I’m on the Edge update Friday 23rd September 2022

I’m on the Edge update Friday 23rd September 2022: I’m on the Edge 23 September 2022 Devika stabs Alek and leaves from there. Devika is running on roads, she slips and is about to fall down but Varun comes there and holds her. Devika is emotional to see him, Varun takes off his jacket and makes her wear it, Devika cries and says he.. Alek.. Varun stops her and shakes his head. Devika hugs him and cries.

Varun and Devika comes back home. Naina comes to them and says what a scene, hero’s forehead have blood, heroine wearing hero’s jacket, from where you both are coming? All come there. Devika says I should go and change, she leaves. Naina asks Varun where did you take your wife? if it was a good place then you will get good marks. Jaggu says answer her nicely, you will get marks, Naina will leave and we will enjoy. Maasa says let me hear what Varun answers. Urmi says maybe marks will be deducted. Varun says we went to a nice place but what happened there was not nice, I am ashamed to even tell you what happened there. Naina asks what happened? Maasa asks Varun to tell. Varun says he is a very bad person.. Maasa asks who? Varun says Alek, Jaggu asks what did he do? Varun says he did something very cheap with Devika. Maasa asks what? Alek comes there and says why you are tarnishing Alek? will you take my life? Naina sees wound on his head and asks what happened to you? Alek says nothing, I was loving a wild cat but she scratched me. Varun grabs his collar and says how dare you come here, why did you come here? Maasa asks Varun what he is doing? Devika comes there after changing, she asks Varun to leave Alek. Alek smirks. Naina asks why you are angry on your wife’s brother? Devika says nothing, he is a husband, he has right to be angry. Varun says dont hide Devika, tell everyone what happened. Devika says what happened? nothing happened, my brother didnt do anything, he just wanted to spend time with me. Naina says Varun said he did something cheap with you. Devika says it was just a joke. Alek wanted to spend time with me but Varun didnt like it, Varun wanted to send him away but Alek did a prank like childhood when he used to lock me in a cupboard. Varun asks Devika what rubbish are you saying? tell everyone what happened in real. Devika says I am not lyind, dont act infront of me. Alek says dont force her for anything. Devika leaves from there. Naina says they keep fighting over small things, marks will be deducted. Naina thinks there is something fishy here.

Varun comes to Devika and says why you are doing this? you are taking side of a person who did such bad thing with you? Devika says Alek.. he.. She turns to see Alek there. He says villain is here, can I talk to my darling alone? Varun is about to hit him but Devika stops him. Varun says to Alek that I take her as my wife. Alek says then ask your wife whom she wants to talk to first, tell him Devika. Devika looks at Varun and asks him to leave, I want to talk to Alek alone. Varun says I wont leave you with this person. Devika throws Varun out of room and locks it. Varun says please tell me why you are doing this, what you want? he leaves.

Scene 2
Alek grabs Devika’s neck and says let me show you that video again, he shows her video of changing clothes, he says think you will be famous when all see MMS of you without clothes, Devika is disgusted. Alek says think about your parents, when they see it, remember dont try to act foolish otherwise I will play it on TV, you thought I left room but I made your video when you were changing clothes, he says I have put cameras in this house, I have eyes on you and if you try to talk to anyone about it then I will leak that video. Devika pleads to not do it. Alek says I am tired of running behind you, you will come to my bed. Devika says never, she is about to slap him but Alek grabs Devika’s arm and twists it, he says dont make me angry, I dont want to hurt you, he says I just want to spend one night with you, give me this body. Devika is disgusted Alek says I wanted to be nice with you and get what I wanted but you raised hand on me so you will have to bear now, I will have to take my revenge, I will have to hurt you, you will give yourself to me. He tries to touch Devika but Devika shakes. Alek says relax, I wont come to you now, you will come to me yourself. Devika cries. Alek says I will see you, he leaves. Devika falls down in her room and cries, she says where I got myself stuck? I will never agree with Alek, never, she cries and says who will help me? who? I cant tell anyone who much trouble I am in. Wind blows and her window opens, she gets scared. Suddenly Devika and Varun’s wedding picture falls and breaks. Devika cries seeing it.

