I’m on the Edge update Thursday 8th September 2022

I’m on the Edge 8 September 2022 : On I’m on the Edge update Thursday 8th September 2022, Kid comes and says to father that they have called you from Rajawat palace, their elder Maasa has sprain and wants treatment. Devika thinks that I have to do something, she must be rich. Father is about to leave but Devika says dont leave, I mean I can go and check her and you can treat people here, father says okay you go.

Kesar is preparing for Janmashtami. Urmi says I had to cancel my class because of you, you are still, following others, I changed myself, people come to take yoga classes from me but you rely on Maasa and your daughter’s money, there is still time, you are waiting for Devi’s daughter but once money then Maasa would throw you out, Kesar leaves. Urmi says they dont care but soon I will have everything and they will know I am more clever than Maasa.

Devika hires auto.. hero sits in it too, Devika sits too. Devika says I hired it. Hero says you leave. Driver says I will drop you both and you both can pay. He starts driving, hero falls on Devika, Devika pushes him away and says stay away, he says there are bumps on road, you can move away.. he falls on her again and smirks. Devika sees his smirk.. she takes off her hair pin and asks him to look away. She pricks on his thigh with her pin, he cries and tries to itch but his wallet falls in Devika’s bag and he doesnt see it. Driver brings Devika outside Rajawat palace. Hero says dont take her inside, I will give you more money. She gets off. hero is about to stop and stretches hand.. his shirt tears.. Devika laughs and says your clothes keep getting torn seeing me, she gives half fare and leaves. Hero says this girl is a storm.
Devika is going to Rajawat palace.. stone comes under her shoes, she throws it away.. it hits Jaggu on road, he doesnt see her and looks around.

Dhani makes Maasa sit in lounge. Maasa says palace is looking nice, she asks Kesar when is herbal doctor coming? Kesar says I have sent message, he will come. Jaggu comes there and says I searched everywhere but there is no one similar to Devi’s face, you must be mistaken. Maasa says no I am sure, she had Devi’s face, it all is happening after 18 years, seems like new story is starting.
Devika comes out palace, she greets God. She enters palace.. mistakenly flowers fall on her. Devika looks around and smiles. Wind blows.. chunri from mandir flies away and falls over Devika’s face. Maasa has back to her and says where is herbal doctor? she leaves from there. Devika takes off chunri and looks on. Devika thinks this is Rajawat palace? I feel I have relation with it.. I dream of making a house so I feel like that. Two women come there and says you are dancer? next dance is of you with Dhani.. Devika says but I am not.. women drag her from there.

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Scene 2
All have prepared for Janmashtami function. Dhani and Devika comes stage and starts doing kathak in veils. Kesar claps for Dhani.. They both start dancing radha nachegi.. Urmi thinks who is dancing with Dhani? they dance, Dhani leaves.. Devika ends her dance and takes off her veil.. all are stunned to see her face. Maasa thinks this girl here? Jaggu says is she real? Urmi thinks was Maasa talking about her? this girl can destroy my plan. Priest says we should make gopis make Kahna sit in cart.. Maasa says dont know where all gopis are. Priest says lets make this girl(Devika) do it. Devika makes Kahna sit in cart. Priest says Kahna have come to defeat bad. Maasa sees Devika leaving.. she tries to go behind her but cries in pain. Devika says oldie you here? how did you fall? Maasa glares at her. Devika says you keep glaring, you must have fallen.. I have brought herbs for owner of this palace Heera, I will give it to you. Priest says she is owner of this palace, Heera Rajawat. Devika says what? she is owner of this big palace? she looks like servant.. all look on. Devika says I am Ranjan’s daughter, I will make her pain go away, why you all are staring at me like this? is this some game? She asks Maasa to come in room. Jaggu takes Maasa to room. Urmi says she is totally like Devi. Kesar says but her antics are not like Devi at all.
Jaggu says we were finding her and she came here on her own. Maasa says just see what I will do. Devika comes there and says nobody even asked me for water, I dont even know where my bag is, all are glaring at me like I am not Devika but some ghost. She asks Maasa were you dancer before that you got sprain in ankle? give me your foot. Maasa glares at her. Devika lifts her foot and twists it, she works on her sprain and says now give me 2000rs. Maasa looks on and says dont worry about money, apply herb please. Devika says money first then I will apply herb otherwise I am leaving. Maasa says no you will live in palace. Devika says are you crazy, if I live here then you will live in my hut?

