn’t feel guilty at all. So she doesn’t bail him out. She tells him if he can’t help her then don’t make more problems for her. And she continues to lecture him but in the end he says, that if she won’t bail him out fine but don’t give him a lecture. Indira says that he deserves to be here, because he isn’t regretting his actions. And she leaves. As she’s about to leave one of the policemen stops her and in a way insults her. Indira glares as him but he doesn’t stop. Episode ends.


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