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Varun is sitting with his mom. Lajjo says to Devika that if you regret what you did then say sorry to them. She brings Devika to Varun and his mom. Varun doesnt even look at her. Lajjo says whatever my daughter did.. I am sorry on her behalf, I am very ashamed, forgive her please. Varun glares at her. His mom asks him to not lose his patience. Inspector comes there and says Varun you called us? Varun says yes, I have called them. He says Devika insulted my mother and I wont do anything? Lajjo says Devika is innocent, she did a mistake, please dont send her to jail. Varun’s mom asks Varun to stop it. Varun asks inspector to arrest Devika. Devika says can I hug my husband before leaving? I know I did a mistake but please? inspector stops and gives her permission. Devika comes to Varun and looks at him with tears in her eyes. She turns him to herself, he doesnt look at her, Devika hugs him, Varun clenches his hands and doesnt hugs her back. Devika holds his hands, tears drop from Varun’s eyes. Devika gets herself arrested. Jag sona sona lage, police starts taking Devika away.. Varun sadly looks at her.

Varun is sad as Devika is in jail. Otherside Devika cries in jail. They both are in pain. Varun sees a chit attached to his watch. He recalls how Devika hugged him before leaving. He opens her letter, it says “I know Varun you are thinking what happened to Devika and how she became Alek’s puppet, Alek made my MMS when I was changing clothes in hotel, he is blackmailing me to spend night with him, he has put cameras everywhere so I cant tell anyone, he asked me to blacken your mother’s face, I have written this letter with danger around me but I am sure once you know the truth then you will help me – Devika”. Varun breakdowns reading her letter.
Devika is in jail, she cries sadly. Inspector opens her cell and says you got bail. Devika is surprised. She comes out of cell to see Varun there. They both emotionally looks at each other, Devika tries to say something but Varun puts hand on her lips.. shayad yehi toh pyar hai plays. Varun opens his arms, Devika hugs him tightly, they both cry in each others arms. Varun cups her face and says I am sorry, I should have understood that you must have some helplessness thats why you did it.. Devika says he will make me do things, I am scared. Varun says I wont let him do anything with you, I am with you, I will file complaint against him. Devika says no no no.. if my parents find out then they will take their lives. Varun says okay we wont file complaint against him but we wont bow to him, we will come out of this trouble together, we are together now, dont worry, I am here, Devika hugs him.

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Scene 2
Alek says to family that how dare Varun send Devika to jail? Naina says husband sent wife to jail? Maasa says I was not here. Alek says why didnt anyone inform me? how dare that Varun send my Devika.. Varun brings Devika there. Maasa says see he brought her back. Varun looks at them.. he says to Devika that I freed you from jail because.. you are part of this house. Naina says what is going on here? there is something fishy, they shouldnt be together. Maasa says you gave them 6 months then why you are doing this? Naina says you cant hide anything from me, what I am seeing.. after that there is no need for 6 months period, they should get separated. Maasa says husband and wife fight. Mom says they love each other, right Varun? Varun says yes there is love, he lovingly looks at Devika and says right? she says yes there is. Naina says if there is love between them then I will give them chance again but this is their last chance, they to prove in 24 hours that they love each other and want to be together, she leaves. All look on. Alek fumes in anger.

Scene 2
Devika says to Varun that problems dont end for us, how we will prove in 24 hours that we are made for each other? Varun smiles and says everything will be fine, ,, Devika says I wanted to say something.. thanks. Varun says its not need. She says I wanted to say something else too. He says really? ,, Alek comes there so Varun hides in a cupboard. Alek gives a dress to Devika and says see what I brought for you, you have to prove Naina that you and Varun are made for each other but first you have to prove something to me. Varun fumes in anger in cupboard. ,, Alek says to Devika that you will get drunk and dance infront of everyone in sultry style without any care. ,, Alek shows Devika video of her changing and says if you dont do it then you know.. so see you soon sweetheart. ,, Varun hugs Devika and looks on.

