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I Do December 2021 Teasers

I Do December 2021 Teasers:  Asad, Zoya and their investigation continue. Asad discovers Rashid in the doll factory. He believes that Rashid killed Dilshad to cover up the crimes he committed 17 years ago. Asad is determined that Rashid be punished for his crimes.

I DO December Teasers 2021 zee world

I DO December Teasers 2021 zee world

zee world I DO December Teasers 2021

Episode 9

Dilshad is presented with a gift by Rashid. Zoya meets Rashid in a shrine, and offers to help him reunite with his deceased love. Zoya covers Najma’s hair with a wig and stamps Asad’s feet when Asad tries to inspect it. Every college student waits eagerly to meet Zoya.

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Episode 9.

Haseena requests that Rashid give Imraan luxury cars. Rashid asks for an old song to be played anonymously on the radio for Dilshad. Haseena rushes to Dilshad’s home, asking for an unidentified person to find her husband.

Friday, 3 December 2021

Episode 11

Razia urges Shireen that Ayaan marry Humeira. Asad approaches Zoya furiously, and asks her for help fixing his phone. In a fit of anger, he breaks the phone into pieces.

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Episode 11

Razia witnesses Rashid calling Dilshad. After they have wished the worst for each others under the shooting stars, Zoya is taken into Asad’s arms. Ayaan finally admits to receiving monetary assistance from Asad in order to purchase gifts.

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Episode 12

Zoya calls Rashid to ask him to visit the same market she’s visiting with Dilshad. Zoya tells Dilshad she remembers her mother when she saw her. Feroze, a senior cop, stops Ayaan to learn that the bike was registered in Asad’s name.

Monday, 6 December 2021

Episode 13

Asad watches Najma, Zoya and others on TV as they play cricket at a podium. He becomes angry. After Najma lies about going to the cricket match and Asad makes a remark, he suggests that Zoya leave. To bring Zoya home, Asad takes on the goons.

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Episode 14

Zoya accidentally puts Asad’s important CD and the mixture in the cake into the microwave. Razia makes very unkind comments to Dilshad, which Asad counters and takes Dilshad home. Zoya realizes her error when she cuts the cake, and discovers a CD.

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Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 15.

Rashid is furious that Razia has made his private affairs public. Razia responds suitably. Humeira engages in a romantic online chat, assuming it is Ayaan. When Razia gives her the keys to a luxurious car, Haseena doesn’t talk about what she was experiencing.

Thursday, 9 December 2021

Episode 16

Asad clarifies, he is not trying to break Elena’s heart but just making a deal. Humeira realizes that her date is actually with a college friend, not Ayaan. He tries to flee. Razia insists that Nikhat be married to Akram, despite Haseena’s insatiable greediness.

Friday, 10 December 2021

Episode 17

Akram arrives with his goons and Zoya to meet him. He promises that he will forcefully complete their wedding. Ayaan saves Humeira from her harasser. Razia attempts to convince Rashid that Ayaan is the perfect match for Humeira.

Saturday 11th December 2021

Episode 18

Asad stops Zoya being forced to marry Akram. He defeats all the goons, and brings Zoya home. Everyone surprised Shireen by throwing a party. Even after being lectured by Asad, Asad still tries to help Zoya.

Sunday, 12 December 2021

Episode 19

Rashid continues to play along, and celebrates Shireen’s birthday when he finds a present that Ayaan placed in his pocket for Shireen. Zoya regrets Asad’s apology. After Ayaan left her engagement ring at home, Haseena tips Feroze off. Zoya blackmails Asad to make him comply with her demands.

Monday, 13 December 2021

Episode 21

Feroze abducts Ayaan and Asad rescues him at the expense of Haseena learning about their relationship. Humeira is forced to promise a bruised Ayaan she will not tell anyone about his hurt. Ayaan secretly visits Asad at night to show him Feroz’s gun.

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Episode 21

Zoya spots Ayaan’s silhouette in Asad’s bedroom, and she decides to investigate. Asad confirms Feroze’s relationship with Haseena and suggests that Feroze was following them. Haseena rescinds Imraan’s engagement to Nikhat, citing Rashid’s association as Asad.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 22

Gaffur later warns Dilshad that Asad should be kept away from Ayaan. Dilshad and Shireen wish Asad to break all ties with Ayaan. Asad believes Zoya told Dilshad of his meeting Ayaan and orders Zoya from his home.

