How Age is Just a Number Zee world Ended – Final Episode: 

The wedding rounds had begun. Avantika had taken a lead from Sahil in the next round. Vaidika lights a matchstick and throws it over Tanuj, burning him alive. She leaves the site.

The wedding rounds were complete. It was now time for Sindoor and Mangal sooter ritual. Shashi’s hand moved weakly. Avantika hands the mangal sooter into Sahil’s hand. Vaidika reaches the wedding and says this wedding can’t take place. She throws water into the fire, and deters to send Pandit to jail. Sahil is a married man already. She opens the Gathbandhan. She says Sahil is her life, how could he agree to marry Avantika while being her husband. Sahil says he can sacrifice anything for her. They hug each other. Manjolika followed Vaidika into Kashab’s house. Rekha says Vaidika left the house on her own. Vaidika says she agreed only to protect Rekha from harming herself. Then someone reminded that their love prevails since ages, their love isn’t as weak as to break so easily. Rekha orders Pandit ji to complete the wedding. Pandit ji takes a leave, as he can’t commit the sin or go to jail. Vaidika asserts no one can part her Sahil from her. She confess loving a guy younger than her. Love isn’t dependent on age, and she wants to say “I love you, Sahil”. They hug each other.

Vaidika now turns to Avantika and warns her to stay away from Sahil. Her husband belongs to her only. She now kiss Sahil’s forehead.

Age is Just a Number 9 November 2020 Sahil says Avantika is responsible. Vaidika says Tanuj kidnapped her from outside the house. He took her into a dark godown and tried to burn her face. Sahil reached to save her. Later he and his goons separated them again. Tanuj blackmailed Sahil that if Sahil doesn’t marry Avantika, he would kill her. She tells the family that it was Avantika who was behind Tanuj. She is a sister who would always be on the right side, no matter it’s about her sister. Avantika says Vaidika first wanted a divorce and ready to take alimony, how did she fall in love all over again with Sahil. Rekha also demands Vaidika the reason. Vaidika says she has brought the proof along with her. She calls someone inside. It was Shashi’s assistant. He apologizes, he had changed the will of Shashi on Avantika’s say. She came to his office with her boyfriend and he came into the greed of money. Later, Vaidika made him realize that his act would destroy whole of Kashab family. He decided to be true to his work, and the family he had served for years. Manjolika brings Sameer home. Sorab accepts he did all this because of Avantika, he loves her and Avantika promised to come to him and marry him once they get the money. He confess that Avantika hit Shashi, before Shashi could declare Avantika as his daughter in law. Avantika claims everyone is a liar. But Rekha slaps Avantika, blaming her for her husband’s injury and destruction of her family. Avantika pushes Rekha out of anger, but Vaidika supports her. Sahil says he couldn’t believe Avantika would fall to such an extent. Prem Pratab was apologetic to them. Sahil says if their child commits a mistake, it’s not about their brought up. They are the ones who gave all these values to Vaidika as well. Sahil claims Vaidika is a super woman and a great wife.

The police comes to take Avantika, Sameer and the lawyer along.

Sahil asks Vaidika to marry him again, and this time without a veil. Rekha says this time, they must marry on Sahil’s parent’s will. Manjolika was happy that she was left alive only to see Sadika married.

Sahil remembers from their past life, they had three children. Manjolika teases she had told him about all this. Rekha tells them to take blessings from their parents. Vaidika comes to sit on her feet and place Shashi’s hand over her head. Rekha hugs Vaidika and accepts she is proud of her daughter in law Vaidika, who is older than Sahil. Every divorcee has a right to find happiness once again. Even life gives a second chance. She is sensible, and well character. She calls the photographer for a group photograph.

Later, Vaidika comes home where it was all dark. She notices the house had been decorated. Sahil comes to her and says that he wants to live his past life with her all over again. With the click of his hand, a bundle of collages were lit. Vaidika was happy to see all this. Sahil says Manjolika helped him remind all this. Vaidika thanks Sahil for all this, for making her closer to her past. The past teaches them, while future brings hope. Their love was incomplete in the past, so they were born again. And in this life, she was again older than him. The society must understand that love doesn’t depend on age. Sahil was flattered, and decides to give a surprise to Vaidika.
Sahil performs on Aap Ke Aa Jane Se. Vaidika dances with him.

The show has ended

Age is Just a Number Zee world Show Ended on 9th, november 2020


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