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I’m on the Edge update Sunday 14th August 2022

I’m on the Edge 14 August 2022: On I’m on the Edge update Sunday 14th August 2022, Jeet Gayi
Adhi comes home. Masa says today you havr proved you are my great son. Devi comes in and says and a great husband too. Masa is dazed. Everyone looks at her. devi hugs Kesaar. Devi says you know what happened. I was on tree to see the lion. I fell from the tree in front of the lion. Kesar says what. Devi says my brave husband was there to save me. He shot and the lion ran otherwise I would have died. Kesar says thank God you are fine. Saradh says Adhi you could have gone to a restaurant on date. Who goes to jungle. He goes after Masa.
Heera says you have fallen in love with her. Adhi says I shot by mistajke. He says don’t fool me. Kill me instead. He says what are you saying Masa. I can’t live without you. In next 24 hours I will kill her. Masa says this is your last chance.

Adhi sees Devi smiling with Kesar. He says these are you last 24 hours.

Aisi Deewangi
Rajveer puts an apple on Sweeti’s head and shoots it. She is scared. Rajveer puts apple on his head and says shoot it. She says I can’t. She shoots. Rajveer laughs. He says Teja you will be mine.

Prem is drinking. He recalls what he saw in the video. Rajveer comes to him. Prem says what are you doing here? Rajveer says just walking. Rajveer says nothing happened. Why are you so angry. Prem says get lost or I will shoot you. Rajveer says you are so lucky to have a wife like Teja. Why are you behaving with her this way. Rajveer leaves. He imagines Rajveer talking to Teja. He shoots in that direction. Teja comes and says what are you doing. He says you cheated on me. Teja says no I am only yours. I can never do this. She hugs him. Teja brings him to the room. Teja is in tears. She sleeps next to him.

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Jeet Gayi
Saradh comes to Kesar. She says have a seat. He says I am here as a teacher. How is your practice going on? She says well. He says let me test. I will give you one story in Hindi and you will translate it in Hindi. Saradh says I know you think its wrong. Kesar translates it. Devi sees them like this. Saradh says I think you should give your life another chance. You need a life partner in your life. Kesar says what are you saying. Why don’t you understand. My husband has left me. No one can ever take his place. She leaves. Devi asks Saradh whats wrong? Devi says I know you met Mukun and you think he wont come back. But hope is alive things change. He will come back. When a woman is alone that doesn’t mean that.. I know that you care about Kesar but please. When a woman is married it becomes her life. Don’t break Kesar’s hope. Whatever you have in heart for her you should forget about it.
Saradh says in heart even if Mukun comes back he can’t accept her. No one care dare to understand that truth.


Scene 1
Adhi picks the knife and says I will kill her. I will do this for my family so mom isn’t disappointed. Heera comes. Adhi says I will fulfill my promise. Heera says I am sure you will.
Devi comes downstairs. Kesar says you look so pretty. Devi asks Adho how do I look? He says pretty like always. He fills her hairline. Devi touches his feet. He says don’t do that. He leaves. Kesar smiles.

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A crow touches Devi. Kesar says this isn’t right. Its not a good symbol.

Aisi Deewangi
Pretty tells bua she has set parcel to Prem. Teja comes to the studio from where the parcel waas sent. She comes and asks who sent these pictures? He says we don’t know what but we can see the cctv footage. Pretty says Rajveer will kill me if he gets to know.
Teja sees the footage with the receptionist. The recording is blank. Bua tells Pretyy I knew you would do something wrong so I played with that footage already.

Teja comes home. Kaki asks where did you go? Paba comes and says don’t dare talking to Teja like this. He says Teja sit and have breakfast with papa. Teja is in tears.
Prem recalls what papa said. He recalls his moments with Teja. he says I should trust Teja. I need to save this relationship.
Teja is worried. She says I dont’ know what to do. She faints. papa comes and says what happened. He calls doctor. Doctor checks Teja and tells her that she is pregnant. Everyone is happy. Teja says Prem will be so happy.

Scene 1
Adhi comes to a cliff with Devi. He says I wanted to bring you here. He takes off her seat belt and takes her hand. Devi comes out of the car. She falls. Adhi holds her hand. He says you fall deliberately. She says you look at me that way that I fall. Adhi caresses her face. Devi feels shy.

Heera gets the whole house decorated. Urmi says why is all this for? Masa says you will know on right time. She says in heart Devi will die and we will celebrate today.
Adhi says to Devi do you wanna come to the cliff? She says sure. Adhi takes her hand. Devi says this is such a pretty place. There is silence and beauty. Adhi says people come here and say whats in their heart. Adhi says what do you want to say here? He says you will know.

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Kesar tells Masa crow touched Devi its not good. Masa says yes people usually die. Adhi shouts I really love Devi. Devi comes forward. Adhi says your turn now. Say whats in your heart. Tell the whole world how much you love me. Devi says I just need to tell you. Adhi says say it out loud. He comes to close to her and says I want to hear from you how much you love me. I can’t wait. tell the whole world how much you love me.

Devi comes to the corner of the cliff and shouts I really love Adhiraj. Adhi comes close to her. She steps back. Adhi recalls his promise to Heera. She keeps stepping back. Adhi says what happened? devi says there is no more space. Adhi says do you fear to fall? Deiv says I know you will save me even if I fall so I am not scared. She stands on the fence and says see I am not scared. She shouts again I really love Adhirja. Adhi comes forward and tries to shove her. He says why can’t why hand do it.. Devi slips on her own when she tries to come back. Adhi says fate ddid itself.

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