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Thursday 16 Dec 2021

Episode 23

Asad offers Haseena his house in order to ensure Nikhat’s engagement. Asad is determined not to let his siblings down and ensure their happiness even though it may seem distant. Further, Nikhat and Imraan exchange engagement rings.

Friday, 17 December 2021

Episode 25

Zoya learns more about Rashid’s family. Zoya abducts Ayaan from hospital so Asad and Ayaan can meet. Asad is taken by force away by Rashid. Later, Asad is furious and warns Zoya not to interfere in his life.

Saturday, 18 December 2021

Episode 26

Asad and Zoya end up riding on the same tractor to Mangalpur due to a series unfortunate events. Asad and Zoya arrive in Mangalpur. However, Asad wishes for Zoya’s return to Bhopal. Razia also intoxicates Humeira, Ayaan, and locks them all in a room.

Sunday, 19 December 2021

Episode 26

Zoya discovers that Mariam has been forced to marry a Rapist. Mariam is further helped by Zoya. Asad helps Zoya escape. They are arrested by the police and taken into custody together after they ask for help. However, Asad and Zoya manage to escape but some goons are there to follow them.

Monday, 20 December 2021

Episode 27

Asad is surrounded by goons when Zoya becomes unconscious. Dilavar and his goons also bury Zoya unconscious alive. Asad wants to save Zoya.

Tuesday 21 Dec 2021

Episode 28

Humeira and Ayaan’s indiscretion make their families furious. Asad is enraged by his feelings towards Zoya. Humeira and Ayaan, who are both entrapped by their feelings for Zoya, attend their engagement ceremony.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Episode 29

Ayaan, Humeira and Humeira are, despite being unwilling to exchange rings. Nikhat stops Ayaan’s engagement from Humeira and gives evidence that they didn’t sleep together. Badi Bi further asserts that Ayaan is not interested in marrying Humeira.

Thursday 23 Dec 2021

Episode 31

Zoya spots Mariam sneaking in to Asad’s home. Razia reminds Rashid about the 17-year-old crime he committed. Nikhat consoles Humeira, who is heartbroken. Later, Zoya conceals Mariam in her storeroom.

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Friday, 24 December 2021

Episode 31

Razia sneaks into Rashid’s room. Asad realizes that Zoya is hiding Mariam and decides to send Mariam away. Dilshad later brings Mariam to the house, much surprise to Zoya.

Saturday 25 Dec 2021

Episode 32

Asad is attacked by a man with a gun. Mariam attempts to save him but Dilshad is shot. Asad is advised by Dilshad’s doctor that the family should be informed. Rashid is informed by Asad that Dilshad is fighting for the life of her family.

Sunday 26th December 2021

Episode 33

Asad starts police action against Dilavar. Shireen comforts a distraught Rashid, who is relieved to hear that Dilshad survived. Asad accuses Zoya of Dilshad’s death and forbids her to meet Dilshad.

Monday, 27 December 2021

Episode 35

Asad apologizes to Zoya. Asad and Zoya realize that the gunman was trying to kill Dilshad. Razia, Gaffur and other guests discuss the failure to kill Dilshad.

Tuesday, 28 December 2021


Asad and Zoya trace the security company that hired Dilshad’s attacker. Badi Bi hears Razia confess to wanting Dilshad’s death. Rashid is able to meet Dilshad, but refuses her to answer her questions to protect her.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Episode 35

Asad, Zoya and Zoya attempt to locate Dilshad’s attacker using the gun he used. Asad and Zoya interview the suspects in the attack on Dilshad. Raghu Singh is the last suspect in the attack on Dilshad. Asad and Zoya meet him, but he recognizes Zoya, and he flees before Asad can capture him.

Thursday, 30 December 2021

Episode 37

Zoya recognizes Raghu in a shop and follows his progress towards a house. Asad is not convinced by Dilshad’s claim that Rashid is in a trap. Badi Bi also finds photos of Rashid setting fire in the factory.

Friday 31 Dec 2021

Episode 38

Asad, Zoya and their investigation continue. Asad discovers Rashid in the doll factory. He believes that Rashid killed Dilshad to cover up the crimes he committed 17 years ago. Asad is determined that Rashid be punished for his crimes.

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