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I Do April 2022 Teasers Zee World

I Do April Teasers 2022: Razia tries to kill Zoya by burning her, but Asad comes to her aid. Coming up on ZeeWorld I Do April 2022 Teasers:

I Do April 2022 Teasers Zee World

I Do April 2022 Teasers Zee World

ZeeWorld I Do April Teasers 2022

Friday 1 April 2022

Episode 129

Haider finds the original papers for the property, but doesn’t take notice of they are there. In the meantime, a man informs Gaffur that a while ago, a girl was looking for him. After that, police are able to arrest Zoya because she presented fake papers for property before Razia as well as Gaffur. Zoya locates the original property documents and is able to stop her being arrested.

Saturday 2 April 2022

Episode 130

Haseena Bi has plans to torture Najma as well as Nikhat. Afterward, Zoya taunts and challenges Razia. Razia is concerned that her secrets could be disclosed. Rashid awakes and shows that Razia was pushing him off the stairs.

Sunday 3 April 2022

Episode 131

Razia on her own, is planning to murder Zoya to prevent herself from being exposed. Razia is able to lure Dilshad from Rashid’s bedroom in the hope of killing him. Haider kidnaps Humeira but does not hurt her. Then, Razia tries to kill Zoya by burning her however, Asad helps her.

Monday 4 April 2022

Episode 132

While they are there, Humeira and Haider are struggling to get to their home. Asad and Zoya do not prove Razia is the one to blame. Haseena modifies the ‘lehenga-saree which Farhan presented to Nikhat with a different dress.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Episode 133

Zoya plans to document Razia’s confession. Then, Asad devises a plan to reveal the truth about Razia’s actions. If nobody accepts Nikhat She grabs the knife, and accidentally wounds Imran.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Episode 134

Gaffur meets Tanveer and inquires regarding his daughter. Najma is unable to communicate with Nikhat and snubs her. Then, Gaffur apologises to Rashid for his behavior.

Thursday 7 April 2022

Episode 135

Haider prevents himself from kissing Humeira. Nikhat does not get Farhan realize that Haseena is planning to thwart her. Afterward, Asad announces Gaffur’s retirement as CEO of the business in the form of a press conference.

Friday 8 April 2022

Episode 136

Razia reads the text that Rashid wrote to Zoya to take a look at. Then, Haider tells Gaffur that He will avenge the death of his parents by ruining the life of Humeira.

Saturday 9 April 2022

Episode 137

Gaffur is running toward the sound, which is coming from an audio box which Zoya owns. The murderer fails to kill Zoya but then kidnaps Zoya. In the meantime, Tanveer gets Gaffur’s signatures on a few documents and reveals to Gaffur that Zoya is his daughter.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Episode 138

Gaffur provides Asad about the location of Zoya’s family And he and Haider helps rescue Zoya. Asad is blamed by Razia as well as Gaffur as being the ones who tried to murder Zoya. In addition, Nikhat finds a secret room, and discovers a sick woman in the room.

Monday 11 April 2022

Episode 139

Asad decides to contact the police in Gaffur. Nikhat discovers the plan of Haseena. Gaffur warns Tanveer to not go to his house. In the following days, Humeira and Zoya find out about the bachelor party of Asad.

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Episode 140


Wednesday 13 April 2022

Episode 141

Haider is unable to kiss Humeira. Nikhat does not convince Farhan know that Haseena is conspiring against her. Afterward, Asad announces Gaffur’s retirement as CEO of the company at the form of a press conference.

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Thursday 14 April 2022

Episode 142

Razia reads the text Rashid wrote to Zoya for her to study. Razia is aware of the recording and makes plans to murder Zoya but Gaffur is able to stop her. Then, Haider tells Gaffur that the plan is to pay back the death of his parents by ruining the life of Humeira.

Friday 15 April 2022

Episode 143

Gaffur sprints toward the sound, which is coming from the music box the owner Zoya owns. The murderer fails to kill Zoya however, he later kidnaps Zoya. In the meantime, Tanveer gets Gaffur’s signatures on a few documents and reveals to Gaffur that Zoya is his daughter.

Saturday 16 April 2022

Episode 144

Gaffur communicates with Asad about Zoya’s whereabouts He and Haider is able to rescue Zoya. Gaffur is pleased to find Zoya is safe, however Razia isn’t. Asad is blamed by Razia along with Gaffur in their attempt to take down Zoya. In addition, Nikhat finds a secret room and finds a sick woman in the room.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Episode 145

Asad decides to contact the police in Gaffur. Nikhat discovers the plan of Haseena. Gaffur warns Tanveer to not go to his house. In the following days, Humeira and Zoya find out about the bachelor party of Asad.

