Illusion update Friday 11th February 2022

Illusion 11 February 2022 starlife: Kabir and Pooja hug each other expressing their love for each other. Pooja then gets alert and says they cannot be together as they promised their family. Kabir holds her hand and says they can change their decision. Pooja says nobody will accept her, when her own mother is not accepting her how will his family accept her. Kabir says let the world know who Pooja is, he wants to see her fight again for her right, he doesn’t want to sit near window and repent in the future thinking he couldn’t get back his love. Their emotional confessions continue when they hear Rani pleading for help and run out. They see masked goon pointing gun at Rani and ordering to get whatever money and jewelry they have in this house. Kabir throws lamp stand on goon and makes his gun fall. Another goon points gun at Dadaji and warns Kabir to leave his associate. goon asks Pooja to accompany him and handover whatever money they have in this house. Pooja takes him to locker room. Suman thinks Pooja must have planned all this to get money before divorce. Pooja opens locker and hands him over all the wealth. They both come back to living room where goons comments she is very beautiful. Pooja warns to mind his own business and throws bag on him making his gun fall down. Kabir runs and snatches another goon’s gun and takes them both out. Pooja runs to Dadaji and asks if he is fine.

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Kabir follows goons and trashes them. Pooja removes their mask and is shocked to see Ranjit. Another goon accepts that he just obeyed Ranjit’s order for money. Pooja repeatedly slaps Ranjit who reveals that he obeyed Rani’s orders and runs away. Rani walks to them smirking. Pooja asks why did she do this. Rani says she knows about their drama of divorcing and expressing their love for each other, Kabir is a hypocrite who promises his mother to divorce Pooja, but confesses his love for Pooja. She challenges them that she will snatch Pooja’s happiness. Pooja challenges she will change Rani, else she will divorce Kabir.

Kabir with Pooja returns to Dadaji and asks if he is fine. Dadaji says Pooja saved him on time. Suman says someone from family planned this. Kabir asks to stop doubting family. Suman says now Kabir and Pooja can sleep separately as their divorce is filed, she has called their guru tomorrow who will clear Kabir’s hurdles. Pooja walks to her room where Kabir follows her and gets romantic with her. Their romance continues when Suman knocks door thinking Kabir must be there. Kabir hides while Pooja opens door and asks if she needs anything. Suman says nothing and walks away. Kabir enters from other side and asks where is she going. Suman says she was searching him. Kabir asks her to go and rest and sends her away. He then returns to Pooja’s room and they spend night sleeping on each other’s shoulders. In the morning, Pooja wakes up Kabir and asks him to go back to his room before anyone notices him. Kabir hugs her and says he will come via door next time and walks away via window, leaving Pooja smiling in shy. On the other side, Anuradha tells Rani that they should let Pooja also meet Suman’s guruji and seek help for her. Rani jealously asks what is the need for that. Anuradha says looks like she hates Pooja, if she doesn’t help her sister then who else will. Rani stands fuming more.

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Pooja sees Chanda types cleaning god’s idol and asks if she can help. Suman asks Anuradha to warn Pooja to stay away. Dadaji asks why she is stopping Pooja from gathering punya, she bravely saved him yesterday and has already faced a lot, so he as an elder requests her to let Pooja participate in pooja. Guruji enters and Suman introduces his family and then Pooja as Kabir’s wife. Pooja takes his blessings. Guruji says he had come here when Kabir was very young. Guruji starts pravachan while Suman gets into kitchen to prepare food for Guruji. Pooja asks if she can help, but Suman as usual yells at her and sends her away. Guruji continues his pravachan when Suman asks if she can serve him food. He says after sometime. During lunch time, Suman asks again and Guruji agrees. Suman with Chanda types goes to kitchen. Chanda sees fish in daal and asks Suman if she added fish again for Guruji. Suman says she didn’t last time and even now, it was Pooja last time and even this time. She calls Kabir and yells that Pooja did it. Guruji asks Suman if she served food. Suman stands nervously. Guruji hears Pooja singing bhajan and walks to her. He gets mesmerized with her voice and asks her to continue her bhajan. Pooja sings O palan haare..bhajan. Once she finishes, Guruji finishes lunch and says he will come again to listen Pooja’s bhajan and leaves.

Kabir asks Suman what she has to tell about Pooja now, she saved our family again. Suman yells Pooja added fish in daal. Rani smirks hearing that. Kabir says let us check CCTV footage and asks Jay to bring footage. Rani gets tensed thinking why didn’t she think about CCTV. Kabir plays footage and sees blank screen. Rani gets happy seeing this. Suman continues verbally abusing Pooja and says until Pooja is in this house, there will be problems arising, so she should leave this house soon.

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After sometime, Pooja informs Kabir that she deleted CCTV footage as she saw Rani adding fish in daal. Rani walks to her and yells that she is acting as good to impress Kabir and will never succeed in her plan. Pooja challenges to change Rani soon. Once Rani leaves, Kabir and Pooja’s romance starts. They enjoy food romancing each other.


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