GEET WEDNESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE, Its nite.. and MSK is closing in on Geet as she walks backwards saying… *U have to listen to me.. say YES* …

Geet says.. *No* …MSK says.. *Yes…* .. Geet says.. *No* ..!! Suddenly Geet loses balance as she bangs into the study table and bends on her back..! MSK loses balance as well n is almost on top of her.. but balances himself with a hand on the table on top of Geets hand!! Maneet eyelock! Mahii..!! Geets hand in gripping MSKs shirt tightly!  Their faces are inches apart..!! Geet looks down shyly n MSK comes out of his reverie! She leaves his shirt collar and he stands straight and looks away..!! Maneet keep glancing at each other! Geet says… *U sleep here, i will go to my room!*  MSK says…*No.. i m not feeling sleepy.. n i have work!* Geet says.. *Dun be stubborn.. i know ur feeling sleepy! And as such.. this is ur room! I m going to my room!*  MSK stops her and says…*As much as this house is mine… its urs too, u sleep here.. i m going out!* Geet insists … * i will sleep in my room*! MSK says… *Fine..lets do one thing! I will go out and finish my work .. till then u sleep here! Once i m thru.. i will come n u can go to ur room!* Geet nods her approval! MSK walks across Geet n both look at each they stand with their backs to each other!! MSK picks up his files..n leaves!! Geet looks sadly at him as he walks out!

Lucky-Jugnu-Dev are at Hotel Sunshine..! All the three bandars hotel ke andars.. r watching Nando-Ranvir from a few tables away while covering their faces with the menu! Lucky tells Dev that he is really cool ..tho he appears very innocent from the face.. he is very intelligent! Lucky tells Dev that he has so much of concern for Luckys family repute and Nando! Jugnu agrees n says.. that Dev knew that detective will be required and therefor brought Jungu along! Dev cringes seeing Nando smile and lauf while yapping with Nando! Lucky tells Jugnu that he is like a chewing gum stuck in the shoe .. comes on its own even if unwanted! Lucky calls the waiter..! Waiter asks for the order.. n Jugnu starts to wonder who the Waiter is n inspects him with his binoculars! Lucky clarifies to Jungu that its the waiter n he has come to take the order!  Jugnu asks the waiter to bend down and gives him a Geeli Geeli Chummi aka kiss
! Jugnu asks the waiter to take the order… 2 Tandoori Chicken.. 2 Butter Chicken.. 2 Chilly Chicken… 2 Paneer Makhani .. 2 Chilly Paneer.. 2 Kadai Paneer.. 10 Butter Naan …n Patiala Peg! Lucky asks..Jugnu as to who will pay the bill.. the Caneda wala uncle.. n that they will have to wash utensils! Jugnu says.. that he will call the PM n get the hotel closed down!

Nando tells Ranvir that tho she has been in Delhi for long, till now she she hasnt gone out at nite n that.. she dinno that at nite Delhi looks so beautiful! Dev is upset hearing that..! Nando thanks Ranvir that coz of him she could see such a pretty sight! Ranvir says that tho its very filmy and old, its perfect for such occasions that friends are not supposed to be told *Thank u* & *Sorry*! Both smile!! Ranvir tells that he n Nandu have done so many things. .so many times together..! Nando says that.. its the reason why she trusts him! Nando tells that whenever she needed a friend.. she used to think of Ranvir first and foremost! Dev glares *bg of breaking glass*! Ranvir says that its coz he is very dependable and that she gets free chance to make other girls jealous! Nando smirks!! Ranvir says looking around that the girls in the restaurant must be rueing as to why such a handsome hunk isnt with them! Both lauf again! Suddenly Nando turns to her right to pick up her tissue paper and Dev-Jugnu-Lucky hide their faces with the menu! Ranvir picks it up n offers to her! Dev glares angrily! Nando says..that tho she doesnt know about other things.. Ranvirs gentleman-ness will surely be riling up the other girls! Ranvir says that he is sure that Nandos tissue paper is gonna keep falling about 10-15 times more! Both lauf again! Dev looks mighty peeved!

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Nando asks Ranvir if he brought a certain *Woh*? Ranvir first gives a blank expression then nods affirmatively! Nando is excited..n asks for it!! Ranvir looks around ! Dev tells Lucky that Nando-Ranvir are hiding something n that he doesnt find their behavior proper!Lucky agrees ! Jugnu says..even he cant figure out … what to order for desert, Kulfi or Gulab Jamun? Lucky asks Jugnu to concentrate on Ranvir-Nando! Ranvir quietly brings out the brown cover and gives to Nando!! Dev sits up straight with a shocked face..! Nando look delighted to receive it! Dev tells Lucky that Ranvir gave something secretly to Nando! Dev says that.. there is something fishy! Lucky agrees that its some envelope! Ranvir n Nando decide to leave and Ranvir gets up n pulls Nandos chair…Both of them head off! Dev-Lucky-Jugnu all get up with a start too!Dev tells Lucky that.. they had come to a coffee shop, but left without drinking any coffee! Lucky observes that they had come to just exchange envelopes! Jugnu says..that they mite be drinking hot coffee after cooling it since hot coffee costs Rs. 20 n cold coffee Rs. 100! Dev wonder where Ranvir-Nando headed off! Lucky expresses that they mite have gone home n decides they better go home themselves.. to check! All of them head off!

