Geet Wednesday update 8th January 2020


Geet 8 January 2020: Geet in a bus going to Delhi, flashbacks are shown of her at the police station.

Geet Wednesday 8 January 2020: Police guy tells her that she did a great job by telling them about Brij, and that her dad has left a bag for her. Geet asks some guy in the bus when will they reach Delhi, he tells soon!
Here in Delhi, we see an office by the name of Khurana’s, and Sasha’s entry (she looks gorgeous lol), and another girl who keeps saying “Silly me!”. Suddenly a siren goes off in the office, everybody starts running and getting to work, it turns out that the boss who hasn’t shown up in months is actually coming to the office today. Everyone calls him “MK”. A group of cars are shown arriving at the office, the boss gets out of the car and is walking into the office, and the remixed version of Maan’s tune is playing in the background (omg I love the remix version Embarrassed, this scene may remind you of Aamir in Ghajini, hot hot hott!!Embarrassed, must watch scene for all viewersss Shocked) His face is not shown, as he enters the office, everyone greets him, including Sasha. Then the boss’ face is shown, and its none other than Maan Singh Khuarana Day Dreaming, looking as dreamy as ever in his business attire (def not to be misseddd Embarrassed) He asks for Adi, and a guy in glasses (nerd type) comes out running. Maan asks for Sasha and Adi to meet him in the cabin with certain files. He leaves. Sasha and the other girl are drooling over Maan, and Sasha asks her if she’s looking good before she goes in. It turns out that a file is missing, and Adi had left it in the reception with Pinky.
But Pinky is on leave

Pinky’s intro, apparently the girl is obsessed with food LOL
Her full name is Pinky Manchanda Confused (we thought she was Maan’s sister)
She’s at the bus stand, looking for Geet (with a photo of hers in her hand)
Geet comes out, very nervous and scared, but she gets herself together, and goes to the counter to inquire about how she can get to the Canadian embassy Shocked (omg she wants to go to Canada to take revenge, you go girl, but Maan is waiting for you here yaar Embarrassed) They suggest her to take a taxi, but Geet bumps into Pinky, who turns out to be a friend of hers from long time ago which she doesn’t even remember. Geet asks her who she recognized her after so many years, Pinky tells her that Mahinder (Geet’s dad) used to send her picture every year. Pinky insists that Geet will stay at her place, Geet refuses, but is ok after Pinky offers to take rent from her since that won’t be a favor then.
Pinky and Geet in taxi
Pinky calls her dad and informs him that Geet has come. At the same time, her dad gets a phone from Mahinder, and he assures him that Geet won’t have any trouble here, as she’s like my own daughter (apparently the dads were friends, aww so sweet of Mahinder Clap)
Geet asks Pinky if they can go to the Canadian embassy.
Pinky teases her as if she wants to get a hot NRI guy for herself, Geet gets hurtCry

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Maan’s office
Sasha and Adi are discussing something with Maan, when Sasha asks Maan about his wound on the head. Maaan goes back in Geet’s memories Embarrassed
Sasha says she’ll get a band-aid for him, but Maan refuses, and asks for the missing file LOL
Adi and Sasha tell that Pinky is on a leave and she had the file. Maan gets annoyed and says he wants it now no matter what Wink with his khadoos attitude Embarrassed
Pinky gets a call from the office, she gets all nervous after listening to the news of the boss coming in LOL
She tells the taxi driver to go to the office, but Geet wants to go to the embassy
Pinky tells her we’ll go later as I have to go urgently now!
Taxi leaves them outside Maan’s office, Pinky enters in a hurry, Geet takes her time as she’s very nervous!
Geet enters the office with her bag, and then we see Maan walking down the gallery (with his original tune Embarrassed), about to turn, and the epi ends!

Typical dragging type incident. Geet and Mann crosses each other in his office without seeing any one. Geet bends to pick her bag up, when Mann walks out from there ( mann looking dashingBig smile, Role does suit guru, no wonder Rosh jumpingROFL). Saasha tells pinky she is the one who saved her job. adi asks candidates list those are coming for secretary’s interview ( abe dumbo geet is waiting out side go hire herSilly) Clumsy pinky has hard time to find list, when saasha yells at her that whether it’s trash can or drawer ( well modern Bhumi looks way too good here, but attitude is same, right roshApprove). Back at corridor geet wondering where is pinky and she starts walking ( meri maa stand where you are she will come there or else you will miss herSilly) Finally pinky gets the list and adi tells her to go and enjoy her off. After saasha, adi left pinky realized geet is waiting for her ( no she already starts walking she is lost now, kya kho kho khel rahe ho yaarD’oh)

