I do update Saturday 23rd April 2022

I do 23 April 2022: Tanveer tries to threaten her, as the blame is going to be on zoya. but zoya says that she would escape, and then her death would be a mystery, just like her murder attempt to kill zoya. They both hear someone coming. tanveer gets tensed. Zoya asks her not to struggle.

She again asks about her father. tanveer is speechless. Downstairs, as razia goes to the kitchen, humaira says that they can order from outside. But haider says that he is as good cook, and that they can have his dishes together, and that woulkd strengthen their bond. Mamu is angry but razia tries to calm the situation down. tanveer pretends to be scared and asks zoya to save her and then she would tell about her father.

zoya distracts the person away, and tanveer smirks that she fell for her excuse. Zoya is unfazed and says that if not this time, the next time, this door would definitely open. tanveer too is unfazed of the death looming ahead. Zoya says that she might just go outside and raise a hue and cry so that people come here searching for her. but tanveer doesnt budge. Zoya again gags her and says that she is determined too, and if tanveer still doesnt change her mood, then its good that she dies here. zoya wishes her to have a good death, in silence and moves out of the window.

Tanveer starts screaming in muffled sounds and is frustrated. haider, humaira and razia are working in the kitchen, when mamu walks in and is observed by haider, who eyes him evilly. He thinks of a plan and gets mamau’s attention to what he’s doing, when he accidentally brushes the hot pan in humaira’s hand, though he did it intentionally.

It has the desired effect, when mamu comes screaming in asking him to step aside, as she is his daughter, and he would take care of her. But humaira disgustingly jerks him away, saying her husband is there to take care of her. haider eyes mamu victoriously. Mamu is tensed. in the outhouse, Tanveer desperately tries to break free. Tanveer is shell shocked when she finds that someone is trying to open the door, and desperately tries to prevent the disaster that looms on her head. She cant help but face it helplessly.

She finds the door being opened, and finally the trigger pushes in and the revolver shoots a bullet. Tanveer is shown to go unconscious with blood smeared on her forehead. Suddenly she hears zoya’s outburst of laughter when she realises that she was tricked in zoya’s prank. Zoya tries to tease her, but she is unfazed and smirks at her stupid plan. zoya says that she really got scared, and that next time she would defeat her like this only. as zoya leaves, freeing her, tanveer is disgusted. Zoya comes to her room, in a jovial state, and finds asad and haider there. She asks haider when did he come.

Asad says that he’s been waiting for her a long time. She says that she went for pest control. Asad and haider are amused, as zoya elaborates on it. haider invites her for dinner. Both zoya and asad get tensed. haider says that its his feast now, and he wants them to join in. They look at each other and finally agree to come.

Haider asks them to come soon. haider is about to leave, when he turns back and tells her to taste the kaju ka halwa thats kept aside for her. Zoya is tensed. After he leaves, zoya expresses her confusion to asad about haider knowing her favourite dish. They are both tensed. asad says that she must have told haider. She asks if he knew about it. asad denies.

Zoya reprimands him for knowing so less about his wife. He takes her in his arms, and says that he knows but pretends not to, so that he could know her all over again every time, and continue knowing her all of his life, so that every morning, he can meet her the first time. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya expresses if it would always be the same, and confirms that he’s going to be by her side, all her life. zoya tries to teach him romance. asad pretends to be naive at the romance. they hnug each other. (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
sameera talks to farhan that he failed, and should have removed the face pack to confirm his doubts. Farhan says that he would have been embarassed if the girl wasnt nikhat. sameera tries to tell him the gravity of the sitaution, if it actually is nikhat. farhan asks her to stop this nonsense. Sameera again tries to get him to understand, as nikhat is trying to trap him.

While they are both arguing, nikhat barges in their room, but then seeing them, she apologises for disturbing them, as she heard them from outside. she asks them if everything is okay. farhan tells that it definitely is. He again asks her flirtingly whats she doing here. she thanks him for the dinner and apologises. He asks why.

she says that she couldnt enjoy the dinner. He takes the blame for it. She bids him goodnight, and leaves. sameera stops her. Sameera invites nikhat to the kitty party that she has organised tomorrow with some of her friends. nikhat agrees to attend. after she leaves, farhan asks why this. sameera says that a woman understands another best, and wont be able to hide her identity from her. sameera tells farhan evilly that tomorrow she would get nikhat out of her disguise and expose her in front of everyone.

