How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button (Expert Guide)

How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button: You’ve bought your brand new Roku device and are looking forward to using the experience. However, there’s a problem: your Roku remote has no pair button or perhaps the button isn’t functioning. You’re probably wondering how you can connect your Roku remote that doesn’t have a button for pairing.

It’s the pairing button that’s the most convenient method of connecting to your Roku remote with your television, however this isn’t the sole option. You can also use Roku’s Roku App on your phone for synchronizing the remote with your Roku device or connect manually by using the buttons in your TV.

Before we dive into more depth, let’s examine the purpose of pairing buttons on the Roku remote does initially.

How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button

How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button


How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button

This button for pairing on the Roku remote lets you join your gadget to an external remote. So, you can operate it from a distance.

This button is typically found on the front part of the device. It is also possible to find it beneath inside the batteries compartment.


If you want to sync your devices, you need to find the pairing button and press it until you see the light coming from the top of the remote.

Syncing Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

This button for pairing on the Roku remote lets you join your gadget to an external remote. So, you can operate it from a distance.

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This button is typically found on the front part of the device. It is also possible to find it beneath inside the batteries compartment.


Sync the Remote Using a Smartphone

The Roku application for smartphones comes with an option for remote control that you can use to operate the remote of your Roku TV. It’s also a great option to connect with your Roku remote, without buttons for pairing.

All you need is a smartphone that has WiFi.

Below are some steps that you must take:

  1. Visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Download the no-cost Roku app for free..
  3. It is important to ensure you have your phone and Roku device are on the same WiFi network.
  4. Go to the Roku application. Then, you’ll be able to see it’s remote option choose it.
  5. Its remote option lets you to manage your Roku TV using your smartphone.
  6. Utilizing your smartphone, search for settings followed by the Remotes and Devices selection on your TV.
  7. Then, select the option to select the pair with a New Device Option.

Your Roku device will automatically scan for compatible remotes. If your remote is working correctly, you shouldn’t have any problem.

If your Roku remote is still not syncing, you may need to try the following method.


Sync the Remote Using the “Pair Remote” Option


This feature only works when your TV is able to control the settings without the remote.

Below are some steps to adhere to:

  1. Navigate to the homescreen“Home”screen in the Roku device.
  2. Continue scrolling down to come to Settings..
  3. Under the Settings menu, you’ll access an option called remotes selection on the right.
  4. Then, choose then the pair remote option.
  5. This feature will instantly pair the remote to the Roku device.

If your remote doesn’t connect automatically, it could indicate something wrong with the remote. If that’s the situation, you could attempt to fix the issue and restart the Roku device.

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How to Solve Common Problems of a Roku Remote

Roku devices, such as remotes, are priced as well as designed built to endure. But, they’re not perfect and they may malfunction at times.

The Remote Is Not Working or Syncing

The most frequent issue that users face when using Roku remotes, is the fact that they’re either disconnected frequently or not connecting at all.

If this is the case then here’s what you can do: accomplish:

  1. It is the first thing to do. reboot the device. Roku device.
  2. Simply turn off the TV , then disconnect it.
  3. After the TV is disconnected You must push it with the button that powers the TV (not your remote! ).
  4. Press the button for about two minutes.
  5. Connect and switch on the TV.
  6. It is necessary to reconnect the remote. You can do this by using the pairing button or follow the methods we discussed earlier.

It will resolve the issue of connection that occur between your Roku devices and your remote. If this method does not solve the issue You can try replacing the batteries.

Tip A few Roku devices let you restart your TV without disconnecting it. All you have to do is look for it under the restart option within the System Menu under Settings.


Another problem that’s common with Roku remotes is the fact that they may overheat rapidly which can cause internal problems.

If your remote is too hot when you are using it, you can try these things:

  1. Stop immediately if you feel that it’s becoming hot.
  2. Get the batteries out.
  3. The remote should be placed on an unflammable surface.
  4. Between 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. Place the batteries back in.
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It is advisable to consider buying new remotes when you find it is overheating often.

When to Buy a New Roku Remote

If you find that your Roku remote isn’t synching with your TV any longer, or is prone to malfunctioning frequently, you might want to purchase a new remote.

They’re not expensive and you can find top-quality universal models that work with nearly every television.

Amazon and other platforms on the internet provide Roku-compatible remotes starting at less than 11 dollars. It is also possible to purchase one via Roku.

Tips: Smartphones can function as Roku remotes. All you have to download is Roku’s Roku app and connect your Roku device to your phone! So you’ll are always carrying you’re “remote” on you and you’ll never have to look in the dark for your Roku remote ever again!


There’s a number of ways to pair your Roku remote to your TV, without having to use that pairing feature. Don’t be concerned when your remote’s pairing feature isn’t working or there’s no button.

Use these instructions to pair to a Roku remote that does not have an pairing button:

  1. Connect to your Roku device with your phone using Roku App. Roku App.
  2. Utilize your smartphone to get access to the television’s Setting.
  3. Within the Settings Choose in the Settings, the Devices and Remotes in the Settings, then select Pair New Devices and then select the Add a the New Device choice.
  4. It will automatically join to your Roku remote to your TV.

It is also possible to sync the remote via on the television’s home screen and then selecting the Settings option. After that, select the option to pair your Device. The TV will connect automatically to the remote to your Roku remote.

Are you having any concerns regarding the sync of to a Roku remote without that pairing button?

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