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Imlie Starlife: is an Indian television drama series that premiered on 23rd August 2022 on Starlife. Produced by Gul Khan under 4 Lions Films, it stars Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Fahmaan Khan, Mayuri Deshmukh and Gashmeer Mahajani. It is a loose adaptation of Bengali series Ishti Kutum. Replacing Never say goodbye



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Imlie Starlife Full Story/Plot

Imlie is an 18-year-old girl who comes from a village called Pagdandia situated within the Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh. She has a mother named Meethi. Meethi was involved in a night-time date and Dev Chaturvedi, a city man who left Meethi impregnated. The villagers made a decision that if a man has one night with a girl then they must be married. Satyakam was a farmer, turned rebel, fighting for the rights of Pagdandia is Imlie’s father figure. Imlie receives a scholarship once she has earned her degree. She hoped to become an officer in the police force to help her foster father as well as her non-married mother.

Aditya “Adi” Kumar Tripathi is a journalist based in Delhi who works for Bhaskar Times. His wife has been Malini Chaturvedi (Dev’s daughter) for seven years. Prior to their wedding, Adi leaves for Pagdandia for Satyakam’s interview. he proves that he’s a revolutionary and not an insurgent. Imlie assists Adi in leading the village, and they both had to live in a hut because of severe rain and thunderstorms. The next day, Imlie’s Nani and the villager’s family threaten to take out Adi should he not marry Imlie as they believed they’d been together for the night. Adi did not want to be married, rather, he was prepared to die. When the villagers attempted to murder Adi, Imlie stops them and decides to wed Adi for the sake of his survival. She attempts to call Malini via Adi’s mobile however, the attempt goes to nothing when the villagers discover that they have been contacted. Imlie and Adi are forced to get married.

Arriving in New Delhi, Imlie introduces herself as a housekeeper to the Tripathi family to help Adi. Adi was very cruel to her. She hid in the corner of his home. Although Imlie is loved by everyone, Adi is afraid that she’ll be loved by everyone and it’ll be difficult and painful for everyone when she goes one day. But, the reason that Imlie stays with her marriage is due to her family background, her beliefs regarding the marriage, her faith in God and the fear that if she leaves the village, they would kill Adi.

Prior to Adi and Malini’s wedding ceremony, Adi reveals the marriage truth to Malini which causes her to feel faint. The doctor warns that he not reveal the marriage truth. Imlie is aware that her husband will marry Malini and her half-sister, with broken hearts. Adi must travel to Pagdandia to attend the peace talks with Satyakam and the Tripathi family is sending Imlie as well. He decides to take her away there for good. He is aware of Imlie’s dilemma and viewpoint and feels extremely sorry. Imlie saves his life from an explosion that evening. The next day, Imlie is gunshot while trying to save Adi from Chandu and then he takes Adi to the hospital in Delhi. Adi is shocked by the way he has treated her and develops a softness with her. Imlie also helps save Malini from a bridge crash. Imlie remains in their relationship through her faith. Then Adi discovers Imlie is his real love, and Malini was only an acquaintance. In addition, he discovers that they’re half-sisters in the Pagdandia visit. Even though his proposal to Imlie she is thinking about Malini she asks him to take vows that he had taken in his marriage to Malini In the end, only she’ll return. But, Malini thinks Adi is cheating on her and tries to commit suicide. Imlie offers the blood of her friend to ensure her. Imlie then informs Adi that she’s passionate about her friend from college Kunal. After Malini’s mom beats Imlie physically by slamming a tube light on her head and she decides to go to Pagdandia believing Adi has cheated on her. Adi discloses to Malini and tells her that Imlie has been his wife since his divorce. Malini is brought to Pagdandia with the name Kalpana and finds out that Imlie is her half-sister.

Adi and Imlie Reunite and Aditya gets Satyakam as well as Meethi to marry. Kunal Chauhan is a criminal lawyer fighting for Satyakam’s rights and also takes charge of Adi Malini’s divorce. Kunal is deeply in love with Malini and has no feelings towards her. Imlie is able to learn about her father and is unable to believe in Dev and declares that Satyakam that she will remain her mother. The Tripathi family pours water over her, gazing down at her due to her unlegitimate status, and teasing her. Adi has always stood by her however, Imlie will not stay in his room until family’s approval. He’s her mentor and helped her learn English as well as helped with her studies, taught her confidence, life lessons, not to be judged in public and also supported her. She finally confesses to him about how much she loves him and idolizes him and idolises. She would like to be journalist after she has seen Adi’s work. However, Malini was not able to see them as satisfied after a certain amount of time and thus she decides to have Aditya back.

