I’m on the Edge update Friday 30th September 2022

I’m on the Edge update Friday 30th September 2022: I’m on the Edge 30 September 2022 Devika is working in kitchen. Dhani comes there and asks if she is making breakfast for everyone? Devika says I have married as a deal so I have to fulfill duties, if Daksh is happy then my Varun will get fine soon, you stay with Varub. Dhani smiles and leaves. Devika is making roties. She recalls how Daksh threw Varun out of house. Devika sees her roti burnt.

Varun is making noise at table and says I am hungry. Devika brings parathas, Varun starts eating. Daksh’s mom says you were making parathas? we dont eat it. Ashka says Daksh eats Muesli. Daksh turns to leave, his mom says I have kept a party tonight, my friends are coming, your friends must be coming to see new daughter in law, they will come at 5PM, Devika you will see high society party today, I request you to not open your mouth as I dont want to get embarrassed, just get ready nicely and keep a smile on face. Devika says today is Varun’s appointment, mom says then cancel it. Devika says Varun’s treatment is important. She asks if its more important than house’s respect? Daksh says actually.. Mom says fine I will go back to Delhi, you live with this illiterate wife. Daksh says no wait, we will come to party. Devika says Varun’s treatment is more important or party? He says party, Varun’s test can be done tomorrow but guests have already left to come here and he wont die in a day. Daksh leaves, Devika glares at him.

Devika is going and thinks Varun’s treatment will start soon.
Varun is playing in room. Devika comes there and smells some smell. Varun says see I am playing with a spray. He shows her. Varun asks her to bring water for spray, Devika smells something, she smells that there was patrol in spray. Varun says I will show magic using this match stick, he tries to light it, Devika says no fire will start, he lights matchstick, Devika rushes to him and blows it off, she shouts that I asked you to not light it. Varun says you scold me, my new friend gave me this spray and match box. Devika says who new friend? Varun says yes she asked me to spray it everywhere and then light matchstick so it will show magic but you scolded me, I wont play with you. Devika says this match stick is a bad thing, it can burn you, promise to not play with it, he nods.

Scene 2
Devika comes to Ashka and says what was all that? why did you give patrol and matchstick to him? what do you want? she says as a sister I want my brother to be happy, Devika says then why involving varun in it? Ashka says you involved him, you brought your ex-husband here, take care of him more than your husband. Devika says this is my life, Ashka says no its not your life, you are now Devika Daksh Shergill, my brother’s wife and your life is connected with my brother, its your duty to keep him happy always. Ashka takes a knife and says I used to love my cat, but once she clawed my brother so I pulled her nails, I love my brother, you brought happiness in his life and if someone tries to come inbetween you and him, I will finish that person forever, you understand what I am saying? you are lucky to get this face which my brother loves so much, you just have to keep him happy always otherwise what incident was about to happen can happen some other way, you know these mental can hurt themselves anyway. Ashka leaves from there. Devika is stunned.

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Devika comes to her room, flower falls over her. She recalls her moments with Varun. Daksh comes there and smiles. Devika sees that it was him, she glares at him. Daksh says whatever mom said I didnt feel good about it, he holds her hand and says this is our new life and I want to forget bad things, only keep good things in our hearts, I have taken appointment for Varun, I want him to be fine soon and then we both.. Devika says wow a weird family, one side you are making sure that I dont feel bad otherside your sister threatens me. Daksh shouts Devika! dont say a word against my sister, I wont be able to bear it, he takes deep breaths and says I am sorry, I shouldnt have shouted, I want to make this marriage work. Devika says this marriage is a compromise, I was helpless but you had to do your duty as a doctor, just make my Varun fine, what have I to do? Daksh’s mom comes there and says you have to get ready nicely, Daksh leaves from there. Daksh’s mom says I am sure you must have not seen these expansive clothes in your life but today you will wear them and stand with Daksh, all family members are educated in our family, I was principal, my daughter is going to be a lawyer and you are just a 5th grad pass girl all those people, she grabs her arm and glares at her, she says I am scared that you will destroy our respect so please just get ready and remain silent in party, do as Daksh says otherwise.. she twists her arm but Varun comes there and strangles her. Devika is stunned. Varun says how dare you hurt my princess. Devika asks Varun to leave her, he is still strangling her, Devika says I wont talk to you. Varun leaves her mom. Ashka comes there and asks what happened? Mom says this mental tried to kill me, call some doctor, my neck has a sprain. Devika says to Varun that you will get punished for this, she asks Dhani to lock him in room, he wont come out till morning, Varun says I am sorry, I wont do this again, Dhani takes him away. Ashka says see bhabhi, I am happy you understood everything, get ready for party. She takes mom from there. Devika is hurt. Daksh’s mom comes to party, she introduces her daughter Ashka. Daksh is talking to his friends, guest asks about his wife. Devika comes down in party, all turn to her. Daksh’s mom says meet DEvika Daksh Shergill, all clap. Kesar is angry.

