I Keep Getting Dirty Texts from Random Numbers (Fix 2022)

I Keep Getting Dirty Texts from Random Numbers: Technology advancements are well-used and abused. It’s not recommended to get rid of your gadgets since you’re receiving soiled texts from random numbers that are trying to steal your credit card numbers.

They’re not just annoying but they’re also offensive, particularly if your children have access to your cell phone. To ensure that you don’t expose your children to these types of texts You must figure out methods to eliminate these messages completely.

Here, I’ll demonstrate how to avoid receiving random messages from unknown numbers. If you’ve come upon this article but haven’t experienced this issue yet the solutions listed below will help to prevent a future incident of this kind.

I Keep Getting Dirty Texts from Random Numbers

I Keep Getting Dirty Texts from Random Numbers

I Keep Getting Dirty Texts from Random Numbers

Begin browsing through any Internet discussion forum and you’ll be certain to find someone who is complaining: “I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers, help.” If this is a similar problem then you must be sure to read this article prior to taking any action further.

These are steps needed to prevent receiving smudge-ridden texts by random phone numbers.

  • Do Not Reply

When you receive a foul text message from an unknown phone number it’s likely that you’ll make a strong and explicit note to remind the sender to not ever send the same message in the future. Although that’s the most sensible conclusion, it could be the wrong reaction to a situation like this.

The majority of the time, these messages are sent by an automation system, which can send SMS messages sent to numbers randomly purchased on the internet. However, they aren’t able to know whether that number is inactive or not. Only way for them to determine which numbers are active is to record the numbers that answer the messages.

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When you respond to these messages, automated systems will confirm that your phone number is active. Instead of the messages fading away like you expected you would, there’s a greater chance of the issue recurring as time passes. Therefore, the most effective thing to do in the event that you receive one of these messages is to not reply.

  • Avoid Links

Another error that many people make when they receive unwelcome messages from an unknown phone number, is clicking the link that is included. No matter how tempting it appears, if you receive a text message from someone who you don’t know, stay clear of clicking on any link.

Most of the time the links included in these messages are phishing sites. If you click these links, they could redirect you to websites which will ask you to delete your credit card numbers , or passwords for your accounts that are sensitive. To stay safe you should beware of these links.

  • Enable Spam Protection

If you’ve already replied on the texts, your hopes aren’t gone There are still a variety of methods that can help you avoid receiving these texts. One of the most effective methods is to enable the built-in spam protection function on your device’s settings application.

Spam protection works by comparing the phone numbers that text you to those that have often reported as spam. If they match that match, all messages sent from the numbers in question will be sent directly to the spam folder and will be removed from your inbox.

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The default Messages app for Android smartphones comes with this feature turned on by default, however you can check if that’s the case for your device. To activate Spam Protection, you must enable the Spam Protection feature on your device, follow these instructions below:

  • Check that you’re using Messages application available from Google. You can download it on any Android smartphone from Google Play. Google Play Store.
  • In the main interface in the application, tap on the three vertically placed dots to display the menu in-app. From the menu, choose General, then Settings to open the comprehensive settings menu for messages via text.
  • You should now be able to see there the “Spam protection” option after the Automatic previews option on the General settings tab. Select this option and verify that the toggle is in use and confirm that your device is effectively blocking spam. If the feature is not active it’s possible to click on the toggle once to turn on the feature.

To allow this feature of spam prevention to function effectively, you must configure the Messages app to be the default application in your gadget. If you’re not sure if you’ve done this, you’ll be able to change it at any time within the settings of your device.

  • Block Senders and Report as Spam

Once you’ve enabled the spam security function on your phone, you are able to aid in its improvement by actively reporting offensive amounts to Google’s anti-spam algorithms. One way to assist in training the AI algorithms is to keep declaring offensive text messages spam and stopping the message senders.

This is a win-win for both you as well as Google or whatever the person who developed your app for messaging is. First, reporting your message as spam can help them block further spam and improve their algorithm, while blocking the number ensures that you don’t receive similar messages from them in the near future.

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The steps to report to block senders and for reporting spam are different among messaging apps It is recommended to find the appropriate option for yourself. However, many apps identify the block feature by the “Block,” “Block Sender,” or “Block Number” option.

  • Use an Anti-spam App

If you’re not happy by the protection against spam function available in your Messages app, you might think about using an exclusive anti-spam program. There are a myriad of applications available on Google Play and the Apple App Store to safeguard your from spammers.

One of these apps that typically makes it into the top of people’s list is SmartLimits it’s an application that blocks text messages that have been reported by other users. This could be a good option when you’re still receiving unwanted and soiled texts from people you don’t know.



It’s not a good idea for children to receive shady, unrequested texts on their smartphones However, as the number of people are increasing in these instances it’s beginning to look as if you have no option. It’s a good thing you have and this piece has been written with the intention of proving it.

This article will teach you how to help you stop receiving unwanted messages that come from numbers you don’t know. If you read and implement all of the tips that are provided in the article, you’ll no longer need to write: “I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers” on any forum on the internet in the future.

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