Maasa says you are my grand-daughter, this whole house is yours, you are from here, Devika doesnt believe her. Maasa says I will show you. Maasa shows her picture of Devi. Devika is stunned to see face exactly like her, Hero comes to Rajawat palace, he says to guards that I have to go inside, guard says you cant go inside. Hero says Devik went inside, my purse is with her, please let me take it, guards throw him out. Hero says I will find a way to go inside.

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Urmi says to Dhani and Kesar that she cant be Devi. dhani says I dont know how she came here. Jaggu is running behind Devika and trying to catch her, Devika says run run.. kabaddi.. kabaddi.. she fools him and doesnt let him catch her. Urmi, Kesar and Dhani grab her, Devika says you all are fools. Maasa says dont do all this, this whole house is yours and you are my grand daughter, I am your grandma. All look on. Devika says leave me, grand daughter? me? yours? Maasa says yes. Devika laughs and says this Jaggu is my father then? this Heera have gone crazy, Maasa says you dont trust me? right, I will show you. She drags Devika and shows her picture of Devi and Adhiraj. Devika is shocked to see Devi’s face exact copy of her features. Devika breathes heavily. Devika says wow.. she is like my xerox, Maasa says what? Devika says she is same to same, you think that she is my mother and that guy is my father? Devika thinks that Maasa is mistaken so I can have fun. Devika says so this is my house? Maasa says yes. Devika says all these things are mine? she says yes. Devika breaks a show piece, Maasa is miffed. Devika says dont worry, these are mine so I broke it. Maasa says it was yours.. Jaggu give her more, she gives her more pots and things and says break them too. Maasa says these are mine so I wont break them all. She puts them back. Maasa says calm down, dhani she is your sister, take her to room, she must want to rest after such big news. Devika leaves with Dhani. Maasa says oh God, all listen, we have to do anything but make her believe she is Devi’s daughter. Urmi says why? because her face is same? I look like Zeenat Aman too but I dont call her mother. Maasa says we have to make her believe she is Devi’s daughter so we have the money, Kesar says I hate Devi’s face. Maasa says we have to get the money, I have kept a pooja for devi and Adhi, called lawyer, we just have to make him believe that this girl is their daughter then we will get money. Urmi thinks this wont happen, money will go to trust and I will become head of this house. Jaggu says Maasa says you are great, we will make her heir and get property. Urmi says you will make some stranger as heir of this house? Maasa says once I get property and money then I will finish game of that girl too.. they hear clapping and turns to see Devika there. All are shocked. Devika says conspiracy with me? I heard everything, you thought I am a fool like you, I know you need me, I have to take advantage of this face, now listen, we will have agreement. All look on. Devika says on my conditions otherwise.. Maasa says what you want? Devika smirks.

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Lajjo takes out a chunri from trunk but it tears mistakenly, Lajjo cries and says this is chunri in which Devika fell down and we got her, I kept it safe but now its torn, I am worried about Devika, she didnt return for much time. Father says dont worry, I will go and check, he leaves. Lajjo prays to God that dont separate Devika from us, she is our life.

Scene 2
Hero says to guards that you can check my jacket, just let me go in palace. Guard stops him. Devika’s father comes there and says my daughter came to treat Heera. Guard says you are from herbs doctors tents? go and check on your daughter, they let him go inside. Hero says you let him go but wont let me inside? Guard says that person knew why he came here, he was not overbearing like you, dont comeback. Hero thinks I have to do something, I will get my wallet.

Devika says to Maasa that I want money to make house for my parents and my other condition that till I live here, you people will treat me as princess, all look on. Maasa says I accept. devika says no one will stop or taunt me here, Maasa says agreed, Devika says my parents will live at palace too. Maasa wants to say no but agrees. Devika says remember if anything happens to me then I will inform police, I heard everything, you were planning to kill me, I can smell jerks from far. Maasa says I need you thats why you are doing all this, I accept all your conditions. Devika says then deal is done.. grandma.. she hugs her tightly. Maasa says grandma? devika says let me call you dadisa, its our deal. Father comes there and asks what deal you are doing?

Hero jumps in palace from back window, he sees Devi’s photo with garland on it, he thinks that she died? God she was such a young lady, why did you do it. He does acting. Servant comes there and says our owners died 18 years back and you are crying for them? he leaves. Hero says what? they left 18 years back so that girl Devika is a ghost?

Devika pulls her father aside and its small job and we are getting money, father says what is this job? I dont feel good, you were talking about a deal, what wrong job they can give? Devika says work is a work, I am helping them and getting money, dont worry about it. Father says I am your dad so I worry. Devika says I have told that you and mom will live with me here and then we will get our house with money they give, please let me do it, swear on me, just bring mom here, Father says you have given me promise so I cant do much.


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