I’m on the Edge update Wednesday 7th September 2022

I’m on the Edge 7 September 2022 : On I’m on the Edge update Wednesday 7th September 2022, Hero is in market, he slips but Devika catches him, he falls in her arms, they both share eyelock. She pulls him up and moves away. Devika says now you will say thank you.. right? he says you saved me from falling, she says you already look cheap. He says I will be hero of this movie, are you here for audition? why are you wearing different clothes? she says I am different from others.

Direcot is taking auditions. Devika comes there. Director says you are not in clothes of character. She says I am a snake, he says what? Devika starts dancing like snake and says I can bite you. Director asks her to leave. Devika says all are snakes here, you did mistake by coming here, they will bite you and you will become snake too.. but I am good snake so I am warning you. Director says you look crazy. Devika plays snake music and starts dancing like snake. Director is scared. Devika says this is our place so we will play our music, just see what happens now, I am not alone, there are more snakes like me. She sees hero outside and says you want to be hero? he says yes, she says then you have to dance on this song, he says you keep helping me. She brings him to director and makes him dance like snake. Devika starts dancing like snake around director, she says my male partner has come, all will become snakes and they will go home with you.. Director gets scared and says tell me some option. She says I will handle them, give me 5000rs. He gives her money and says leave please. She turns to leave, he asks her to male snake too, she says beat him with sticks and he will leave, she leaves. Director starts beating hero. Hero says what are you doing? he stops director and says that girl fooled you, there is no snake here, I am an actor. Director shouts that all are mental here, get out, he leaves. Hero sees Devika counting money, her friends say that you are clever, you got money from other producer too. Devika says I always multiply. Friends leave. Hero comes there and says you fooled him and my childhood dream was lost because of you. Devika says I was fulfilling my dream, if you have guts then you can fulfill your dream on your own. Hero says I wont spare you, what kind of girl are you? She says different from everyone, you wont see girl like me. She leaves.

Devika dresses up in white dress, her father says you are looking like princess. Lajjo asks where did go wearing these clothes? Devika says I got these clothes from a place I went, I am looking like Sri Devi? Lajjo says you are our blessing, devi, she says to father that you have spoilt her. Father says you call her blessing, and I spoilt her? she is my friend, Devika hugs him and says yes. Lajjo gets miffed. Devika hugs her and says you are my friend too, Lajjo smiles. Father says I have work, he leaves. Lajjo asks her to take clothes and change, pack your bags. Devika says we are changing place too? where? Lajjo says Sujangarh. Devika imagines some past and panics, she says I wont go, no.. she sees baby thrown from cliff in flashes and shouts I wont go anywhere. she faints. Lajjo asks what happened? she calls father, father checks her pulse and rubs her hands. He makes her smell herbs, Devika doesnt wake up. Father says how this happened? Lajjo says I just told her we have to shift again. Father says how this happened? I dont understand, we change places after every 6 month since her childhood then how this happened suddenly? Lajjo says I took Sujangarh’s name, did she? Father says whats in Sujrangarh that made her worry so much? they hug her.

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Scene 2
Maasa is looking at Adhi and Devi’s photos. Maasa says prepare for peace prayer. He asks why? she says just do it, chief guest will be lawyer. Jaggu says I dont understand. Maasa says your thinking ends where mine start, you think I was waiting for miracle in 18 years? no, miracle doesnt happen, miracle are forced to happen, its time to do benefit for myself, you just prepare for it, its time and my chance now. She smirks.

Father asks Lajjo if she woke up? Lajjo says we have to calmly talk her, lets go. They go in her room. Devika is packing and says lets go to Sujangarh. They look on. Lajjo says we got scared that name might worry you. Devika says I thought why it worried me so I thought to go there and see, lets see whats in Sujangarh.

Devika’s family is going to Sujangarh. Devika looks from car and sees blurred flashbacks again, she gets jittery. Lajjo asks what happened? Father stops car and says we can stay here. He stops before entering Sujangarh’s border. Devika gets down and looks around. Heavy winds start blowing. Devika looks around.
Maasa sees heavy winds blowing, Jaggu says something bad is going to happen. Maasa says you always blabber bad things, I am tired of you. She says something as per my will is going to happen and you are saying all that, this storm has brought nice news for us. Jaggu says whats your idea? how will you bring a girl and match her DNA with Adhi? where did you get the girl? Maasa says no I wont tell till my last trick, lets go and enjoy storm, she leaves.

Devika is in market, she announces there that best doctor is in town, so come to get solution for anything, she says I have a lot of work, she passes pamphlet and says lets find someone to fool.

Hero is getting reading, he says to mom that I am going to Sujangarh, she asks why? He says I am going to meet big director, he is going to make Lagan 2, he is holidaying there, once he cast me then all will recognize you. Mom asks where will you get money to go there? Hero says you will give me rent of room of first floor. Mom says promise if you dont get role there then you will come to to handle shop of your father, marry and give me grandson. He thinks and says promise, just see how I become superstar there.

Maasa calls lawyer and says its 18th peace prayer of Adhi and Devi, I want you to come, I want you to meet someone, just think that happiness has comeback. Lawyer asks if you are fooling me again? She says I wouldnt have waited these many years if I wanted to do that, I know you would put me in jail so its not like that, just come, he says okay and ends call. Maasa says now I wont fail.