Geet looking for pinky when saasha bumps to her and gives disgusted look. Saasha asks her if she is coming from uzbekistaan and does not know hindi ( hahah, why not from US those people do not know hindi either) Adi thinks she has come for interview; they take her to board room with out giving her chance to speak ( aaya majaa geet phasi na ab). Start asks her name, she is about to tell full name but stops at first, he asks geet what and she goes in FB and then firmly tells only geet ( yeah adi for now geet only later she will be khuraana, maan himself will let you knowLOLWink) He asks about her education she tells she was doing BA, saasha jums in convo and says yeah where you did bahanji fashion course ( interesting never knew about that course).Geet asks him why these questioning to her. He replies for security reason ( OMG now all are going to use these phrase every where for security reason tell this that etc what rubbish) Geet wonders for 5 mnts so much security question ( oh ask us what security check is. I stopped flying coz of these) Finally she decides to answer as this is question of pinky’s job ( no ma’m this will give you a job of staying very close, very near to your own MannROFL)

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Geet tells she came today only from Hoshiyaarpur. adi tries to make convo by saying oh from Punjab and tells saasha let him handle (can not you see adi?? Saasha sees potential GF of maan in herTongue) adi asks about her family gets to know she is all alone. He goes further that does she know how big Delhi is??? Geet says in low voice for her city matters, and to find new path one has to walk alone. He is amazed and says delhi is very fast she says does not matter if one is determine will sure reach at destination no matter how much hurdles are in between( saasha tut oh gayi. Yeh ladki will take mann, already they met) Saasha is annoyed star laughs in funny way ( he reminds me funny character in Ugly Beety, forget his name)

Saasha storms off. Geet asks for pinky to him he says stay here she is busy and follows saasha. Saasha tells adi she is not fit, but adi replies she speaks a little, so good for our boss, saasha annoyingly says but he hardly shows up to office ( aayega aayega once he will see geet then will come daily.) and I am the one who will be dealing with her on daily basis. Now pinky in dhoondo geet mission. Where at maan’s office saasha and adi argue how unfit geet will be. Adi asks to have a look on geet’s details ( abe what you know he knows her 5 pushteROFL). Maan asks to saasha why is she unfit and to adi why is she fit. Saasha says she will not be able to handle corporate world where adi has point that she is very seedhi saadhi and these type people are very hard working and honest in addition she will put 100% of her in work. Finally mann agrees to give her job ( yeh toh hona hi tha, varna rosh jaake kanchi ko maartiROFL he signs her appointment letter of course without reading details in fact he covers her name with his hand. ( irony is geet had signed her property in his name and he is signing now her appointment letterOuch).

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Pinky finds geet in danger zone aka close to boss’s office. Geet explains to her what happen with her. Pinky thinks she will loose her job. Geet feeling very bad ( naa do not. you will get job here) those two are about to go when adi comes and tells she got the job,he asks pinky to get her details. Geet is shocked tries to say no but he does not listen hands her letter ( Oh man I want such employer, me struggling for job, market is still downLOL) He leaves geet denies to have job, tells pinky this is wrong but pinky blackmails her saying take it to save her job, and change topic by asking if she does not want to go to embassy. They leave again misses maan( hahah I’m sure they will meet in his office geet having note pad for dictation aur tab maan will have shock of his life). Adi apologize to mann for his argument with saasha and tells will never happen again ( nanan plese stand for geet when mann is not there, varna yeh saasha toh use uda degi)

Pinky brings geet in front of embassy ( oops it looks like tea stall). Pinky asks geet if she wants to go to Canada then she should find matchmaker and marry a NRI. Geet lost in FB with Dev, Pinky asks her tell the reason why is she so wanting to go in. Geet tells her she can not tell her any thing. Pinky says can you jump the wall, geet confused, pinky says see my jalva . she goes banaao fool security guard saying she is reporter and wants to take his picture while she signal geet to enter ( foolish ever thing to show. No way can anyone get this way to any embassy. Just misleadingSilly) Geet walking in side the embassy, where as out side maan coming out of his car murmuring this can be done over phone what is the point calling to embassy ( abe oye tu kya koi President of india or Canada hai kya??? Yeh TV vale bhi na kya bevkoof banaate hai public ko, embassy nahi hua zoo ho gaya) screen splits between geet and maan


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