Monday 18 April 2022

Episode 146

Tanveer is at Gaffur’s home and reveals that she is Gaffur’s wife second in line. Humeira decries Gaffur’s act. Then, Haider promises to be with Humeira while laughing in the process.

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Episode 147

Asad refuses any help from Tanveer. Humeira attacks Tanveer. Then, Asad tells a curious Zoya that they’ll be married in the Taj Mahal.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Episode 148

Gaffur criticizes Haider in his attempt to reach out to Humeira.

Thursday 21 April 2022

Episode 149

Gaffur applies mehendi on Zoya’s wrist. Haider and Humeira get married in the evening. Then, Zoya wonders about Gaffur’s relationship to the gifts that were anonymously given to them.

Friday 22 April 2022

Episode 150

Zoya as well Asad are engaged, and they have a romantic time. Gaffur goes to the hotel in order to save Humeira from Haider. Then, Gaffur feels helpless after discovering of Humeira along with Haider’s activities.

Saturday 23 April 2022

Episode 151

Zoya shares with Asad of the mysterious letter and is curious about the involvement of Tanveer. Zoya gets another anonymous letter regarding her father. In the meantime, Najma goes to the Qureshi house, where Sameera runs away from her.

Sunday 24 April 2022

Episode 152

Haider is the one who takes Humeira to her home. Haseena is able to manipulate Asad and Dilshad. Zoya thinks that Tanveer was not accountable for the letters she received. the letters with no name.

Monday 25 April 2022

Episode 153

Najma is looking at Nikhat’s dupatta. Sadia is critical of Zoya’s attire. Then, Nikhat meets Najma at the mental hospital.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Episode 154

Zoya calls Asad to ask him for dinner. Zoya discovers a note that promises to send the final portion of her father’s picture to her. Then, Haider arranges a romantic dinner for Humeira and promises to get married.

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Episode 155

Razia will knife Zoya when she notices that Gaffur isn’t recognizable in the photo. Then, Haider overhears Gaffur praying to an angel for Zoya’s happiness.

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Thursday 28 April 2022

Episode 156

Tanveer cuts her wrists in an effort to show her innocence. Zoya attempts to negotiate an agreement with Tanveer who is determined about her relationship with Asad. Then, Haider threatens Gaffur, however, Humeira declares that he’s discussing their wedding.

Friday 29 April 2022

Episode 157

Tanveer vows to kill Razia, Gaffur, and Zoya. Humeira informs Gaffur she’s called the’maulvi’ for marriage to Haider. Farhan has a romantic relationship with Khushboo while Sameera is away.

Saturday 30 April 2022

Episode 158

Farhan will expose Khushboo’s secret. Tanveer invites everyone to a dinner in honor of Humeira’s wedding. Farhan is convinced Khushboo could be Nikhat and tests her. Zoya kidnaps Tanveer and then ties her up.


Other Zee World Teasers:

Zee world I Do March 2022 Teasers

1 March, 2022 Tuesday

Episode 1998

Haseena Bi maliciously ends Farhan’s wedding to Nikhat and causes her to consider suicide.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Episode 99

Ayaan asks Asad to allow Zoya be his wife until Nikhat gets married Farhan. Asad is faced with a dilemma and follows Zoya to Ayaan’s home. Additionally, a distraught Asad handing Zoya her over Ayaan for his marriage. Meanwhile, Humeira is also devastated. Humeira watches.

3 March, 2022 Thursday

Episode 100

Shireen pleads with Asad to persuade Zoya to accept the marriage certificate in order to help save Nikhat’s life. Ayaan and Zoya have their marriage certificates signed in order to rescue Nikhat. In addition, Dilshad learns about Ayaan and Zoya’s unplanned wedding and is furious at the unfairness of destiny.

4 March, Friday, 2022

Episode 101

Razia is aware she is aware that Zoya and Ayaan have to remain married during the duration of three months. Asad And Zoya are both disturbed by the memories they have of each their respective. Similar to that, Ayaan and Humeira mourn the loss of their love. Furthermore, Razia is determined to keep Zoya’s paternity secret.

5 March, Saturday, 2022

Episode 102


6 March, Sunday, 2022

Episode 103

7 March, Monday 7 March 2022

Episode 104

Then, Asad telephones Zoya. Ayaan tells Zoya about Nikhat’s marriage. In the meantime, Asad waits outside Ayaan’s home to meet Zoya. In the evening, the Farhan family comes to Nikhat’s residence.

