Hidden Passion Telemundo Full Story: Plot Summary And Casts

Hidden Passion Telemundo Full Story: is an American telenovela premiered on Telemundo on  September 26th. The telenovela is created by the Venezuelan author Rossana Negrín, based on the Colombian-American drama written by Julio Jiménez, entitled Pasión de Gavilanes. Produced by Telemundo Studios, and distributed by Telemundo Internacional.

It stars Aarón Díaz, Gonzalo García Vivanco and Christian de la Campa as the Rey Gallardo Leon brothers, and Ana Lorena Sánchez, Kimberly Dos Ramos and Scarlet Gruber as the Del Juncos sisters, along to Sonya Smith and Fabián Ríos.


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Hidden Passion Telemundo Full Story

The story is set on the streets of Houston, Texas The story follows the humble, well-educated and hard-working Gallardo brother’s search for revenge against the powerful and wealthy family of the Del Junco family. The body of beautiful, young as well as expecting Alma Gallardo is found in the Houston River, her brother’s Arturo, Samuel, and Flavio believe that the relatives of the lover Ignacio Del Junco is to be blamed. By using the name of their last names “Rey” to disguise their identities, the brothers are forced working on the famous Del Junco horse ranch to increase their proximity to their foe.


With Ignacio dead and knowing the extent to which their dear sister was abused by Ignacio’s family and the Del Junco brothers are determined to exact revenge on Ignacio’s widow, Cayetana, and her daughters Sofia, Irina, and Andrea. Their desire for revenge and justice is made more difficult as their friends, the Gallardo brothers as well as their Del Junco sisters begin to begin to feel a real affection for one another. To make matters even more complicated Sofia’s clever, opportunist husband is also an arms smuggler who’ll go to any lengths to acquire an access pass to Del Junco ranch. The real brother’s identity is well-known by the Del Junco family and Cayetana begins to hate those who are the Gallardo brothers. Things get worse when Cayetana finds out she is aware that Arturo is the one who is responsible for Sofia’s pregnancy . She is determined to see the brothers’ demise.

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Hidden Passion Telemundo Casts

