I’m on the Edge update Friday 2nd September 2022

I’m on the Edge Friday 2 2022: On I’m on the Edge update Friday 2nd  September 2022, Devi does pooja with Adhi. She gets ready. She says on holi I will tell Adhi everything. Truth will win. Adhi and devi come downstairs. Masa says Adhi go play holi. Kesar won’t play it. She needs rest. Adhi leaves.
Masa has called a girl. She says you didn’t do her munh dikhai. Masa says we didn’t do pooja completely. Devi says let me bring drinks for everyone. She comes to hall and mixes bhaang in everyone’s drink. Devi serves everyone juice. All the women take the juice. Masa gets drunk and laughs like an idiot. She talks stupid things. She takes a woman’s wig off. Adhi comes to holi party. Urmi says lets play holi. He says no don’t apply colors.

Devi comes to the party. Adhi looks at her dazed. She comes to Adhi and applies color on her face. He says what ar eyou here for? go from here. She says I know you miss me. She saays you will make me eat these sweets. She says you will know the truth today. Adhi says Kesar is my wife. I want to spend my life with her. Devi says where is she? he says she is home resting.
Virat calls Devi and says we are coming. Devi applies color on Adhi’s face. Urmi asks Bansuri where is Adhi? I gave him laddo. Adhi’s head is heavy. he dances with Devi. Everyone joins them. They dance on rang barsay.
Masa is drunk. Masa says that Devi.. She did all this. I won’t leave her. I have to find Kesar.
Devi comes to Adhi and says come me you will know the truth today. I wont lose this chance to explain. I have the proof this time.
Masa comes and says I have to find that girl. Her friend takes her to play holi.

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Devi brings Adhi to Kesar. She says Kesar wants to say something. Kesar says she is a very clever girl. They both love each other. They are fooling you and want all your money. Devi is dazed. Kesar says she had been pretending to be your wife. adhi laughs. He says nice drama. He says what happened to you Kesar. He is drunk. Kesar goes inside.
Adhi says I wanna dance again. Masa says I wanna dance. Virat takes Kesar from there.

Urmi comes to Adhi. She holds his hand and says did you eat laddo? Come with me. Adi says no I wanna dance. He dances with Adhi. He comes close to her. Urmi sees them in anger. She says even today you didn’t get to know the truth.

Scene 2
Next day Devi comes to house with Kesar. Adhi is dazed to see her. Masa says you… Kesar. Devi says Adhi I want to tell you something. He says I don’t wanna listen to you. She says you have to. I came to this house in place of Kesar. You married me again not Kesar. Masa kicked me out with her plans but she couldn’t kill my determination. You didn’t give me a chance to explain myself. Masa did all this and Kesar helped her as well. She says she is lying. SHe is done with Virat. Devi says ask Kesar she will tell you the truth. Mas asks Kesar to stay silent. Devi says she will tell how masa used her as a pawn. Adhi says is all this true Kesar? Kesar says yes. Masa is dazed. She says Kesar is lying. Devi is scaring her. Devi kidnapped her. Adhi says that means you knew Kesar wasn’t here. I never expected this from you. You knew how much i loved her. Why did you do this. Adhi says I am sorry. He hugs Devi and says forgive me please. I made a mistake. I did so wrong. I did all that she asked me to do. A mother makes her kid’s life and what you did masa. She doesn’t deserve to be called my mom. Kill her. He gives her gun and says kill her. SHe has given us so much pain. SHe killed Mukun as well. I tried to kill you because of her. Kill her. She did so wrong. Kill her. Devi shoots. It hits Masa’s head and she falls down. Devi is shocked.

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