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Iron Lady 26 February 2021: Episode start with a quick recap of the story already being shown . As the last episode ended at the scene where rishi in order to make the rat go away …in order to get rid of the rat in his room…throws his floaters ( chappal ) and by mistake …the floater hits indira .

Rishi runs to see where his floater is and get’s shocked when he saw indira standing there , the girl whom he shared the taxi with . On the other side … indira looks upward and is too shocked seeing that guy in her house . Indira get the flashback of the taxi journey . Witnessing the whole incident…ishan slides his book down and speak that : floaters( chappal ) on her aunt , the guy is definitely dead .Oh god , now only u can save this guy from my aunt’s anger ” . Indira speaks in anger ” You ” while the guy reply being a mixture of shocked and scared …in a confused way … ” Aap ” … . Indira continues speaking ” By the way , what the hell are you doing on my terrace ” . Rishi is still in the same way replies ” ji ” . Indira grows more angry and ask him to leave his terrace at once . Now rishi turns a little calm and reply that ” you are a very odd character . first u said that u will beat me with your floater …than u ask me to leave the auto and now u are asking me to leave the house even . That’s great . “Indira interrupts and explains that it’s her house . Rishi is shocked . And ishan explains to indira that the guy is the person whom they have given their terrace to live …the guy is their paying guest . Indira becomes shocked and reconfirms from ishan that if he is the only one , then she realizes that its her mistake as she din’t even checked who the person is and allowed him in the house . She gets more angry and continues ” So u are our paying guest ( rishi saysd a yes ) . Indira continues ” Dont you have any manners ???…u r roaming without shirt on our terrace . You seem to be a shameless person . ” Listening all the conversation , the other members of the house come out and asked …what happened ???Why was indira shouting ???Indira remains quiet and ishan explains that our new paying guest hit indira with his floater which shocked the other members . Indira mom speaks first and She said in anger and getting irritated that ” who have we allowed in our house as the paying guest … I was against his entry in our house from the very starting .And even your bro Munna ask us not to keep this guy in our house . But u never listen to anyone , u just do what u want . ” Rishi interrupting tries to explain that how by mistake the floater hit indira but indira dint let him complete and asked him to keep his mouth shut . She comments on rishi saying that he is so much talkative , even in the taxi he was talking so much and irritating her . Rishi argues that he was not the one who was talking but it was indira who was fighting with him actually . Indira looks with anger and indira bhabhi speaks up ” Watch indira , who have we allowed in the house where girl’s live ” Indira gives a look to her bhabhi . Bhabhi becomes quiet and rishi leaves from there to wear his shirt . Indira calls him and he just come in front with the money .He gives his introduction to indira and than handover the money …the 3 months advance for the terrace . He assures indira that he will be paying the deposit in the coming next weak . And if he will not be able to pay that …than he will leave the house at once . Indira gets a little calm down and ask rishi that what does he think that after seeing money …she will forgive him for all the shamelessness he has shown in her house . Rishi explains that no …he knows it wasn’t like that . But he asks indira to think that she needs money urgently and rishi needs the terrace for himself . So they should just settle it down and stop fighting . While the bro questions saying that are u birla , ambani . You have loads and loads of money .But we are not interested in your money . U just get lost from the house . Indira tries to stop her bother but he assures indira that she can stop taking stress , he will bring both money and paying guest for the house . Rishi says that he will go out and shout that how badly was he treated in the house and he will personally see to it that the house don’t get a paying guest after him .The bother continues while rishi tries to explain indira that her brither is angry just because the deal is done by radhe and not him , nothing else . The brother comes to fight with rishi but indira stops him . Munna asks indira to ask rishi to get lost . The whole family is expecting the same decision from indira . Indira thinks for a while and than asks for the money from rishi . Rishi happily give the money . Munna tries to stop indira but indira dont listen to anyone and allowed him in the house .

Indira’s bother feel insulted that when he asked indira not to allow the person than why she allowed . Indira explains that she isn’t insulting him and is doing the right thing . they need money urgently and the guy will live in there house for the coming three months . Munna again claimed that i will bring the money and paying guest to which indira answered that house’s dont work on one day salary .The day munna will be capable of managing this house . She will leave her job even . Munna found himself insulted and said that till the moment he don’t give money to indira , he will not be entering the house . Indira dint stopped him but she said she will be waiting for the day . She is happy he cares but still as she said earlier , houses dont work with one day salary . And she is proud of herself that she is managing her house on her own at a small age of 25 . Mom tries to stop munna but she isn’t able too . She asks indira if indira loves her bro or not . indira is tensed with the stresses she have . Her mom says that if indira’s father would have been there , he would not have let this happen . Indira in anger makes her mother remember that her father has leaved them . Indira mom has asthmatic problem i think…indira gives the pump to her mom and leaves .

On the other hand , rishi is reading the paper which indira throw out from the bus . He then makes an aeroplane of it and throws away and the aeroplane lands besides indira’s leg on which indira questions rishi …”That what the hell he is doing . “Rishi explains that he wasn’t aware that indira is coming this way , else he wouldn’t have done it . He apologizes. Indira explains that if rishi has to live in the house . He has to take care of some rules . He dont have to socialize with the family members or make relations with them , for that the whole world out of the house is there and that in morning her family members will use washrooms first while rishi interrupts that he can’s let that happen because he really needs washroom in morning on which indira finally agrees . Indira explains that rishi has to take care of his food himself and the house will not be responsible for it . He will only get a cup of tea in the morning from the house . Rishi insists to have that cup of tea in night , indira agrees to him .

Indira goes to the rashan shop to pay the bills , in between she saw her father on the other side of the road from where a baraat is going from . She is lost for sometime and so is his father but she moves on . Her father keep on watching her going . She reach the shop , clears the bill and ask to send the things home .. when indira was returning back , she saw mandira with a boy having ice cream ,but before indira recognize mandira …mandira escapes from there . Indira calls mandira but mandira dont take the call .
Rishi orders pizza for himself and is roaming in the house when indira enters . Indira asks him that why isn’t he on the terrace , to which he reply that he was waiting for his pizza delivery . Mandira enters there and is questioned by indira that where was she . Mandira said she was at home only . Rishi was knowing that mandira wasn’t at home but he dint says anything . Indira leaves and mandira welcomes rishi to the Hitler land . The family’s having dinner when munna come there . Bhahi is in the kitchen and she gives food to munna . munna eat that food . and the whole family have dinner . Munna goes to his father and tells him that he needs 30000 rs urgently .

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