Happy Hearts update Monday 7th February 2022 Starlife

Happy Hearts 7 february 2022 starlife: Biji hearing Sandhya. She gets shocked. Happy is on the road and talks to someone. She says yes, I m waiting here for the tickets. Someone kidnaps her. Everyone reads Happy’s letter. Biji says we didn’t accept this relation, we agreed since Kulwant insisted for Chintu’s happiness. She gets insulting Happy’s family. Bua says our family never felt so humiliated before. Madhu asks Kulwant to see the consequences. Happy asks the man to leave her. Pratap says Happy isn’t with her friends. Kulwant asks Sandhya why didn’t she take Happy’s consent. He says we don’t want a girl who does a job, sorry I didn’t expect this, she has disgraced all of us. Sandhya apologizes. Madhu says you think we will accept her now. Biji says we can’t trust her, she will run away again. Happy struggles. Bua says maybe Happy planned to run away. Chintu sits sad and hears them. Everyone taunts Sandhya.

Chintu thinks I wanted to fulfill Happy’s dreams, she would have told me once. Rocky reveals his face and taunts Happy. She gets angry. He says the party has just begin, you will be a different person tomorrow, are you feeling scared.
Pratap says sorry, Happy is immature, I will get her. Bua says no, we won’t stay back. Sandhya says Happy is scared, she isn’t a wrong girl, Chintu I beg you, talk to her once. Chintu says let it be, I should have understood that Happy doesn’t want to marry me, we shouldn’t force relations on people, sorry. Chintu and his family leave. Pratap’s wife scolds Sandhya. Sandhya stops Chintu and begs again. She asks him to bring back Happy. He asks how can I bring her, she has left. Biji says she is a CA, not a detective. Rocky ties up Happy and sings tu mere saamne…. She struggles. He drinks wine. He says I m a bad boy. She shouts for help.

Kulwant asks what, you knew that she wanted to do a job. Chintu says I was going to tell you, maybe Sandhya and family pressurized her for marriage so she left from Roka, why would a girl like Happy marry me. Kulwant says you don’t lack anything, got it? You are a great guy, we shouldn’t care for Happy. Chintu says it matters to me. Happy says someone help me. Rocky hurts her and says no one will come to help you. He asks her not to scream. He throws darts beside her. She asks her to leave her. He says you and your family were going to cheat Chintu. She says no. He says I don’t like girls who lie, lets do something special for your sake. Chintu says nothing is possible between Happy and me, Sandhya and Smiley are upset, Sandhya will be convinced once she talks to Happy. Bua says Happy rejected you, you care for them. He says no, I m saying for sake of humanity. He convinces Kulwant. Pratap scolds Sandhya. Rocky scares Happy and asks her to dance. She dances on Laila mai laila…. He dances with her. She falls down. He says you shouldn’t stop.

Rocky dancing with Happy and torturing her. He says Lord has sent me to punish you for ruining Chintu’s life, I will balance everything, I will make everything fine by magic. She kicks him and runs to open the door. She finds it locked and knocks. He smiles and says this door will never open. She shouts stop harassing me. He stares at her. Biji and everyone come home. Biji asks Madhu to go inside, she has some work. Madhu tries to ask. Biji doesn’t say and goes. Sandhya goes to find Happy with Chintu. Pratap says we will have sleepless night today. He says Kulwant is still here. Rocky troubles Happy. He says I don’t believe in forcing, I will never degrade myself by touching you, you are cheap, you aren’t of my class. She says I didn’t wish to do this marriage, I had run away from roka, I got a job, but you kidnapped me. He says my mom and Biji are worried because of you, tell these stories to everyone else, why did you wait for Roka if you didn’t had to marry, I had sent that fake job letter for you, I won’t let this marriage happen, I m clear with my intention, I want to destroy you, your ego and everything. Someone knocks the door. Happy shouts help. Chintu says no one has seen Happy, how did she go, we should inform police and find her location. Sandhya says Happy doesn’t know how lucky she is to have you in her life, she didn’t value you, I m sorry.

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Biji comes to meet Rocky and sees Happy tied up. Rocky says she didn’t leave any option for me, no matter how much dad scolds me, I can’t let my family suffer. Biji asks why are her clothes torn. Happy thinks Biji is with Rocky in this. Biji takes Rocky aside and asks did you molest that girl. Rocky says no, I swear I didn’t even touch her, I never force any girl, I fulfilled my promise and stopped Chintu’s marriage. She says lets have a drink. Pratap says you didn’t find her. Sandhya cries. Biji says I m going to manage at the house. She goes. Rocky checks the door again and sees his uncle. He says I have your plan work. Sandhya cries for Happy.