8 March, 2022 Tuesday

Episode 105

Najma then requests Zoya to go meet Asad.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Episode 106

Humeira notices Ayaan and Zoya together. Asad is targeted by Tanveer. Then, Zoya is asked to accept the fact that she is his wife, Ayaan’s through Badi Bi.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Episode 107

Zoya is in Humeira. Tanveer is threatening to hurt Zoya. Haseena is always provocative to Zoya and Asad in Farhan’s ‘haldi’ ceremony.

Monday 11 March 2022

Episode 108

Zoya decides to put her makeup on Nikhat. Tanveer orchestrates Farhan’s kidnapping. Haseena accuses Zoya as the reason for her disappearance. Then, Asad brings Farhan to his wedding.

12 March, 2022 on a Saturday

Episode 109

Asad receives a gift From Badi Bi. Najma is kept from learning about Farhan’s hidden plot. Then, Zoya’s trip to Asad’s residence is interrupted.

Wednesday 13 March 2022

Episode 110

Asad soothes Zoya. Nikhat asks Farhan regarding his clean clothing. Ayaan apologizes later to Asad via phone while Zoya gets a visit from Razia.

Thursday 14 March 2022

Episode 111

Asad is waiting for Zoya. In the next scene, Razia manipulates Shireen against Zoya and Asad. Razia and Shireen are watching the scene as Zoya and Asad hug each other.

Wednesday 15 March 2022

Episode 112

Farhan is unable to take Nikhat. Humeira isn’t understanding Zoya and Ayaan’s relationship. Then, Asad is forced to make an emergency call to the police regarding Tanveer.

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Wednesday 16 March 2022

Episode 113

Nikhat spots Farhan spiking her dessert. Nikhat admits to Farhan that she’s aware of the dessert being spiked. Then, Razia and Tanveer plot against Zoya.

Friday 17 March 2022

Episode 114

Two journalists, who say that Razia has called them, and want to report on Ayaan as well as Zoya’s tale. Tanveer praises Razia because Razia has been able to comprehend her plan. Humeira isn’t understanding Zoya and Ayaan’s connection.

Saturday 18 March 2022

Episode 115

Razia is plotting against Zoya and puts soap water on the staircase. Later, Ayaan falls unconscious in his room. At the office of Asad Tanveer presents her wedding invitation card to Asad.

Sunday 19 March 2022

Episode 116

Ayaan gets better after vomiting. He informs Zoya that He had been aware Razia drinking the poisoned juice. Tanveer is able to blackmail Asad to get married. Najma says to Imraan that she is confident in him. In the next scene, Tanveer informs mosque’s committee members that she’s pregnant.

Saturday 20th March, 2022

Episode 117

The journalists arrive to Zoya along with Ayaan’s interviews at the house of Ayaan. Badi Bi states that she wants to know what Zoya’s decision is. Following that, Zoya chooses to go with Asad.

Monday, 21 March 2022

Episode 118

Zoya kisses Asad and then they dance. Haseena Bi informs Nikhat to demand INR 25 lakhs from her father.

22 March, 2022, Tuesday

Episode 119

Asad pretends to forget Zoya’s birthday.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Episode 120

Nikhat and Ayaan later recreate Zoya And Asad’s story of love. Najma informs Nikhat that Haseena Bi is lying to her.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Episode 121

Haseena Bi is the one who initiates Najma to fight Nikhat. Dilshad requests Rashid to talk to Shireen and she agrees. Razia discovers a note saying that she will get her present soon.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Episode 122

A massive gift arrives for Razia Ayaan, and Ayaan discovers a refrigerator in it. Razia opens a letter in which she promises to take on the sins of her past. Razia is stunned to discover that the blackmailer has contacted her from her home number.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Episode 123

Razia informs Shireen the story of Rashid and Dilshad having a meeting. Haseena Bi is in a conspiracy against Nikhat. Rashid later informs Asad that he would like Dilshad to stay with him.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Episode 124

Haseena Bi is pushing Nikhat to Imraan. Asad apologizes to Dilshad but believes that Rashid is a deceiver. Ayaan later proposes marriage to Humeira.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Episode 125

Shireen later informs Ayaan her story of Rashid’s choice to stay with Dilshad. Razia discovers her photo of a murderer scribbled inside the yard. Rashid is trying to stop Shireen along with Ayaan to leave the home.

Monday 29 March 2022

Episode 126

When Ayaan is getting ready to leave, Dilshad arrives there. A devastated Humeira says to Razia that she doesn’t love Ayaan no more. Razia is later able to find a bloody doll in her bedroom.

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Episode 127

Haider shows up at Siddiqui Mansion. Asad announces to Dilshad that he’s planning to move to another country. Additionally, Zoya decides not to join Asad however, she attempts to stop him. In contrast, Razia sees a man lying on the ground.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Episode 128

Asad is back to his home town with Zoya.

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