All family members are in lounge, Maasa says how we will prove that Devika and Varun are made for each other? Urmi says Devika is destroying everything. Maasa says I am just praying that when Naina brings lawyer then everything goes fine. Suddenly lights go off. Devika comes there with wine bottle, she acts drunk is and stumbling, she comes in house. All are confused, Devika breaks bottle. Maasa asks what she is doing? She asks Jaggu to lock Naina in her room so she cant see this drama. Jaggu leaves. Devika starts seductively dancing. Alek comes there. Devika dances around him. All are shocked. Alek closely dances with Devika, Devika thinks bring proof soon.

Varun comes to Alek’s room, he says your boss complained for work so I am here, guard stops him and says he is not here, get lost.
Varun’s mom turns to leave, Alek whispers to Devika that stop everyone, I want everyone to see how I am enjoying with you, Devika stops mom, Alek dances with her.

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Varun jumps in Alek’s room from behind, Varun comes to Jiya who is tied to chair, Varun says I knew you were here, lets go. He frees Jiya and runs with her. Gaurds hear some noise. Varun and Jiya are running from house.
Devika dances and falls in Alek’s arms. Lajjo slaps her and says you should be ashamed, all leave. Urmi says to Devika that I didnt see such shamelessness, you married one and are falling in someone else’s arms, I have to tell this to Naina, Devika says no dont tell her, Urmi says why not? she should know what you are doing. She leaves. Devika prays for Varun to come soon.

Alek’s guards stop Varun and Jiya. Varun asks her to leave, she runs away, he starts fighting with goons. One goon points gun at Varun but Jiya beats him and runs with Varun but goon shoots Varun.

Urmi comes to Naina’s room but Maasa pulls her back and slaps her, she says I wont let you destroy my plan, I will cut your head, leave, she leaves. Maasa says to Jaggu that we have to do something, we have to stop hurdles coming in my dream. Jaggu says didnt you see Devika cheaply dancing with Alek? Maasa says I think Alek is behind that, I have to do something.

Scene 2
Devika is leaving, Alek asks where are you going? you think your hero will save you? you thought you both will play game with me and I wont know about it? I know everything. Devika says great, will you go to jail with me? you should know that video is removed from everywhere, you cant blackmail me now. Alek says I love to blackmail girls, I have another plan, he whispers something to her and says its the truth, I promise, Devika is disgusted. Alek says you have two ways, either come with me to enjoy a night or let Varun die, you have 5 minutes to think, once you listen to me then everything will be fine, he breaks her mangalsutra. Dhani sees all that, she is about to go to them but Kesar stops her. Dhani says that Alek wants to hurt Varun. Kesar says you know Alek is not a nice person, dont mess with him for Varun, I wont let you go anywhere. Alek leaves from there. Devika sees her broken mangalsutra and cries.

In morning, Varun and Jiya are in jungle, Varun is injured with bullet touched his arm, Jiya says Alek’s men must be searching for us. Varun says nothing will happen, we have to save Devika. Varun gets Devika’ message and says she has called us to a place, we have to go.
Varun and Jiya waits for Devika. Devika comes there. Varun says see Jiya is here, she will bring Alek’s truth out and I removed videos from Alek’s PC, now our troubles will be solves. He hugs her but feels something, he moves away to see her pointing gun at him, he is shocked. Jiya says what are you doing Devika? Varun asks her why she is doing it? Alek comes there and claps, he asks Jiya if his baby is fine? I will deal with you later. He says to Varun that I love seeing all this, I have written a nice scene. Alek records video and says today’s happening news, a lover killed her partner. Varun asks Devika why you are doing this? we have won, Alek wont be able to blackmail us, dont do it. Alek laughs evilly.




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