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Kesar murmurs this Devika has nice fate, from that mental Varun she married this rich brat doctor and poor Dhani didnt get anything.

Guests ask Devika what she does? Daksh’s mom says she takes care of street dogs. Guest jokes if her street dog does that to her neck? all laugh.

Dhani is telling stories to Varun, she says princess saved princess from devil. Varun thinks about it.

Guest asks if she has done PhD? Daksh’s mom says yes she is studying and will do PdD. Devika looks around. She sees Daksh talking to his friends. Devika takes water but its Vodka, she spits it and it falls over Daksh’s mom. Daksh wipes her face and asks if she is fine? all look on. Daksh’s mom sees guests looking on, she says actually my daughter in law doesnt drink, she thought it was cold drink. Daksh takes drink from her,

Varun says to Dhani that I am the prince and Devika is princess but who is the beast? he recalls Daksh not allowing him in room. He says I will save my princess. Kesar comes there and hears it. Varun says my princess is miffed with me. Kesar thinks Devika is enjoying rich party and Dhani is giving company to this mental.

Ashka starts her damage control, she asks guests to clap for newly wed couple for their first dance. Devika is tensed. Daksh asks for Devika’s hand, she doesnt give it. He says seems like you dont know dance but dont worry do as I say, I am here, you are looking very pretty. Devika reluctantly gives her hand.

Kesar thinks if Dhani didnt get anything then I wont let Devika have anything. Kesar comes to Varun and says I know way from which your princess will not be miffed with you, she gives him an idea and says if you do it then she will be happy, Varun says okay and leaves.

Scene 2
In party, Daksh and Devika starts dancing, Agar tum saath ho plays. Devika imagines Varun dancing with her and she smiles and starts dancing with him. She realizes that Daksh is dancing with her and looks around for Varun. Daksh smiles at her. Varun comes there and glares at Daksh. He pushes Daksh away from Devika, Varun says sorry to Devika and says dont punish me please, he kisses her cheek and says see now I gave you a poo, this beast wont irritate you otherwise I.. he goes and brings a sword and says I will kill him with this, I am a prince and Devika is my princess. He lifts Devika in his arms and says I will take my princess with me. Varun asks her to forgive him, Devika says put me down otherwise I wont talk to you. He puts her down and says forgive me, tell me you are not miffed with me. Devika asks him to come with her, he says no I wont go. Daksh shouts will some take this mental away? guards come there. One guest asks who is he and how he is talking to Devika? Ashka says he is Devika’s distant relative and is mentally unstable, she calls Dhani. Dhani takes Varun away. Daksh’s mom whispers to Devika that I know you dont care about your honor but atleast think about our respect.

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Dhani asks Varun why did he go in party? Kesar comes there. Varun says to Kesar that I did as you said, now my princess will not be miffed with me right? you asked me to do that, Kesar tensely looks on.

Devika takes wine and starts drinking party, she keeps drinking glass after glass

One guest says this girl trapped a rich man and married him, then brought a mental in this house. Devika says enough, he is not mental, he got hit by a car and became like this, if it happened with your son then you would call him mental too? he is not mental? he is my love, he is my husband. All are stunned. Devika says this is why he is in this house and this great doctor Daksh put a condition that if I marry him only then he will treat Varun and I gave a condition that Varun will stay here till he gets fine, you all think I trapped this Daksh? he took advantage of my helplessness and forced me to marry him. Devika grabs Daksh’s collar and says why did you marry me? tell them all. Daksh says you are drunk, go to your room. She says no tell me why did you marry me? what did you see in me? why did you force me to marry you? why did you separate me from my husband? tell everyone the reason behind this marriage. All look on.

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