MSK comes in his room and sees Geet sleeping peacefully! He walks near her bed and says… *Earlier u were being so adamant ..that i should sleep inside n that u will sleep outside and now look how she is sleeping so peacefully! She is number one stubborn!* Geet curls up in the bed and MSK goes and picks up his blanket and puts it around Geet..!! As he is setting the blanket around Geet, suddenly, Geet in her sleep catches hold of his hand and pulls it close and puts it under her cheek!!
MSK is left startled..! MSK is in a fix.. but then slowly starts to close in on Geet..!! He sets her hair and cutely touches her cheeks while drooling on her..!! Geet smiles in her sleep n MSK grins!!
He slowly eases his hand from under Geets cheek and Geet smiles in her sleep again…!! (New BG music) MSK gets up from the bed and opens the cupboard to take out a blanket!  He decides to go n sleep in the Guest room!!

Dev n Lucky are supporting Jugnu as they bring him inside the house!! Dev inquires from the servant if Nando has returned? Servant informs that Nando hadnt returned yet!! Servant inquires why Dev was asking but Dev sends him off!! Dev exclaims that something is wrong coz Ranvir-Nando had left earlier than them.. n yet havent reached! Lucky wonders the same thing! Lucky rues that coz of Jugnu they werent able to follow the two of them n wonders where they whizzed off!! Lucky calls Nando on her moby but its switched off! Lucky n Dev  both wonder where the two of them went..! Dev says that all they can do is wait..! Dev decides to sit n wait while Lucky tries to wake Jugnu up! Jugnu gets up with a start n screams …*Bakra* n *Balwant*! Lucky takes Jugnu inside! MSK comes right then n spots Dev and wonders what Dev is doing so late in the nite in the hall? MSK asks Dev …*U here late in the nite? Is there any issue?* Dev stammers and tries to deflect answering..! Dev says.. *Was thirsty.. came to drink water..! But bro ..where r u going so late.. with a blanket?* MSK says.. *Going to guest house to sleep!* Dev says…*Why going to guest house? Did u have a fight with Geet?* MSK quickly says.. *No! Why to have a fight with Geet… she is sleeping!*  Dev says. *Its the right thing.. people sleep at nite! U go n sleep too!* MSK self thot… *If i say anything before him, Dadi will get to know all! So better to rest the matter here itself!* MSK says.. *Yup going to sleep, but had some work in guest house..!* Dev says.. *Fine, so i will go to sleep!Its too late..!* Dev self thot.. *Nando hasnt come yet.. dunno what to do?* MSK wonders.. *Hope Dev isnt doubting me*  Dev smiles at MSK and then both head off their respective ways! MSK says.. *Before anyone comes.. i should sneak out!*

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MSK comes to the guest room and lies on the bed and covers himself with a blanket! Right then Jugnu arrives… n falls on MSK …! MSK gets up with a start and shouts… *Oyee!!* Jugnu gets up with a start too n shouts back.. *Blaaa* ! MSK says… *What kind of misbehaviour is this?* Jugnu says… *What misbehavior is this Balwant.. u sleeping on the bed of owners n asking what misbehavior this is ? Come tomorrow n ask forgiveness by writing SORRY!* Jungu pulls the blanket on himself n sleeps! MSK gets up with a start…!! Lucky comes running and says.. *Sorry.. Jugnu is a bit drunk and was adamant that he would sleep in the guest house!* MSK tells Lucky… *Wake this animal up!* Lucky says.. *Its difficult but what are u doing in the guest room? Did u have a fight with Geet?* MSK self thot.. *If i tell him something.. he will go n tell Dev n then Dadi will find out! Better to control it here itself*! MSK replies…*Had some work in the guest house n now going to sleep!* MSK asks Lucky to give the blanket..!! Lucky goes to take it off from Jugnu but its stuck.. under Jugnus weight so is unable to free it! MSK tries too! Lucky says.. *Let it be.. after drinking, Jugnus hold becomes stronger!* MSK rues.. *Dunno what kind of a day it is..! Just not ending!* MSK walks out of the guest room!