Rocky says you know Happy’s mom, why did you agree to trouble them. Bhatia says Sania likes you a lot, I can do this for you, Happy’s dad Raj was my very good friend, when friends become foes, enmity becomes more stronger than friendship, never give Sania the chance to become your enemy. Rocky says don’t worry, she is my buddy, everything is in control, like you have told me. Pratap apologizes to Chintu. Rocky pushes her out of the car. She falls on the road. He flees. Everyone gets shocked seeing Happy’s state and run to her. They see Happy and worry.

Pratap’s wife insults her. Sandhya asks what happened with you, tell me. Chintu says Happy… She gets angry. Pratap says Happy is responsible for this, no need to show any sympathy to her. He sends his children inside. Kulwant says we shall leave now Chintu. Chintu says its extremely bad, I m sorry. Happy shouts no Chintu, why are you apologizing because you will help me in stopping this roka, or you will ask your parents to cancel this marriage, you want me to get married and suffer. She says answer me, tell me, did I come and plead you that I love you immensely and ask you to do a favor to marry me, did I tell you, I told you that I wanted to marry you, I said that under compulsion, because my mum and sister were in trouble.

Pratap asks what rubbish are you saying. Kulfi says no, I was trying to escape from this marriage, what harm did I cause that your brother behaved so cruelly with me, answer me. Everyone gets shocked. Chintu says Rocky can’t do this. She says Rocky has done this, I ran away from Rocky, he kidnapped me and tortured me so badly, he almost killed me, Rocky was not alone, your Biji was involved in it. They get shocked. Happy says she had come at night, I saw her, Rocky tied me, she didn’t say anything, she left me there and didn’t help. She cries. Kulwant gets angry.

Biji saying Happy will surely tell our name. Rocky says I think of ahead always. Biji hears Madhu talking on phone. She says Happy has told our names Rocky. He asks her not to worry, he is her shield, he won’t let anything happen to her. He says you listen what we need to do now. She smiles. Pratap says it means Happy got an offer letter for job and left home, then someone kidnapped her. He scolds Happy.

Kulwant says I would have agreed if she took Rocky’s name, but she took Biji’s name, she did very wrong. Tai ji asks her to say truth. Happy says I m not saying anything wrong, Rocky has done this. Rocky comes and asks her not to lie. He says you can’t blame me for your misdeeds. Happy asks how dare you come here. Kulwant asks him what’s going on. Rocky says she is lying, you will believe any girl, but not me. Kulwant says tell me, whatever she is saying is true or not. Biji comes and proves Happy wrong by accusing her. She says Happy has accused Rocky and dragged me into this. Happy looks at Biji. Biji scolds Happy. She says Chintu let it be, don’t know what magic she has done on you. Happy says Biji you know I m saying the truth, you shouldn’t lie, tell them the truth that Rocky kidnapped me, you were with him. Biji says I was with Rocky yesterday. Pratap scolds Happy. Biji says Rocky and I were having a party that alliance broke, I don’t like Happy. She says you mean I have let Rocky torture you. Happy asks are you a woman or not. She shows her torn clothes and asks her does she remember it now. She says I begged you for help, you let me stay there tied and went. Biji says liar. Madhu slaps Happy. She asks her to stop it now. She insults Happy and her family.

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Bhatia comes there and greets Biji. He asks Biji does she know them. Kulwant and Madhu see him and recognize seeing him with Sandhya. Bhatia says I want to talk to Sandhya. Sandhya says I will talk to you later. He says Happy has grown up, what happened. He asks did you send her to different customer. Pratap and everyone get shocked. Bhatia says you should have not forced your daughter into this bad business. Sandhya gets shocked and asks what are you saying. He says enough, you have been in that business for years, you pushed your daughter in it too. Kulwant stops Chintu. Rocky smiles. Bhatia says you promised me you won’t make Happy do anything wrong, you could have waited. Sandhya says enough, have you gone mad. He says enough, Raj was my best friend, what will I tell him when I face him. Sandhya scolds him. Pratap ousts Happy, Sandhya and Smiley. Sandhya hugs Happy. She asks Pratap to believe them.