  • Aarón Díaz  Acted As ==> Arturo Rey Gallardo Leon; Sofía’s second husband, Arturito’s father, Flavio, Samuel and Alma’s older brother and Verónica’s older paternal half-brother.
  • Ana Lorena Sánchez  Acted As ==> Sofía del Junco de Gallardo; Arturo’s wife, Arturito’s mother, Cayetana’s eldest daughter, Andrea and Irina’s elder sister.
  • Kimberly Dos Ramos  Acted As ==> Irina del Junco de Gallardo; Flavio’s wife, Cayetana’s youngest daughter, Sofía and Andrea’s younger sister.
  • Gonzalo García Vivanco  Acted As ==> Flavio Rey Gallardo Leon; Irina’s husband, Arturo, Samuel and Alma’s brother and Verónica’s half-brother.
  • Scarlet Gruber  Acted As ==> Andrea del Junco de Gallardo; Samuel’s second wife, Cayetana’s second daughter, Sofía and Irina’s sister. Though Andrea h Acted As ==> her mother’s temperament, she cannot help falling for Samuel and nearly suffered a mental breakdown when she learned he w Acted As ==> marrying Beatriz.
  • Christian de la Campa  Acted As ==> Samuel Rey Gallardo Leon; Andrea’s husband, Beatriz’s widower, Patricia’s ex-lover, Arturo, Flavio and Alma’s brother and Verónica’s half-brother.
  • Sonya Smith  Acted As ==> Cayetana Belmonte del Junco; Sofía, Andrea and Irina’s mother, Leonardo’s former wife. An arrogant woman who cruelly insulted and mistreated Alma, she develops a fierce burning hatred for the Gallardo brothers and is determined to destroy them at whatever cost, which blinds her to re Acted As ==> on and the real enemy.
  • Fabián Ríos  Acted As ==> Leonardo Montalvo; Sofía and Cayetana’s ex husband and a scheming, despicable opportunist (antagonist).
  • Daniela Navarro  Acted As ==> Patricia Rubio de Matamoros; a famous night club singer and Samuel’s former lover who betrayed him and married Ulises.
  • Omar Germenos Acted As ==> Emilio Valverde; family friend of the Del Juncos, Isadora’s adopted father, and a dangerous arms trafficker and mob boss.
  • Adriana Lavat  Acted As ==> Soledad Flores de Gallardo; The Del Junco sisters’ nanny/mother figure, Verónica’s biological mother and José Antonio Gallardo’s second wife.
  • Eduardo Victoria  Acted As ==> Néstor Fernández, the police chief who is friendly with the Gallardos and handles most of the investigations,who also falls in love with Cayetana.
  • Joaquín Garrido  Acted As ==> Don Felipe Belmonte; Cayetana’s wheelchair user father and a retired army general, who detests Montalvo from the start.
  • Cynthia Olavarría  Acted As ==> Isadora Valverde; Emilio’s daughter, obsessed with Arturo. She later discovers that her mother is still alive and that Valverde is not her real father.
  • Isabella C Acted As ==> tillo  Acted As ==> Alma “Reina” Gallardo / Verónica Saldívar Gallardo de Martínez; Alma is the Reyes’ brothers dead sister and later Verónica appeared and is revealed to be the Reyes’ brothers half-sister from their father’s side which explains Alma and Verónica’s resemblance.
  • Diana Quijano  Acted As ==> Beatriz Alcázar de la Fuente; Samuel’s late wife and a kind-hearted, wealthy society lady.
  • Ricardo Kleinbaum Acted As ==> Ulises Matamoros; Patricia’s husband who works for Emilio. He is jealous of Patricia’s relationship with Samuel and makes a few attempts to have Samuel murdered.
  • Dad Dáger  Acted As ==> Miranda Luján Saldívar; Verónica’s adoptive mother and Cayetana’s best friend
  • Alberich Bormann Acted As ==> Darío Luján; Irina’s best friend/ex-fiancée and Miranda’s nephew.
  • Roberto Plantier  Acted As ==> Horacio Luján; Andrea’s ex-boyfriend, Miranda’s nephew.
  • Gabriel Rossi Acted As ==> Pablo Martínez; the Del Juncos’ trusted foreman and Verónica’s husband.
  • Gloria Mayo Acted As ==> Juana Ramírez.
  • José Ramón Blanch Acted As ==> Roger Molina.
  • Fabián Pizzorno Acted As ==> Octavio Saldívar; Miranda’s wife, Verónica’s adoptive father
  • Jessica Cerezo Acted As ==> Briggite Losada.
  • Sol Rodríguez  Acted As ==> Lucía Crespo Ramírez.
  • Kary Musa Acted As ==> Candela Ríos, Patricia’s friend and valet, who often disapproved of her fling with Samuel. She later becomes a club singer in her own right and develops a friendship with Don Felipe, whom she says reminds her of her own father.
  • Julio Ocampo Acted As ==> Tomás Crespo.
  • Orlando Miguel  Acted As ==> Jack Malkovich, Valverde’s henchman.
  • Fernando Pacanins Acted As ==> John Nicholson, Valverde’s henchman.
  • Virginia Loreto Acted As ==> Nieves; the Del Juncos’ trusted maid.
  • Giovanna del Portillo Acted As ==> Rocío Méndez; the Del Juncos’ trusted maid, who loves Pablo and deeply resents Veronica’s presence in his life.But later falls in love with Mauricio and gets engaged to him
  • Carmen Olivares Acted As ==> Matilde García.
  • Rodrigo Aragón Acted As ==> Mauricio Cabrera, Fernandez’s second-in-command who later falls for Rocio, the father of her unborn baby
  • Bárbara Garófalo Acted As ==> Linda Valverde; Emilio’s niece.
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Special guest stars

  • Ana Sofía Durán Acted As ==> Child Irina.
  • Joanna Hernández Acted As ==> Child Sofía.
  • Macarena Oz Acted As ==> Child Andrea.
  • Ricardo Chávez  Acted As ==> Ignacio del Junco; Cayetana’s husband, Alma Gallardo’s lover, Sofia, Andrea and Irina’s father.
  • Guillermo Quintanilla Acted As ==> José Antonio Gallardo; Teresa’s widower; Soledad’s husband; Arturo, Samuel, Flavio, Alma and Veronica’s father.
  • Cecilia Melman Acted As ==> Teresa León de Gallardo; José Antonio’s first wife, Arturo, Samuel, Flavio and Alma’s mother.
  • Viviana Ramos Acted As ==> Grace Varela, chief correspondent for Saldívar publications and Miranda’s second-in-command.
  • Marissa del Portillo Acted As ==> Julia Ortiz, Isadora’s mother who, after rejecting Emilio Valverde, is committed to a mental institution by him after he kills her husband (Isadora’s biological father).
  • Damian P Acted As ==> trana Acted As ==> Gustavo Mendez, Leonardo’s trusted sidekick.

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