Dev is walking in the alley/hall.. He overhears footstep and its Nando!! He hides behind a pillar n watches her! He sees Nando walking with a bounce in her steps n smiling while looking at the envelope! Dev exclaims that Nando looks very happy n wonders what is there in the envelope? Dev wonders where Nando was till so late..! He decides to go n ask Nando!

MSK is walking angrily and comes to his room n sees Geet sleeping! He cribs. .*What has my life become.. i dun get a place to sleep in.. in my own house! In Khurana mansion.. more than the Khuranas, *looks at Geet* their relatives are more! Whichever room one goes.. the members of their family are present!*  MSK feels chilly and searches for a blanket.. but cant find it..!! He decides to increase the temperature..! But he sees Geet sleeping and decides against it! He goes n sits on the sofa.. n almost falls .. but decides to adjust himself in the sofa..!! He folds his legs and rests his head on the sofa handle..!! He looks at Geet and smiles!! He then closes his eyes.. n falls asleep! Mahiii in bg!

Dev sneaks into Nandos room..! He calls out for her.. but hears sound of water.. n assumes that she is in the washroom! He is about to leave when he notices the envelope that Ranvir had given Nando..!! He wonders what is in it..n decides to open n see..! Dev stops midway and thinks that he ought to not do such a thing.. but finally decides to check it since he wants to know what is in it..that made Nando so happy! Dev bends down to pick up the envelope n suddenly hears Nandos voice..! He quickly diverts n starts praising the flowers on the table.. n Nando looks confused at Dev..!!

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Dev sees the envelope n tries to lift it.. right then Nando comes n Dev diverts.. saying great flowers..! Nando inquires what Dev is doing in her room so late..!! Dev says.. Lucky having a stomach upset came to ask what to do. .n Nando says..getting meds..!Dev inquires who gave Nando the envelope n Nando he knew who gave?? Dev says.. she din have when she left.. but has when she was back so..!!  Dev inquires about the Coffee with Ranvir.. n Nando says..fine..! Dev inquires.. who gave it.. Ranvir?? Nando says..u stuck on it.. its nothing as such! Nando gives the meds to Dev n he leaves!

Geet wakes up n realises she is in MSKs room! Geet sees MSK sleeping in his uncomfy position.. she reduces the temp! She puts blanket on him n cuddles his cheeks! His hair n is in tears.. she gets up n leaves.. n her teardrop on MSKs cheek. .n he feels it n says Geet..!! MSK sitting in the drawing room n working n sneezing..!! He rues.. how can anyone sleep in so much cold?? Geet sees n rues…!! Dev comes n asks.. n MSK says..was slept in cold..!! Geet says.. he took it all on himself.. n din tell Dev that i was the reason..!! MSK tells Dev that tomorrow..Satyanarayan puja…is to be kept… Dev says..Dadi told.. u chill i will arrange..!! Geet resolves to be a good wife n take care of MSK!

Dev is rueing that Nandos relation isnt final yet.. why m i so worked up.. chill! Geet overhears n suggests.. talk to Nando at office..!! Dev asks.. Geet what?? Geet diverts n says..making Kada for MSK so he can work at ease at office!  Dev decides to take Nando to office!  Nando yapping with Ranvir on phone. .n Dev overhears..n fumes .. n says.. as if i m not a friend.. n i din make her lauf ever..!Dev tells Nando .. that MSK gave him a new project.. n he wants  Nando to work with him so… n Nando agrees!

MSK is sneezing and Geet comes n apologises.. for being responsible for him catching cold.. n MSK need.. she offers kada..! Geet forces MSK to drink n he protests…!! MSK says.. leave this n get me the file.. Geet realises that she mite hv lost it n goes to get.. but MSK sneeze n she keeps his nose close n forces him to drink… n MSK says.. leave my nose now n get file!

Dev is giving a description to Nando n co. on a walk thru the office..!!  Nando starts smiling n Dev thinks its for him then turns n sees its Ranvir.. n all start drooling on him! Dev is surprised.. n Nando says i called him to help in puja shopping..! Nando starts praising Ranvir n Dev is upset! Geet in her room searching for file..! Geet asks servant about the file n he says..that Geet told him to give out trash .. n the file went in trash..!! Geet is shocked!

Geet orders servant to get the file from trash picker..!! She rues what will she do now.. what to tell MSK… ! She rues.. finally he is talking nicely n now.. !! Geet overhears MSK sneezing.. ! She goes n hides in the bathroom.. MSK comes..! Geet says.. coming in 10 mins n MSK sits on the bed n says.. waiting right here.. n Geet is biting nails..! MSK gets call from Adi n leaves n Geet says.. i will come to office n give..!! MSK says want till 11am! Geet wonders what to do!


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