Malini ends the divorce process. Malini along with Anu stage an unreal suicide drama, and Aditya brings her back to his home with the permission of Imlie. Imlie helps take charge of Malini. However, Malini attempts to end Aditya and Imlie’s bond. Imlie is aware of Malini’s intentions and warns Aditya but he did not believe her. He also discovered the truth about Kunal and believes that she is more. Adi and Imlie’s wedding rituals began as Malini tells Satyakam she believes Aditya is cheating with Imlie in her presence. When he arrives to confirm, the couple’s relationship, he finds them in close proximity as he shoots Aditya. Imlie is able to save Aditya and gets bit by the snake. When they are healed, Adi demands Satyakam to be put in jail. After having heard Satyakam’s story, Satyakam, Imlie says Malini must also be imprisoned because she was the one who sparked his anger. Adi did not believe in her and was unwilling to take action. Imlie is able to escape Satyakam by saying Malini should be also punished. Then she’ll return him.

They then start to develop distrust issues. Malini becomes romantically involved with Aditya through intoxication. Imlie is heartbroken and distraught when she discovers that Aditya and Malini had a night of intimacy. The family members ask Imlie to leave for respect for their family in the society, however Adi insists that she not go away. Imlie notices that her saree is burning and realises that Malini is using her saree to go out for the evening with Aditya. Imlie returns to file an accusation against Malini for allegedly having an affair against Aditya’s wishes and Kunal arrives to assist Imlie. She discovers evidence in video and gives him the evidence. He is shocked when he realizes that his closest friend would be so cruel to him. In the course of presenting proof to the judge the video file was discovered deleted , and the case was dismissed. Adi states that he removed the video because Malini is expecting. Imlie is in shock after hearing this. He then relates the false story that was told by Anu (Malini’s mother) that she had been drinking and dressed Malini in the role of Imlie and then took her back to the room of his.

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Imlie decides to allow Malini remain in the home since she believes that the child shouldn’t live similar to her with no father’s name. Malini would like Imlie to leave Adi’s world. The Tripathi family gradually takes Imlie to be their sister-in-law. However, Adi And Imlie’s friendship has been strained because of trust issues and disagreements over Malini. Also, Adi and Malini are divorced. However, she does a variety of actions to break up Imlie and Adi and, as is customary, Adi trusts Malini. When Imlie demands Adi to bring Malini away, Adi says no since Malini is pregnant , and she dismisses the request claiming she’s unsecure. In a final twist, Malini shots herself and frames Imlie and then Satyakam accepts the blame and is sent to jail. Malini insists on sending Imlie away from the home. When Adi inquires about what happened to Imlie she loses her patience and ends their marriage through burning the nuptial chains and taking off the aresoor, which she regarded as Sita’s blessings. She quits Tripathi House, putting her self-respect over her husband.

331 – 528 November 10, 2021 until July 20, 2022. Aryan Singh Rathore is a businessman who is his CEO at Bhaskar Times. He is unaware that Adi is the one responsible for the death of his brother-in-law and is seeking revenge from him. Imlie is in a girls hostel. While Adi offers the internship letter to Imlie and she tears it up and then gets it from Aryan. Imlie goes home and stays at the office until late at night. After being bullied by males, Aryan rescues her and invites Imlie to be his guest. While Aryan had a temper with Imlie at first however, he is awed by her bubbly personality and gets impressed by her. Adi does not understand Aryan’s relationship. Then, on their wedding anniversary celebration, Adi observes Imlie along with Aryan in the hotel room and she is confused about the two. Malini sends divorce documents to Adi in exchange for an email from Imlie. Adi is devastated, thinking Imlie would like to part ways with him in favor of Aryan. He breaks up the relationship. Imlie is devastated, and Aryan is supportive of her. Adi does not understand Aryan’s words and announces his wedding to Malini and makes her sign the divorce documents.