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Scene 3:
location: Ayan’s residence
razia turns around to find tanveer. Razia teases tanveer for being the joker, when she finds her ketchup stained face. tanveer says that she’s right but ultimately she would only come to razia’s rescue. razia is tensed. tanveer says that she would always be by her side, and would prepare the food too. but razia informs her that food is already made, and can join the feast if she wants to, but compose herself first. Razia leaves. tanveer’s is determined to have her revenge.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Nikhat is tensed in her room, when the landline rings. she finds that its nazma, who’s tensed as her mobile isnt getting through. Nikhat tells about farhan’s doubt on her. Meanwhile, outside farhan expecting an important call, eyes the receiver. Nikhat talks to nazma on the phone, and explains her happiness at humaira’s wedding, while asking her not to be sad that she couldnt attend. Meanwhile, farhan too picks up another line on the intercom, while nikhat and nazma’s conversation is going on, when nazma tells her that everyone talks about nikhat all the time and ask when would she return. farhan is tensed. Before he can understand anything, haseena starts coughing alarming nikhat, before farhan can shush her.

She goes into khushboo mode, and cancels the call, saying that no nikhat lives here. Nikhat is tensed. nazma hopes that noone heard her an d nikhat’s convo. she is alarmed when she finds badi bi from behind, asking her whats going on. She tells everything to badi bi, and she is shocked. she says that she always wanted to say this but situations never got her to. she asks badi bi never to say anything about this with anyone. badi bi asks how would she overcome this alone.

Nazma says that she would as she has faced injustice and she would punsih them, and makes her promise that till nikhat doesnt want, they wont tell anyone, even asad. Badi bi laments at what nikhat had to go through due to haseena and her family. But she resolves to be by nikhat’s side, and not tell anyone about this. they both hug each other.

Downstairs, While razia compliments haider’s cooking in an indirect manner, haider too lashes back saying that she would find out new things about him. mamu is tensed. Asad and zoya too say that there’s lots of fun in knowing new things about others. Zoya says that one thing she wants to say right now, and thats the quality of food. haider excitedly gives zoya Kaju ka Halwa, and she loves it. She says that it tastes very familiar. Haider is emotional as he is taken back to their childhood days. He is about to serve again, when humaira stops him, and he gets back to eating resignedly. A servant comes with paan, and serves everyone while zoya gets really excited. Razia thinks that this too is haider’s make. But he denies. Razia wonders who did it then.

Tanveer comes saying that she did this. Zoya barbs back at her. all excuse themselves, after finishing the dinner. When zoya is abotu to leave, tanveer stops her, saying that she should have a paan, as everyone has liked it today, and that asad too may start liking her someday. Zoya is frustrated. tanveer offers zoya paan, and zoya asks her to test it first. she takes one to satisfy zoya’s whims. Then catching zoya unawares, she rubs a white substance on the paan, from under the plate. tanveer offers zoya again and she takes one disinterestedly. As she eats it and moves off, tanveer is happy with the evil idea.

Later, zoya comes to her room, and finds asad staring at her. she asks what happened. He says that nothing happaned, and that zoya doesnt have time for him at all. Zoya pretends to be shocked and says that both, she and her time are here. He puts on some romantic music, and invites her to dance. she accepts readily and they begin grooving together on the romantic number. As he is about to get intimate, she starts feeling uneasy as her skin and face begins to itch badly. she rushes inside the bathroom, as asad gets tensed. In the bathroom, zoya washes her face, while asad is concerned for her, and asks to be let inside just one time. zoya is shocked as she looks at herself in the mirror. As she comes out, asad is shocked to find that zoya’s face is full of red rashes. He asks whats all this. she says that she doesnt know, but its greatly itching. she is more concerned that she wont be pretty anymore. later, in the night, asad attends to zoya’s rashes, and then goes onto tease her. she says that she is very upset, and wonders how the rash happajned, as it was all right some time back. she is concerned what if the rashes dont go, as he would leave her rightaway. He smiles and takes her in his arjms, saying that she would always be beautiful to his eyes. Finally zoya and asad both dose off. zoya is uneasy in the middle of the night, and finally wakes up due to itching. she remembers tanveer offering her paan and is disgusted with her. she moves out of her room.

Razia asks haider what gift did he give to humaira on their wedding. He pretends not to have known about it, and excuses hismelf. Humaira is tensed, while razia composes her and says that he musty have excused himself to get a gift only for her.

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Zoya is super furious at tanveer and goes onto hit her, while she is sleeping peacefully in her room, unable to control her fury. This ensues into a fight as they grab for each other’s throats. Finally tanveer stuns her by punching her on the face causing a fatal blow. That makes her eralise that she had been dreaming the fight, while she sees tanveer asleep. She comes beside tanveer and razis’ bed in fury, and picks up a steel ruler, when her eyes fall on the scissor kept on the table, and she thinks of an evil plan as she eyes tanveer. the screen freezes on zoya’s face.

