I’m on the Edge update Tuesday 30th August 2022

I’m on the Edge Tuesday 30 2022: On I’m on the Edge update Tuesday 30th August 2022, Urmi kidnaps Kesar and takes her somewhere. Devi is watching all this. She is dazed. Urmi takes her to store.
Adhi is in mandap. Masa does the rituals. Masa says take this sword with promise that you will protect your wife. This wedding will be with your family rituals.
Urmi locks Kesar in the room. She says this wedding will be mine not yours. Everyone will think devi kidnapped kesar and I saved the name of the family. Devi says you had a bad eye on Adhi. I won’t let you do this.
Devi says urmi is bringing her here towards the store. She hides

Masa gives the sword to Adhi. Masa says there is some time left you should go and rest. Adhi goes towards his room.
Urmi takes Kesar to store and says Adhi is mine. Devi is hidden there.
DEvi tries to wake up Kesar. The door is locked from outside. Virat comes there and opens the door. Devi says thank you. She says I am going to stop Adhi. Virat says he doesn’t trust you. Devi says I have to stop him from doing wrong. God will help me. Take Kesar from here. He picks her and leaves.

Adhi comes to mandaap and does the rituals. Panhdit says your name.. ADhi says Adhiraj. He says wife’s name? He says Devi. Masa says so Kesar.
Masa comes and takes the bride with hidden face. Its Urmi who comes with Masa.
Masa brings the bride. Adhi takes her hand and does the ritual. Devi is hidden behind the wall. She mixes something in Bansuri’s juice. Then she gace something to Urmi. Its Devi as the bride. She fainted Urmi the same way She did to Kesar.

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Pandit ji asks Devi and Adhi to stand up and make each other war garland. They do it. They start taking rounds around the fire. Adhi takes all the promises. He says I will protect her all my life. Adhi recalls his marriage with Devi. Adhi recalls his moments with Devi as he does more pheray. Pandit ji asks devi to take her ghunghat off so that Adhi can fill her hairline.

Kesar wakes up. she says where am I? This doesn’t look like haveli. Where am I? She recalls Urmi took her from there. SHe tries to call home but no one picks.
Urmi and Bansuri wake up as well. Bansuri says you should have been downstairs. If you are here then who is there?
Adhi fills the bride’s hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Urmi and Bansuri are dazed. They check in the store. Kesar is not there. Urmi says someone helped her and took her form there. Bansuri says it must be Heera.

Heera welcome the bride in her house. She does her arti. Heera says come on in. Virat comes as baba ji. He says you can’t take her ghughat off. If you do that you will lose your third son as well. Devi understands that its Virat. Masa takes Devi to her room.

Masa asks servants to distribute sweets in poor people. Urmi and Bansuri come to Masa and say that please pardon us. Don’t kick us out of this house. Masa says what are you saying? You both didn’t do any work today. You both will clean the house. Bansuri says she doesn’t know anything. Urmi says that means someone else helped Kesar and took her there.

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Scene 2
Adhi comes to his room and drinks. Devi is on the bed with hidden face. She takes off her ghughat. Adhi is dazed. Devi says I didn’t have another option. I sat in Kesar’s place. You put wrong allegations on me. And you were to marry Kesar. He says you fooled me again? You played with my feelings. You don’t care about me. You only think about yourself. Devi says what are you saying. Adhi says but today I will punish you. You can’t fool me anymore. I wont dance as a puppet. Adhi shoots himself.

Adhi is drinkig. Masa comes to him and says why are you doing all this? Kesar is your wife. You promised her a new life. Forget DEvi. She doesn’t care about you. Kesar will give you a good life.
adhi comes to room and says I really loved Devi. I will love her all my life. This marriage is just for the dignity of my family. She left me alone. why did she do this? She shouldn’t have done this. Devi is in tears. Her face is hidden.

Scene 2
Next morning adhi is asleep. Deep wakes up and hides her face.
Virat comes to Ksar and says please eat for your child. She says I had to marry Adhi for my child. Virat says Devi and Adhi belong together. you can’t snatch something that is not yours. Kesar says I wont eat.

Devi is cooking. Urmi and Bansuri come to Devi and say Keasr we are sorry please don’t tell Masa. She says I wont. Urmi says what happened to your voice? Kesar says the poison you gave me changed my voice. masa comes and says help Kesar in cooking. Bansuri says I will work you go and rest.

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Virat calls Devi and tells her that Kesar is not eating anything. she says I have to tell Adhi truth. Please try to make her eat. Her child’s health is important.
Adhi is in room. He sees devi’s pooja place. He says why did you do this? Devi says why have you kept it here? He says please don’t remove it.



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