I’m on the Edge update Monday 5th September 2022

I’m on the Edge Monday 5 2022 : On I’m on the Edge update Monday 5th September 2022, Kesar says what is mine? I only care about my child. You said you will give him name of father. Adhi says I and Devi will be his parents. We will bring him up.We will make successful. Don’t worry. He hugs Devi. Kesar goes to his room. Adhi says I am sorry. Devi says true love always wins. He says wait i am coming. He fils her hairline. He says if anyone comes between us I will kill that person. He says Masa true love always wins. No one will come between us. Masa urmi and bansuri won’t live in this house.Devi says don’t do this. they are your family. Give them a chance. This is their house. Adhi says don’t help a crab. They will attack you anyway. Their nature never changes. They can never change. They shouldn’t live here. I will give this whole property to my wife. I am going to get papers. Before I come back all of you leave this house. He kisses devi’s forehead.
Devi says to Masa you are my mom. You got me married to Adhi thank you.

Urmi and Bansuri say whbat will happen to us. We will have to live in asylum.

Scene 2
Devi gets ready. Adhi is on his way;. He says devi I will give you all the happiness in this world. Some thugs stop him.
Devi dances for Adhi. Masa is with those thugs. She points her gun at Adhi. Adhi is dazed. He says I can’t believe you can do this to your son. You will shoot me? I am the son who did everything you said. I can’t believe my eyes. I left my studies because you asked me. I married devi and kesar because you asked me. You killed Mukun but I stayed silent. He says enough Masa masa. I am not your real mom. We were enemies with Chauhan because I wanted it. Your dad had no kids with your mom. I was a dancer and I kept a relationship with your dad. You were born and your dad went back to his wife.SO I had to kill her. Then I married your dad and killed him too.

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Masa says I kept you all these years for this property. But you are that witch’s blood. I killed your mom and dad for this property. i won’t let you give it to Devi. Adhi says you kept fooling me all these years? All my life? She says you will take my property from me I will kill you. Adhi says I can’t leave you. Masa shoots him. Devi comes and falls with Adhi. They roll down the mountain. Masa says to her thugs go and stop.

Adhi hugs her and says you were right. I knew you would come. Masa was behind all this. She says everything will be fine. He says I want this life with you. Devi runs from there. Adhi beats Maasa’s goons. Devi keeps running. Maasa sees Adhi beating everyone. She points gun at him and shoots. Adhi gets shot. Devi is running away but hears it. Adhi looks at Maasa and falls down. Devi is devastated. Adhi says you shot me on back. Devi recalls how Adhi asked her to save his baby and cries. Adhi is dying and recalls his moments with Devi, he murmurs Devi protect my baby. He dies. Maasa says we will kill Devi and his baby like him. She asks her goons to bury him here and leaves.

Maasa keeps peace prayers for Devi and Adhi, she calls community there and cries, she says they went on honeymoon and their car fell in ditch. Devi comes there with police and says she is lying, she says to inspector that Maasa killed Adhiraj. Maasa says what are you saying? Inspector asks how Adhi died? Maasa says he had many enemies, Devi is not stable, she has gone crazy, I understand, she has lost her husband, she will understand with time. Devi says she have killed Adhi. Maasa says now she will say that I killed elder brother Mukul too. Devi says yes she killed Mukul too. Maasa says she is in shock, she keeps saying that I killed my sons, she says to inspector that I beg you to give my son’s body. Inspector says take care of Devi and leaves. Maasa asks guests to leave. All left. Maasa asks Devi that you want to hear I killed Adhiraj? Yes I did, she asks goon to lock her in storage room, he drags Devi from there. Maasa says to women in house that if you open your mouth then same will happen as what happened with Adhi.
Lawyer comes to Maasa and says Adhi changed will four days, Maasa says whats written in it? Lawyer says its says that Devi and her baby will be owner of his property after him, Maasa says what if they both not remain alive? she asks him to leave. Maasa asks Jaggu to kill Devi and her unborn baby, all are stunned.

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Jaggu comes to storage room and sees Devi gone. Maasa comes there and says if you dont find her then I wont spare you, Jaggu goes to find her.

Scene 2
Kaka brings Devi to room and asks her to sit down, he gives her water. Kaka says you can stay here as much as you want, I will bring food for you and no one will know you are here. Kaka says your husband have done so much for you. Devi says he was a nice man, his goodness is still helping me. Kaka asks if she doesnt want to tell her family? Devi says no it will reach to my enemies too, I dont have hopes from police too, I have to hide for 9 months, I have to bring my baby in world. Kaka says okay, I will bring food for you, he leaves. Devi cries and says Adhiraj.. She wipes her tears and says no, I will not run from there, I have to protect Adhi’s heir, I will bring that baby in world, my baby will take revenge from Heera(Maasa) for his father’s death, its my promise.

After some months, Maasa says to Jaggu that where is Devi? why cant we find her? Jaggu says I find her everywhere, dont worry, I will find her.

Devi is still living in Kaka’s house. Devi says to God that you have given me strength, my baby will born soon and then I will come out and make sure Maasa gets punished.

Jaggu comes to Kaka’s house with goons. Kaka shouts Devi to run, she jumps from window and runs. Jaggu calls Maasa and says we are near Devi, she cant run much, Maasa smirks. Maasa’s goons comes to Kaka’s house and looks around for Devi. They see her gone and searches for her.
Devi is running in jungle away from goons. Goons are looking around for her. Devi is in pain and heavily pregnant, she cries in pain. She comes near a mandir and screams. Someone women run to her and says she is near, they take her and says its her delivery time. They lie her down and hides her in mandir. Devi cries in pain while in labor pain, women help her out. Devi finally gives birth to baby. Woman says you have given birth to a daughter, she is a blessing. Devi takes her baby in arms and smiles, she thanks God and says its my and Adhi’s daughter, its our blessing, her name will be Devika. She smiles at baby.

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