Geet 4 March 2020: Meera is tending to Dev..n Dev tries to get up n asks. .how did i get here? Meera says..i got u here..since u had fainted!

Geet 4 March 2020: U better take rest…i will send ur food in a little while!! Dev says..’Why are you worrying for me Meera?? Why did u bring me here! U should hv left me out there….i deserve it as a punishment for the sins i have committed! I dont deserve goodness!!’ Meera says..’U can bear to see someone suffer not me..’!! Dev says….’Geet stays with you only?’ Meera nods..!! Dev says while getting up and coufing..’I cant stay here!’..Meera stops him..n says..’Dev please…i know that its not right for you to stay here..but your not in a condition to go out !!’ Dev says…’But Geet…’……. Meera wondering wat to do since Geet is about to get home…n self thot …how do i tell her that Dev is here.. ! Meera gets up n Dev holding Meeras hand n says..’I m sorry …due to me ..your facing so much problem..!!’ Meera says ..’No Dev…only for the sake of humanity!’ Dev releases Meeras hand…and she leaves from there..!!

Munda plunges into the swimming pool and while swimming keeps…getting last nites flashbacks…of the dance..n the MAANhandling session..!! Geet in her room at Meeras place..n she too recollects last nites flashbacks…n especially the Slap…..n says…’What did i do Babaji …if he made a mistake..i made a bigger mistake….i shuldn hv slapped him.. What should i do now?? Should i ask Meera..!!’ MSK in pool and reflects..’Wats gotten into us…Wat did i do last…nite.. Wat did Geet do….Why are we crossing all limits..i wasnt like this..Geet wasnt like this..!!’


Geet comes to Meera..n asks her…wat to do.. if u make a mistake and u repent for a mistake u do and u dunno wat to do…?? wat shld u do?? Meera says…’Sometimes situation are such…tat we hv to do things against our principles.!!’ Geet says…’Not just against principles…from all sides its a huge mistake..!!’ Meera says….’Listen Geet..i know its a big mistake and cannot be forgiven so easily…but !’…n Geet says… ‘You are right….one Sorry cant be big enouf before a slap.!’ Meera says..’Slap?’ .n Geet says…that she wrongly raised hand on MSK..!!’ Meera says.. ‘This is very wrong na? U should apologise to him..!!’ Geet says..’But right now you said that for some mistakes sorry is not enouf? Wat should i do now?’

Geet sees Meera arranging three cups and asks Meera ..why she is making 3 cups of hot chocolate…!! Meera taken aback and falls silent and then says…’I was so lost in your talk that i din realise how many cups i made!!’ Meera says…she is tired n goes off!! Geet says..’I am dragging Meera in my troubles…but she is right…i should apologise..!!’ Meera says ