Geet Wednesday 5 February 2020 update

Geet Wednesday 5 February 2020: MSk comes down and Pari asks where were you two gone??? MK replies, a place where it was hard to tolerate someone??

Geet Wednesday 5 February 2020: Pari says then why would you go to these people. MSK says yes you are right , I better off alone. Geet is shocked to hear looked at him and now double shocked seeing lipstick mark on his face. Heart before she says any thing he walks off, Geet tells pari that she will be back and runs behind him.

Pari’s nerve cells activate seeing get running behind him, MSK is here, geet is hyper, what confusion?? She thinks more.

Geet stops MK, goes sir I want to say that, MSK interrupts what else you want to say, any ways you have said enough. Geet replies that she wants to say last night, MSK cuts saying I do not remember what happened last night. He tells her in firm tone that I do not think it was important, afterall I was drunk, so we will not talk about it, do you understand, and he walks off. Geet is shell shocked, rooted to ground thinks he does not remember at all.

Geet thinks good or bad that he remembers nothing, but I need to explain to him I can not work with him anymore. Geet has to stop as servent cleaning the door.

Bro’s talk. Dev spots lipstick on Mk’s cheek, gives him kerchief to wipe, tells him to take care of himself and says daadi mentioned you are going to introduced some one, good at least some one’s love story moving. MK wonders how did he get mark , remembers geet falling on him, replies to dev she is very complicated, anyways it’s difficult to understand women the more you try more you get trapped and walks off. Dev left echoing MK’s word.

NT is in corridor sees geet, her eyes pop up, she is shocked to see her at door, goes in FB when she saw her earlier, gets angry, goes and yells at dev that he has brought her home now. Dev shuts her up they she is just seeing her every where form no where. NT drags him down stair in hall, but apni geet toh flee and no one in the hall. NT is shocked seeing no one around.

MK in his room touches lipstick mark and questions him self how did he make mistake understanding geet?? She was the one all the time with me and tells me to go away?? Fine I will destroy all her nishaani and won’t let her come close to me. Mk takes out taveez from drawer.

Geet is back at out house, pari tells her she ran behind MK as people run for local at Mumbai. Geet makes an excuse that she wants to make sure he gets there okay. Pai says she is J aka jealous geet denies, and pari brushes off, but geet justifies saying he drank too much coz of my rejection of him oki ROFL oki she says he was drunk and I let him stay here coz it would have not nice if his daadi see him like this. Pari agrees and accept her mistake for mixing drinks geet says no it’s her fault she should have not come there. Pari gets suspicious that some thing going on between mannet and I need to find out if I am righ, so it’s time for game.

MSK walking in corridor shirtless haha no weird thought baniyaan hai, bums to daadi she says why going back in dark when you starting new beginning he asks what, she says are not you going to introduce a gal , he goes in FB about his convo with daadi. MSK tells daadi, before starting new beginning it’s necessary to dig old memories and goes from there, leaving daadi shocked.

Pari drags geet to play game, she tells her that she will say 5 words and she needs to say what she thinks with every word. Geet refuses, pari won’t let her, says we need fun to have life lively, so just reply with out thinking. She starts with rose, geet goes in rose FB with Mk replies threw in dustbin, pari is like what??. geet in trance fills her in that yes we both has thrown rose in dustbin first time, next is candle light dinner we see hum tum night. geet tells her about them got locked in meeting room.

next memory is first dance and we see kurbaan hua night in FB, geet says he was very angry with me, next is rains and dhaaba hug but geets gets up and about to go, pari stops her and says all words you connected with Mk and they all were very romantic.

Pari tells her in very meaningful way that she thinks geet has same dream what she was dreaming from Mumbai to Delhi.  Geet finally manages to control her self and says pari I will help you to fulfill your dream you are not getting me right, Geet tells her she will go to talk Mk and come back.

Geet comes to MSK’s haveli, nakul tells her that he is on terrace. She goes on terrace, calling his name remembering his words to pari, sees his picture for a change a smiley one, she says to her self sir used to smile, voice over of Mk says yes, but understood quickly that every smile has hidden sorrow that one does not see when smiling, but life takes it in count.. Geet sees his reflection in his picture. MSK says that is why it’s better if I do not smile. MAHI and geet touches his picture kinda touching his reflection, he goes away. She keeps looking for him and calls out if he is okay, but she trips on cycle, he says he hates falling down and he first time fell down from it that keep reminding him not to make same mistake again. Geet replies person falls when walks on unknown path and if he knows before hand about path then what is the point walking on it. He questions her if she does all for profit and loss and why has she come here to look for him. She asks where is he?? Gets the answer where I can stay away from you. Maneet come face to face, screen freezes.

Maneet face off in attic with STARING. MK tells her what a coincident that we are meeting at place where I keep nishaani of all my mistakes. Do you know I come to this room to remember not make same mistake again. Today I have come to leave one more mistake here, so that I never ever believe or misunderstad innocent face and innocent eyes like this. Geet is shattered to the core. MK is in pain, visible in his eyes. He adds I will never tri to cover some one else mistake,
Geet finally opens up saying who knows who is saving whom and perhaps it’s better we separate, but MK interrupts her saying there were no WE between us, he takes a moment to compose him self, and says good you are here, I was going to tell you that your work is done, you are free to leave the job, I am going to introduce YOU

He asks her if she has anything to say, she replies you have said it all. DUKH BHARA staring with out mahi, different BG. After 40 seconds staring Mk walks off leaving behind geet echoing his words about NO WE btwn them, when she spots taveez shocked how this possible she remembers word about hum safar, and we travels in FB express from HP to MSK ki Haveli Winkall maneet moments so far.

Pari walking in corridor talking loud that she needs to find out from MK if it’s cross connection or one way street , when she bumps to DEV. He asks her who are you this is my house pari yells DEV. it’s pari Mk’s biggest fan, Mk did not mention abt me??  dev gets it what he should that she is the gal whom MK will introduce to daadi, pari fumbles but then says right. dev says WOW bro’s choice has changed a lot you and pari completes I am cool, pari softly insults dev saying you are not uncool either but not hot like mr Dreamy .

She aks about Mk when he walks in, dev speks wrong words wrong time, says I did not know bro you like this type of gal. Mk asks what you are doing here. she replies where ever you there I am, dev laughs, MK angry, she tells she wants to talk to him and tells dev if he can leave them alone.  Dev leaves, MK is annoyed as pari tells him she wants to know whether his personality is romantic or not. She goes with same rapid fire round, MK shuts her up saying he has no time to waste. Pari challenges, MK agrees unwillingly. She goes same words with MK he remembers same like geet ( we knew that) He yells STOP it what are you asking?? Has n’t geet asked you to do so, if she said to you about me and her then that is all wrong . MK yells I feel nothing for her, pari gives shocker to MK saying she has not said geet’s name or asked if he feels for geet. You only connected all words with geet.MK retorts no need to interfere in my life, you are at job and that is you will be my fiance tonite to daadi, so do you work an d go.  He leaves, pari says loudly, yes I’ll do my work and go, your anger tells me you and geet have full connection I had cross connection

Geet in her room going through Mk’s word in attic. Pari comes to ask for help for wearing saree. Geet says no need but pari says her heart goes for Mk and MK’s pauses looks at geet then twists that waits for daadi so I want to impress daadi. Geet in zombie mode says today all will accomplish what they want. You will get MK, Mk will get his fiance. and I will start looking new MK  aka new job. Pari in shock says good that I planned in advance, geet asks what?/ she twist means about saree. Geet tries to teach how to wear saree, pari tells geet to wear and show. Geet resists, but pari hugs her and says love you. you are tooo good.

Pari calls Mk and says ILU, MK is shocked asks what ILU, daadi over hears thinks he is saying to geet. pari says I knows you do not love me but I am telling what my heart feels. He says listen she cuts him saying problem is all listen to you not vice verse. he says see, she goes you are the one who won’t see me coz I am going back. She says yes, am leaving but there is a gift for you. She cuts the phone. Daadi still standing there. Mk says I need to stop her.

Visible Ghost geet still haunting NT, so when she sees dev smiling taunts him did he meet some one special?? Dev says he is tired of explaining her that he he has no one in his life, but her. He has met pari, she gets 440 volts current, Dev fills in that she is Mk’s fiance. He says Mk has found gal and did not tell. NT says no need to be surprise, now we need to please his wife and follow her orders too. Dev says so much negativity, always gets wrong, seems you do not want to be happy. Nt yells you are nothing in front of MK, how many times I asked you to go office, dev says you are the one who asks me not to go. dev says seems you do not know what you want from me

Daadi catches MK and says you can not even wait , you said so fast ILU. MK says nothing like this, she says extra clarification is sign of ishq. Mk asks if she has taken medicine. Daadi says she does not need any medicine the happiness he is going to give today is enough.

Geet in saree looking for pari , wonders why she called her there, spots letter

Geet starts reading letter, pari’s voice over says, I know you are looking for me and wondering why I called you here, all magazines and medals that MK has given me, I am giving to you. Today I understood that Mk is my hero, rock star and no fan marries her hero. It is some one else right. I do not believe snatching someone else right , so am leaving , do not worry am fine, but will never forget the feeling of true love that you both have for each other in your eyes. I did my job, now you do it yours tell about your love, I set it all, candles, flowers, have no control on rain but who knows god may blessed love after confessing you two will dance for sure, so geet say it.

Geet is shocked, MK’ calls out loud geet. Geet turns, both start walking towards each other with MAHI and candles, flowers decoration is there too. MK sees geet in saree and his eyes are dreamy. Geet looks up and D*** screen freezes.

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