Following Divorce, Aryan laid moral support to Imlie. Adi gets married to Malini after which Imlie decides to go on regardless of whether it is a matter of days, months, or even years. Imlie and Aryan share a strong bond of friendship, and they become at ease with one another. With the assistance of Aryan Imlie eventually exposes Malini’s crimes. Aditya is frightened by the incident and then apologizes Imlie however she refuses to acknowledge his apology. Aditya takes Malini away from the home and takes Anu to jail, and then releases Satyakam.

Aditya accidentally declares a stormy weather clear, resulting in Aryan and Arpita to be injured in the storm. Then he learns of Arvind Aryan’s revenge. He attempts to inform Imlie about the possibility that Aryan is taking advantage of her however she is unable to believe. But, when Aryan is confronted in public Aditya, Imlie learns the truth. If she questions Aryan about it she is told he will not respond to her inquiries. Devastated, she walks out of the house. Aryan who is happy for her provides her with a room to stay, without her knowledge. He then frames Aditya for a false report on weather and deprives him of his journalist license. In the wake of the Tripathis situation, Imlie pleads with Aryan to help save her family. Then, he lays out the possibility of marrying her however she then stipulates that the wedding should be fake and put in writing only if she did not want to compromise her faith. If Aditya finds out about this and demands that the wedding be held before his eyes to punish him for inflicting harm on Imlie. Aryan is willing to accept it, but Imlie is furious at him for doing the same.He insists on stopping the wedding. The wedding is interrupted when Aryan’s Badi Maa Neela and his childhood acquaintance Preeta (Baby Doll) joins the wedding with the intent to take over Rathore’s wealth by stopping the wedding ceremony and performing an exchange of brides. Imlie discovers the real motives and attempts to alert Aryan and causes drama at the ceremony. The phera Aryan is able to take six pheras and then leaves the seventh to Imlie’s decision, but as she tries to get away she is confronted by Meethi who demands that she marry Aryan with the words Imlie has become “indebted” to her. Imlie eventually returns and gets the seventh phera. She cuts the connections with Meethi not understanding her motives. Imlie as well as Aryan finally wed.

After the wedding, Neela willfully tries to break the bonds with Aryan and Imlie with the assistance of Preeta on several occasions. In the end, Aryan shows his trust and support for Imlie that slowly alters her perception of Aryan and makes her question his true motives for marrying his. Then, she becomes intrigued by Arvind’s situation and begins to inquire about the past event as a journalist with the aim of releasing Aryan from his past traumas and bring resolution the story of Arpita along with Narmada.

To find the true people responsible for Arvind’s death she uncovers evidence it was Aditya was a victim of an illegal act perpetrated by Seth Purandas – a business adversary of Arvind who executed him for interfering with his business. She notes Seth’s conversations with the assistance of Madhav who’s a friend of the village she has met in her quest. She attempts to give all evidence Aryan who is at an event for beauty contests sponsored by Bhaskar Times but Seth’s goons who were following her set off the bomb inside an award to deter her. Aryan and Imlie manage the bombing well, however Imlie is abducted. Aryan goes after the goons, and uncovers the truth behind the death of his brother-in-law which devastated him and He loses control over the situation Aryan and Imlie are trapped in as goons plot to kill her in the exact same way as Arvind. But, Aryan overcomes his fears through Imlie’s call and manages to get them out. Aditya arrives at the location with police and aids the victims. Aryan apologizes for his actions to Aditya as well as his entire family members for his impulsive behavior, which causes Aditya to apologize for his actions to Aryan for not conducting proper investigation into the Arvind case prior to reporting. In the spirit out of shame, Aryan accepts that Imlie leave his life and that of his family. But Imlie decides to go back home to Aryan and Aditya quits the country.

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The next storm to hit Imlie and Aryan’s world will come when they marry Arpita. Neela offers a proposal to Arpita after hearing Imlie talking about Sundar’s feelings with her. Although Imlie can convince Aryan’s eye to the importance of having a partner with his little sister, the boy completely opposed to having it with Sundar considering her well-being. So, he accepts meeting the family Neela has proposed to.

