I’m On The Edge Zee World Full Story Plot Summary And Casts

I’m On The Edge Zee World: is an Indian Hindi romantic drama television series, which premiered on 10th July 2022 and was broadcast on Zee World Africa. The series was produced by Jay Production of Jay Mehta.

I’m On The Edge Zee World

I’m On The Edge Zee World

I’m On The Edge Zee World FUll Story/Plot Summary

The series tells an account that follows Devi Chauhan, who is married to a family that is not hers through force. Devi has lost both parents when she was a child and was taken care of by her uncle Bharat Chauhan, as well as the aunt of her uncle, Rekha Chauhan. She was living in the city, away from her family because of the threat to the village. When she returns in her home village delight their family and friends, she’s noticed in the eyes of Adhiraj Rajawat, a rich boy from her family rivals. She hits him and he soon gets fascinated by her. He is forced to marry Devi and then reveals that the reason he took revenge.

Her husband, who is new to her, is irritated by her, but she tries to convince him and show his secretly kind nature. Her efforts eventually pay off, however, there are some issues that develop in their relationship. Devi’s mother-in-law (i.e. Adhiraj’s mom), Heera Rajawat “Maasa” ( Roopa Diavitia) doesn’t like Devi even a bit. Urmi Rajawat Adhiraj’s widowed sister-in law (i.e. the wife of Adhiraj’s late step-brother) She is always trying to win the love of Adhiraj’s.

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Adhiraj offers Devi divorce after an unresolved issue in addition, Maasa assures Kesari to get married to Adhiraj. The wedding day arrives, Adhiraj marries Devi instead of Kesari as well Kesari vows to revenge. In the end, Devi gets pregnant but Maasa murders Adhiraj. It’s revealed that Maasa is Adhiraj’s stepmother , and only wants to earn his money. Devi has a baby infant girl. Maasa also is determined to murder her and her baby by throwing the infant off the rock.

25 Years Later On I’m On The Edge Zee World

The show jumps 25 years and is focused upon Devi as well as Adhiraj’s child Devika Rajawat, who is alive and looks exactly like Devi. Maasa requests Devika to pretend to be Devi as Adhiraj’s child to acquire the property of Adhiraj’s and assets, but is unaware that she is actually their daughter. In the will of Adhiraj it says that Adhiraj’s child must be legally married at the least 6 months to be eligible for his property and money.

Maasa is a narrator who brings Varun Babbar, who’s a tiny acting student, in order to appear as a prince and wed Devika. If Devika learns about Varun’s true identity she is furious and disengages from Varun, even though Varun is into love with Devika. Devika is engaged to a different man, only to discover to be a bad guy and just is looking to marry Devika physically. To stop Devika from getting married to a bad person, Varun marries Devika. After a long time of angst, Devika and Varun finally meet and they are married once more.

As they were writing the story of their relationship, Dhaani Rajawat (Sakshi Sharma) is Devika’s cousin (i.e. Kesari as well as Mukund’s child), also falls in love with Varun and is determined to get Varun at all cost. Kesari was the one who lost Adhiraj due to Devi she is not willing for Dhaani to suffer the same grief she experienced So she creates an accident for Varun. The accident causes Varun loses his mental acuity and begins acting as if he were an infant.

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A doctor called Daksh Shergill is in the love of Devika and is keen to get married her, despite being engaged to Varun. Daksh first purchases his Rajawat Mansion before he strikes an agreement with Devika to create Varun normal once more however, she has get married first. Daksh and Devika complete their part of the bargain and Varun is now normal.

As it turns out, Varun forgets his memories of Devika and makes an offer to win him back. Dhaani attempts to make use of Varun’s memory loss to wed him. Devika vows to bring her husband back. It’s also disclosed that Devi is still alive but is on the verge of dying.

Devika and Varun are reunited. Dhaani is detained for trying to murder Devika and Maasa realizes the wrong she did and pleads with Devi for the harm she caused her. Devi says she’ll only accept her forgiveness if she leaves the Rajawat Mansion and so Maasa goes away. The show concludes with a positive note.


Brief Information and Details on I’m On The Edge Zee World Series

  • Genre: Family Drama Series
  • First Episode: Not Yet Announced
  • Total number of episodes: 238
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  •  Channel: Zee World Tv Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv Watch
  • Original name: Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey
  • Tele Country: Indian Bollywood Soap Opera
  • Last Episode: Nil


I’m On The Edge Casts Zee World

Main cast

  • Yesha Rughani in a dual role as
    • Devi Adhiraj Rajawat (nee Chauhan) – Adhiraj’s wife, Devika’s mother
    • Devika Varun Babbar (nee Rajawat) – Adhiraj and Devi’s daughter, Varun’s wife
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  • Krip Suri Acted As ==> Adhiraj Rajawat – Devi’s husband, Devika’s father
  • Roopa Divatia Acted As ==> Heera Rajawat (Maasa), Adhiraj and Mukund’s step mother, Urmi’s mother-in-law, Devi and Kesar’s step mother-in-law, Devika and Dhaani’s Choti Dadi
  • Shoaib Ibrahim Acted As ==> Varun Babbar – Devika’s husband
  • Nisha Pareek Acted As ==> Kesari Mukund Rajawat, Adhiraj’s Second Bhabhi, Mukund’s wife, Dhaani’s mother, Devika’s Taiji
  • Sakshi Sharma Acted As ==> Dhaani Mukund Rajawat – Kesar and Mukund’s daughter, Devika’s cousin, Adhiraj’s niece
  • Vineet Kumar Chaudhary Acted As ==> Daksh Shergill

Recurring cast

  • Vik Acted As ==> Grover Acted As ==> Mukund Rajawat, Adhiraj’s elder brother, Devika’s Tauji, Kesari’s husband, Dhaani’s father (Dead)
  • Sapna Thakur Acted As ==> Urmi Rajawat, Adhiraj’s Bhabhi, Heera’s daughter-in-law, Wife of Adhiraj’s Late Step-Brother, Devika and Dhaani’s Step-Taiji
  • Manorama Bhattishyam Acted As ==> Bansuri, Urmi’s mother
  • Ashish Kadian Acted As ==> Sharad Kapoor, Adhiraj’s lawyer and friend
  • Unknown Acted As ==> Bharat Chauhan, Devi’s Uncle, Rekha’s Husband, Krishika’s Father
  • Komal Sharma Acted As ==> Rekha Bharat Chauhan, Devi’s aunt, Bharat’s wife, Krishika’s mother
  • Sheetal Maulik Acted As ==> Ambika Chauhan, Devi’s Aunt
  • Mahira Khurrana Acted As ==> Krishika Bharat Chauhan, Bharat and Rekha’s daughter, Devi’s cousin sister
  • Sahil Uppal Acted As ==> Virat Chopra, Devi’s best friend
  • Shrruti Gholap Acted As ==> Lajjo, Devika’s adoptive mother
  • Divya Bhatnagar Acted As ==> Basanti Babbar, Varun’s mother

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