Part 1

Haider comes in the room and goes to change..! Humera is surprised that Haider is empty handed.. n did he not get any gift for me? Haider comes n lies down on the bed with his back to Humera! Humera is surprised and calls out to him ..! She asks if all is ok and if anything happened! He says nothing..! She asks sleepy? He says yes..! Humera says its our SR nite.. n Haider asks so? Humera says on this nite.. gift is given to the bride.. n u din bring anything for me n turned ur back on me..! Haider fumes n says.. so? Am tired.. ! Humera gets scared n says why so angry? Haider says its our first nite.. dun eat my head..! Humera asks what is the matter? Why talk like this? Haider says u wanted us to get married..we got married.. doesnt mean u have right on my life.. wanna sleep lemme sleep! Humera wonders the matter as Haider smirks..!

Next day morning Haseena looks at her table and wonders what the matter is? Who made the breakfast so early in the morning..! Nikhat comes n says.. breakfast should be early in the morning. .made all this healthy stuff for u all ..! She says sorry i used the kitchen without ur permission! Haseena says. .no need to take permission .why did u make this? Nikhat says u told me its my home. .so no trouble working here! Nikhat asks Haseena to have karela ka juice as it helps to keep one healthy .! She tells Samira..she needs more of it.. as it helps to reduce aging effect..! Nikhat asks. .btw who is this Nikhat.. Haseena coufs..! She asks did i say something wrong? She says someone called last nite. n asked for Nikhat so i told wrong number! Farhaan says was wrong number then! Nikhat says felt bad.. n thot should have asked u all n not cut the call ..after all i m new here..! Nikhat tells Farhaan looks like Nikhat is a secret u all are hiding! Farhaan-Haseena-Samira are shocked..! Nikhat says.. she is here but i cant see her. .maybe she is hiding somewhere.. in some cellar? Haseena says u talking weirdly .. why will we do such a thing? Nikhat bursts out laufing n says.. look at ur faces.. its gone pale as if there is some real Nikhat..! Farhaan laufs n says.. Khushbu (Nikhat) ur sense of humor is awesome..! He says.. will tell u again.. there are no cellars behind this wall n nor are we hiding any secret ..! Farhaan says but ur face looks like its hiding some secret! Nikhat says am like an open book n says.. whenever u want.. u can read me! Samira fumes seeing the duo flirt..! She excuses from the breakfast table..! Samira tells Nikhat that some of her friends are coming .. n she is joining right? Nikhat says sure..will come..!

Zoya cuts off supply n fire alarm starts ringing ..! All rush to the hall n wonder the matter? Tanvir comes n says.. what r u doing? Fire alarm is ringing .. n Razia is shocked to see Tanvir looking all crazy ..! She bursts out laufing .. Zoya too .. ! Tanvir looks at herself in the mirror and fumes on Zoya! Badie Bi asks what is this? Go change..! Razia says.. again pranks? Whats the matter with u? Zoya tells Tanvir that be it friendship or foe. .. one needs to even scores.. u changed my face.. i changed ur look . .n in this look .. Asad wont accept u..! Zoya takes a pick of Tanvir.. n says.. will get this framed n put it outside my house so no evil eye falls on this house! Tanvir fumes n says.. u have dared to mess with a snake ..n no one survives Tanvirs attack..!

Part 2

Humera asks Haider to get up n he jerks off the bed..! He freshens n comes ..! Humera tells Haider she mad breakfast for him . .n asks him to taste..! Haider spits and asks did u marry me to kill me? If anyone has such food.. they will die! Humera says i make like this all the time! Haider says everytime? It looks like u cooked for the first time! Humera asks him to have juice.. n he says dun need it! Humera inists n Haider jerks her hand off thus breaking the glass of juice n walks off! Humera is picking up the pieces of the broken glass and cuts her hand..! She recollects how in past when she got hurt.. Haider looked after her ..!

Nikhat gets ready n thinks that Sameera has some plan and will try to dig out my truth .. need to be careful ..! Right then Sameera knocks on her rooms door n asks u coming? R u ready? Nikhat says am ready .. just 2 mins..! Sameera and her friends chat about men..! Nikhat joins them n Sameera says.. look who is here.. the Supermodel Khushbu ..! She goes to get juice n asks them to mingle..! Haseena says.. we and Nikhats mom are childhood buddies..! Sameera says.. juice n serves to Nikhat n all ..! Sameera says called them here to intro u to them..! Sameera holds Nikhats hand n says ..u all are our special friends.. we always have a lot of fun..! Sameera says today we will do many things .. this is Aarti my friend a hynotist.. n today we will hypnotise u…! Nikhat says me? Why? Sameera says we all ..will take turns..! She says.. we all wanna know ur secrets … after all u claimed .. ur an open book! Nikhat says.. i dun trust them.. am out of it..! Nikhat feels drowsy ..! She gets up to leave but Sameera holds her hand n forces her..n so does Haseena..! Nikhat feels the juice is spiked .. n almsot passes out..!