Imlie began to dislike Uday immediately she noticed him speaking rudely to a woman on the highway. In the future, she finds out that he was manipulated by Neela to get married by Arpita. She attempts to talk to Aryan about this, but Aryan was not prepared to make a decision about Uday because of his past experience with Adi. So she attempts to highlight the incompatibility of Arpita and Uday through a competition in the kitchen which Aryan cooks for Imlie. The incident leaves Aryan thinking about what transpired with Imlie as well as Amma and also deciding on the wedding between Arpita along with Uday. The day of the wedding, Imlie quits the Rathore mansion following her disagreement with Aryan’s decision , and also excluding her from his family affairs. Imlie then discovers that Sundar has left the city. In her efforts to stop Sundar from leaving, she meets the woman that was there with Uday at the time they first met. She learns they are his parents. He later reveals that he was a snitch his parents following the illegal acquisition of their property and Imlie raises the issue before the entire crowd at the reception. Aryan immediately ends his engagement, and apologizes Imlie. In shock, Arpita tries to take some pills but Sundar saves her. When Aryan and Narmada realize that Arpita is also developing feelings towards Sundar and agree to their union.

Imlie is aware of her error in breaking off ties with Meethi at her wedding, and is overcome with emotion. Aryan consoles her. In the course of their conversation the window in their room shatters, leading them to leave to see nothing but Aryan gets an insight into her thoughts on their wedding from Imlie. The day the wedding dates are set Sundar’s mother Nanda Prasad appears and scolds Arpita while Imlie manages the situation. Nanda was contacted by Neela to ruin the nuptials of Sundar and Arpita. The disagreement with his mother causes Arpita to inform Sundar that in the event that Nanda will not accept their union, she’ll not start the wedding.

After assessing Arpita’s wealth Nanda accepts the wedding and asks for a dowry, ignoring Imlie’s warning. In the course of the wedding preparations, Aryan receives a flower bouquet that he believes to be Imlie’s act. He asks questions about the same from her, which she ridicules. Despite these incidents, their relationship is growing and Aryan can also express his feelings for Arpita thanks to Imlie’s support. In Arpita as well as Sundar’s wedding ceremony, Imlie discusses the issue of dowry and addresses the issue.

While they wait to drop off Meeti off at the bus station following the wedding, Imlie encounters Jyoti who was a friend from college of Aryan. Jyoti is in love with Aryan and displays an obsessional behavior in her own, but has a lovely manner out to those around her. After discovering her friendship and love for Aryan, Imlie invites her to her mansion at Rathore’s. Jyoti attempts to also get to the middle between Aryan as well as Imlie. She attempts to kill the sister figure of her former husband Nargiz who she had taken divorce from because Nargiz had planned to inform Aryan about Jyoti’s plans and Imlie was present at the scene. In shock, Imlie returns home and seeks refuge with Aryan. He promises her that Nargiz will be taken care of. Then, they’ll both be confronted with an blaze in their bedroom that was started by Neela to cause harm to Imlie. Aryan gets to their room and decides to take the necessary steps in order to rescue Imlie. After being called through Madhav, Imlie tries to leave the home to gather the necessary evidence for an articlethat they’ve both completed. Insecure about Imlie since she’s planning to leave without taking enough sleep, Aryan follows her and is shot by a goon. In the hospital, where everyone was looking for blood, Aryan, Neela, Preeta and Jyoti collaborate to eliminate Imlie from Aryan’s world.

After Aryan awakes, he is able to locate Imlie and finds out that she had left the hospital because of Narmada’s insanity. In defiance of Narmada Aryan, he pursues Imlie and discovers that she is having an episode of depression because she thinks that she’s not a good match for him. However, he manages to comfort Imlie and they head to their home. Narmada insists Imlie to leave her job, and Aryan is against the idea. Arpita urges Aryan to discuss his real thoughts with Imlie because it gives Imlie the strength to face Narmada’s shift of behavior better. With the assistance from Jyo, Aryan takes Imlie on a date, the place where he has built the treehouse she wanted. After confessing their feelings, Imlie slips from the treehouse when Jyo is secretly cutting the pillar to prevent them from speaking about their feelings. Aryan attempts to restore Imlie’s awareness but is nervous when she isn’t responding to his treatment for emergencies that leads him to openly share his feelings. Imlie is able to regain her sense of self. When it begins to rain, they go to a quiet spot in which Imlie shares his feelings, and they sleep there. The next day, they return to their home and are questioned by Narmada.

In the next phase, Imlie becomes pregnant. After a flurry of events, the situation caused by Jyoti to dissociate Imlie as well as Aryan, Imlie manages to expose Jyoti’s shady behavior before Aryan with the assistance of Harinder Jyoti’s former husband, Sundar along with Arpita. Aryan is stricken with guilt over being affected by Jyoti. They have a heartfelt moment and promise their future.