DEvika is in market, she says to kids that see new trap, she show them man, she says we will put itching powder on him and then we will say only our doctor can save him, then we will pay us. Kid says its a good trick. She gives itching powder but one old woman(maasa) passes by her and bumps into her, Devika’s powder fall down. Maasa doesnt see her and goes on. Devika says I wont spare this oldie. One kid says that shove that oldie. Devika says I wont spare her. She goes to oldie and pokes her. Old woman turns and is actually Maasa. Maasa holds her hand and is shocked to see her face.. she says Devi? Devika jerks Maasa.. Maasa turns and is shocked to see her.. she says Devi? Devika says who is that? I will be out of your reach.. she runs away.. Maasa says was this a dream? she sees Devika running away. Devika asks kids to see if calls police.. I am running.
Devika is running away from Maasa and strikes with hero in market.. they both fall down with hero on top of her, they chair eyelock.. hawaian plays.. he puts hand on her bare back and pulls her in, Devika close her eyes.. he moves hand on her stomach and is about to touch her face but she grabs his hand. Devika asks him to get up, they get up. He says one minute.. I saw you somewhere. Devika says you say lame lines, cheap boy. He recalls how she fooled director and says now I remember, my audition flopped because of you. Devika says you are that flopstar? what are you doing here? He says to fulfill my dream but dont bump into me again, you are unlucky for me. Devika says take scared thread from our priest in 5000rs to get success. He says I dont need it, dont show your face. She says you dont show face too.. she sees her bangle stuck in his shirt, he says what is this? she moves closer to jerk is away, he is lost in her close proximity.. he moves closer to her lips.. she jerks bangle and it tears his shirt infront. He is stunned and shouts you tore my shirt, you are unlucky for me. Devika says my mom calls me blessing from Devi, you called me unluck stupy.. he says how will I go anywhere? Devika says boys roam around without clothes these days.. let me jerk my bangle otherwise I will get your pants off too. She jerks her bangle away, his shirt is totally torn, he thinks this girl is a storm. Devika thinks this boy is cheapster.

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One dancer is shown.. she is giving dance classes to other dancers. All follow her steps on chikni chameeli.. she seductively dances and says to students that we will meet in new class. One man says I have learnt many yogas but your Cabaret yoga is very unique and nice, how you got this idea? she says from inside.. my heartbeat told me to do something in life that will make people remember me, all item girls keep body in shape with Cabaret.. I joined yoga and cabaret. Man says all enjoy your yoga.. She says Cabaret Yoga queen Urmi is only one.. Its actually Urmi in modern avatar.

Scene 2
Maasa comes home and says I saw that girl.. she was totally like Devi.. she asks Jaggu to find that girl and bring her. He doesnt believe her and asks her to calm down. Maasa says I went to meet a girl that I would present as Devi’s daughter but I met another girl, that was totally like Devi.. think if we show her to lawyer.. doppelganger of Devi then it would be great. Kesar and others look on. Dhani says its possible, studies show that there are 7 people with similar faces in world. Maasa says Jaggu bring that girl, I want her here, he leaves. Maasa thinks that she is key to my success which Adhi kept away for 18 years. Maasa asks Dhani to go and study. Dhani says some friends of mine wants to practice Janmashtami and they said that our palace is big so can they do it here? they can pay rent too. Maasa says okay call them, atleast we will get some money, I will do pooja and our respect will increase too. Maasa suddenly feels pain, her foot has sprain, Dhani says I will call doctor. Maasa says no I dont want english doctors. Kesar says some moving herbal specialists have come in city, should we call them? Maasa says yes I want to be fine so we can present Devi’s doppelganger to lawyer.. Urmi hears it and thinks that if Maasa gets money then trust will not get, Trust should get the money as I have done setup of of getting money from Trust.

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Kesar is waiting for Dhani to comeback from college. Jaggu comes there and closes door to her room, he smirks. Kesar gets tensed.. he eyes her. Kesar moves closer and hugs him.. he hugs her tightly. Kesar says you took time to come, Dhani must be coming. Jaggu says I got late. Kesar says you are first man to give me respect thats why I love you so much, I have waited for 18 years. Jaggu says just some days and we will know if that Devi.. Kesar gets miffed. Jaggu hugs her from behind and asks what happened? Kesar says dont take her name, I hate that Devi and her face, 18 years passed but we still hear her name, Jaggu says just wait for some days then we will go to some other country. Kesar says I still feel Devi and Adhi’s baby is alive, I fear what if Devi’s daughter is alive? Jaggu says then we wont be in good shape. Kesar asks him to find out if their daughter is alive.

Lajjo is in thoughts, husband asks what she is thinking? Lajjo says I fear that we found Devika suddenly, what if we lose her suddenly? we never told her that we found her, she thinks we are her real parents.. what if she knows that we are not her real parents.. what if she gets to know it and hate us? what if she leaves us? Father says no.. she is our pride.. our strength, I dont know how we will live if she leaves us. Devika comes there and says what? why would I leave you both? Father says I was saying that but your mother is scared that if she doesnt listen to you then you would leave her. Devika says I would never leave you both.. promise. They get happy. Kid comes and says to father that they have called you from Rajawat palace, their elder Maasa has sprain and wants treatment. Devika thinks that I have to do something.

Devika enters palace.. some flowers fall on her mistakenly.. she looks around palace and chunri falls on her head. All girls are dancing in veil on Janmashtami in palace. Devika takes off chunri and thinks why I feel relation with this palace? Maasa turns and is about to see her face


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