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Part 3

They hypnotize Nikhat n asks her to tell her all the details.. where is she from …whats her name. .n why she is here? Badi Bi & Najma watch from the windows.. and are worried! Nikhat says my name is… n screen freezes!

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
tanveer frustratedly composes herself, and her hair, while zoya comes from behind. In frustration, she breaks the glass, that she saw zoya’s reflection in. Zoya breaks into her impromptu poetry:

Chaand sa chehra, mashallah chaand ki surat lagti hai…
Aap ki zulfein mashallah, poonch bhains ki lagti hai….

She goes onto tease tanveer, and warn that if she doesnt rectify herself, then it would go to worse. But tanveer is unfazed and doesnt let zoya’s father’s name out. Tanveer tries to disturb zoya by giving her an account of rsemblances between her and her father, and it does have its effect on zoya. As tanveer leaves, zoya is tensed wondering what was she trying to say. As she goes out, she doesnt realise that her own father, mamu walks from behind, while tanveer is amused at her dilemma. wile passing by humaira’s room, mamu finds her crying and is apalled. He enters and asks her what happened, while she composes herself. He casts his aspersions on haider, and he enters confirming his worst rfears. Humaira is surprised. Haider confesses to everything and says that he did hurt her, and mamu is about to get angry when humaira stops him and asks him not to intervene in their personal matters, as noone has the right to speak between them and asks to be left alone. As mamu leaves, humaira is about to leave, when haider stops and says that he was frustrated as the shops had closed and he couldnt get any gift for her yesterday. he presents her a beautiful necklace and she is overwhelmed while he smiles evilly. As he himself makes her wear it, mamu watches this and is tensed. haider intentionally clutches it too tight, and humaira starts gasping for breath. mamu tries to rush in, but haider comes in time apologising profusely. She says that its okay as he might be making mistakes but she knows that he loves her very much and hence she cant stay angry at him for too long. She hugs him while her eyes mamu evilly, as mamu is tensed.

Zoya finds asad busy with his business papers. she resignedly goes to get coffee, but asad stops her saying that he can sense that she’s tensed and asks her whats the matter. Zoya shows the pic, and tells about the clue that she got to know today, but which werent sufficient to identify him. Asad asks her not to be tensed. Zoya says the same to him too, and goews to get coffee. Zoya tells Asad that he has to drink coffee..and she spots a blue book in Gaffurs study and its similar to the one she saw in her dad’s pic. Asad says that its a similar book. She wonders why its there and right then Gaffur steps in. Zoya is tensed as she looks at him. She leaves to get cofee, while tensed about the man in the pic.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Sameera and her friends try to get the truth out of nikhat’s mouth, while she is inebriated, much to badi bi and nazma’s surprise. She is about to do so, when some children walk in, followed by badi bi. they all try and cover up nikhat so that their truth isnt out. Meanwhile, nazma sneaks in, while badi bi keeps haseena and everyone else busy. Haseena tries to keep a brave face while nazma gets nikhat back to conscious. The friends leave, and badi bi asks about sameera and haseena says that its their servant, while sameera is fuming with rage. She turns around and is boggled to find nikhat missing and wonders where she went.

In her room, nazma tries to get nikhat into senses, while sameera is boggled where she went, and goes for her room. Nikhat in her daze is spilling out the truth, while nazma tries to get her to senses, and let her will succeed. sameera hears some voices and is happy that nikhat would be caught. She gets inside to find nikhat sleeping alone. nazma hides behind the curtains. nazma points her finger at the door, scaring nazma, but says that she obviously came through the door. Sameera again asks for her true name. But nikhat doses off to sleep, much to nazma’s relief.

Both nazma and badi bi are sure that they would teach these people a lesson who treated nikhat so badly, and badi bi says that she has decided that she would stay with nikhat there only. nazma is tensed.

In their room, Farhan and haseena try to tell sameera that her doubts are in vain. While haseena is relaxing, farhan tries to clarify to sameera that nikhat is dead and cant return. Nikhat overhears them and decides that now its time to have her revenge. the screen freezes on her face.


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