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As they head back to their homes on their way back, they spot a baby who is left to her own. They bring the baby home and attempt to locate her parents. Imlie begins calling her Gudiya while she is unaware of how she has related her own life experiences to the baby. Malini is a highly successful Dean at an institution and is revealed that she has grudges with those who have similar backgrounds to Imlie. Neela who is against keeping Gudiya in the home is able to arrange for a few ladies to cover themselves as NGO members to get Gudiya away. Imlie and Aryan learn about it and are able to save Gudiya as well as the other children removed from their parents and also get the suspects arrested. Malini arrives at in the Rathore mansion and confesses that Gudiya is her daughter and Aditya’s who was missing. Malini claims Imlie of taking her child and then attempting to steal the belongings she has previously. In the next scene, Malini admits the truth to Imlie that she isn’t concerned about her daughter and keeps her as a pawn in order to get revenge against Imlie. Imlie along with Aryan plans to reveal Malini’s story to light and obtain custody. Imlie hosts Malini and Anu to a puja at Rathore’s to carry out their plan. Malini however utilizes the invitation to her advantage and is able to hurt Imlie before Aryan’s eyes. Because of this, Imlie suffers from a miscarriage. Aryan And Imlie both blame one another for their losses and then split up. Imlie quits the house and comes across Gudiya at a Temple. Malini has left her. Imlie goes with Gudiya home to Pagdandiya and she lives with her mother.

Five Years Later Imlie Starlife

Aryan remains in mourning the loss of their baby. He harbors hate for Imlie, and lives in a destructive way. Imlie is a resident of Pagdandiya together with Cheeni and is seen to be fighting injustices in society in her role as an Independent journalist. She also mourns their loss, despite the pretense of being adamant about the tragedy that occurred five years ago.

Malini who is the owner of significant stakes in Bhaskar Times and publishes an article about Pagdandiya through Aryan’s lack of interest. The newspaper’s reputation is damaged because Imlie broadcasts a show that defends the villager who are unaware of the organization that defamed them. In anger, Aryan reaches Pagdandiya to resolve the issue and managed to save Cheeni who was abducted. They instantly form a friendship, unaware of their relationship.



  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan Acted As ==> Imlie Aryan Singh Rathore: Executive Reporter of Bhaskar Times; Independent journalist; Meethi and Dev’s daughter; Malini’s half-sister; Aditya’s ex-wife; Aryan’s wife; Cheeni’s and Jaggu’s aunt
  • Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore: Owner and CEO of Rathore Group of Companies including Bhaskar Times; Narmada’s son: Arpita’s younger brother; Imlie’s husband; Cheeni’s and Jaggu’s uncle
  • Gashmeer Mahajani/Manasvi Vashist as Aditya Kumar Tripathi: Senior Reporter of Bhaskar Times; Aparna and Pankaj’s son; Imlie and Malini’s ex-husband; Cheeni’s father (2020–2022)/
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi (formerly Tripathi); A former professor of City College and later introduced Acted As ==> a Dean; Anuja and Dev’s daughter; Imlie’s elder half-sister; Aditya’s ex-wife; Cheeni’s mother