Kulwant asks Chintu not to get into their matter. Sandhya says I didn’t do anything. Pratap and his wife scold Sandhya. Happy says don’t dare to talk like that with my mum. Pratap scolds her. Happy says you are behaving like this with us since my dad isn’t alive, else you would have not dared to do this, my dad had given our responsibility to you, thinking you are our family, he didn’t know that you would never accept us. Pratap says we did a lot for you, I have taken care of you. Happy says we don’t want your money and taunts, one day your own family will accuse you falsely, you will be in our position, you will know what one feels when family rejects you. Pratap raises hand on her and stops. Happy says no one respects or trusts us, we can’t stay here. Biji insults her. Sandhya curses Biji that she will lose the thing which she values the most. Biji gets angry. Happy says its duty of elders to guide kids, I feel so sorry for you, you couldn’t do this, if mums and Dadis are like this, the family men can’t respect women. Pratap asks her to get lost. Happy and her family leaves. Chintu feels bad.

Happy and her family trying to be strong. They are at the bus station. Rocky and his men come here. Rocky scolds Happy again. Happy says don’t dare to misbehave with my mum or sister. She says you got angry when I spoke about your family, you mean my love for my family isn’t true. He shoots in air and asks people to get back. He says you wanted to hurt Biji and mum by marrying Chintu, I have failed my plan. She says you kidnapped me, tortured me and then lied to them. He says I have insulted you all by teaming up with Bhatia, you can’t do anything now, tit for tat, you had planned to marry Chintu, remember this next time.

Chintu comes there and slaps Rocky. He beats up Rocky in anger. Rocky says don’t interfere in our matter, I m warning you. Chintu asks what will you do. Rocky says I will forget our relation. Chintu says it will be better for you, I have forgotten that you are my brother, I don’t believe in rumors, but I have heard you confess everything, you stooped so low, you ruined their live, I hate you. Rocky asks are you talking like this for her. Chintu says you are lucky that I m just talking, else I would have got you arrested, don’t call me your brother. Rocky says you are my brother and will always be, you are going to repent a lot for her.

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Chintu says I m repenting because of you, you were my brother, my kid, I have always stood by you, what’s this ego, I don’t understand. Rocky says I wanted to save you from her trap, she is not so innocent. Chintu says its my mistake that I have covered up your mistakes, you have become a monster, I can’t forgive myself for this. Rocky says it doesn’t matter what family thinks for me, it matters what you think about me. Chintu says go away from here. He asks his friends to just get out. He says don’t even dare to come in front of me. Rocky leaves. Chintu apologizes to Sandhya. He says I couldn’t do anything in morning, I knew its happening wrong, I was after Rocky since morning, forgive me.

He apologizes to Happy. He asks Sandhya to give him one day time, Rocky has done a crime with Happy, he will take its responsibility and fix everything. Sandhya says you will find a house and job for Happy, but she has lost her dignity, can you find it. Chintu says I will do anything you say, I m ready to do anything for Happy. Sandhya says then you have to do whatever I say. He agrees. Biji says Happy’s problem is over, Chintu and Rocky would be celebrating. They see Chintu and Happy at the door, wearing garlands. Kulwant worries. Madhu blames Happy for this.

Chintu defends her. Madhu scolds him. Biji and Madhu create a scene. Happy asks them not to say anything against her mum. Biji asks Kulwant to welcome his bahu. Kulwant says I can’t do anything now Chintu, this girl can’t stay here, we can’t approve this marriage. Biji says get out of here. She pushes Happy. Chintu keeps his hand and saves her. He says Happy is my wife, I won’t tolerate if anyone treats her like this, if you want to throw her out, first throw me out. Biji asks Kulwant did he hear this. Chintu says I know you all are angry on Happy, but Rocky was responsible for this. Biji asks are you out of your mind, you are calling me a liar. Chintu says no, I have heard this myself, Rocky confessed that he had kidnapped Happy, she is my responsibility and I will take care of her, if this house can’t accept her, then I will also leave the house.

Sandhya says Chintu was ready to help us, you have forced them to marry. Sandhya recalls insisting Happy and Chintu to get married. Happy refuses to do the marriage. Sandhya threatens of committing suicide. Happy hugs her and says I can’t live without you, I will marry him. Chintu smiles. Happy says I will do this marriage for your happiness. Sandhya hugs her. Chintu and Happy get married in the temple. FB ends. Sandhya says you are young, you don’t know this world, Happy may find a job, what about her defamation, its imp that her husband stands by her, this society won’t let her life. Smiley asks can Happy live happily there, they will torture her. Sandhya says they are Happy’s inlaws now, we will pray to Lord that Happy becomes a part of that family, arrange your stuff now. Smilet doesn’t understand.

Kulwant says Chintu knows we can’t manage anything without him, he is threatening to leave the house. Chintu says no, you all are my family, I know my responsibility, trust me, I had protected Happy like you protect mum, Happy is now my responsibility, I m standing with her. Kulwant says its wrong if she stays here, its wrong if you leave her, the right thing is you leave this house. Chintu gets sad.


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