  • Keva Shefali Acted As ==> Cheeni: Aditya and Malini’s daughter; Imlie and Aryan’s niece (2022-present)
  • Riyansh Dabhi Acted As ==> Jaggu Prasad: Sundar and Arpita’s son; Narmada’s grandson; Aryan and Imlie’s nephew (2022-present)
  • Kiran Khoje Acted As ==> Meethi: Dulari’s daughter; Satyakam’s wife; Imlie’s mother
  • Vijay Kumar Acted As ==> Satyakam: Tribal leader of Pagdandiya; Meethi’s husband; Imlie’s father-figure
  • Meena Naithani Acted As ==> Dulari Devi: Meethi’s mother; Imlie’s grandmother.
  • Gaurav Mukesh Acted As ==> Sundar Prasad: Tripathis’ former househelp; Arpita’s second husband; Jaggu’s father
  • Rajshri Rani as Arpita Prasad (neé Rathore) : Narmada’s daughter; Aryan’s elder sister; Imlie’s sister-in-law; Arvind’s widow; Sundar’s wife; Jaggu’s mother
  • Neetu Pandey Acted As ==> Narmada Rathore: Aryan and Arpita’s mother; Jaggu’s grandmother
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya as Dev Chaturvedi: Janki’s son; Anuja’s husband; Malini and Imlie’s father; Cheeni’s grandfather
  • Jyoti Gauba as Anuja “Anu” Chaturvedi: Dev’s wife, Malini’s mother; Imlie’s step-mother; Cheeni’s grandmother
  • Piloo Vidyarthi Acted As ==> Janki Chaturvedi: Dev’s mother; Malini and Imlie’s grandmother; Cheeni’s great-grandmother (2020–2021)
  • Ritu Chaudhary Acted As ==> Aparna Tripathi: Pankaj’s wife; Aditya’s mother; Cheeni’s grandmother (2020–2022)
  • Chandresh Singh as Pankaj Tripathi: Harish’s brother; Aparna’s husband; Aditya’s father; Cheeni’s grandfather (2020–2022)
  • Rakesh Maudgal Acted As ==> Harish Tripathi: Pankaj’s brother; Radha’s husband; Dhruv, Rupali and Nishant’s father; Tanushree and Prashant’s grandfather (2020–2022)
  • Vijaylaxmi Singh Acted As ==> Radha Tripathi: Harish’s wife; Dhruv, Rupali and Nishant’s mother; Tanushree and Prashant’s grandmother (2020–2022)
  • Preet Kaur Nayak as Rupali “Rupi” Tripathi: Radha and Harish’s daughter; Dhruv and Nishanth’s sister; Pranav’s ex-wife; Tanushree’s mother (2020–2022)
  • Tasheen Shah Acted As ==> Tanushree “Twinkle” Tripathi: Rupali’and Pranav’s daughter; Prashant’s cousin; Harish and Radha’s granddaughter
  • Arham Abbasi Acted As ==> Nishanth Tripathi; Radha and Harish’s son; Dhruv and Rupali’s brother; Pallavi’s husband (2020-2022)
  • Chandni Bhagwanani as Pallavi Tripathi (née Thakur) : Nishant’s wife
  • Faisal Sayed Acted As ==> Dhruv Tripathi: Radha and Harish’s elder son; Nidhi’s husband; Prashant’s father; Tanushree’s cousin (2020–2021)
  • Astha Agarwal as Nidhi Tripathi: Dhruv’s wife; Prashant’s mother (2020–2021)
  • Jared Saville Acted As ==> Prashant “Sunny” Tripathi: Nidhi and Dhruv’s son
  • Komal Kushwaha Acted As ==> Imlie’s friend
  • Amit Anand Raut Acted As ==> Sanju: Imlie’s kidnapper
  • Amarnath Kumar Acted As ==> Balmesh: Aditya’s informer
  • Karan Thakur Acted As ==> Arvind Shekhawat: Arpita’s first husband (dead)
  • Vishwa Gulati Acted As ==> Kunal Chauhan: A lawyer who liked Malini
  • Naren Kumar Acted As ==> Prakash: Satyakam’s adoptive son; Imlie’s best friend
  • Sailesh Gulabani as Pranav: Rupali’s ex-husband; Tanushree’s father
  • Suraj Sonik Acted As ==> Shashank “Shanky”: Malini’s cousin brother
  • Vishal Sharma Acted As ==> Tripathi’s family doctor
  • Nilima Singh Acted As ==> Neela: Aryan and Arpita’s aunt
  • Resham Prashant Acted As ==> Preeta “Gudiya”: Neela’s niece; Aryan’s childhood friend who wants Aryan for his wealth
  • Suryansh Mishra Acted As ==> Madhav Tiwari who hails from Imlie’s village Pagdandiya; Imlie’s cameraman and friend
  • Veer Singh Acted As ==> Uday: Arpita’s ex-fiancé
  • Vaibhavi Kapoor Acted As ==> Jyoti Rawat: Aryan’s college friend; Harinder’s ex-wife
  • Unknown Acted As ==> Nargiz: Harinder’s sister figure. Due to a car accident conspired by Jyoti, she slipped into a coma
  • Aamir Salim Khan Acted As ==> Harinder “Harry”: Jyoti’s ex-husband; Nargiz’s brotherly figure



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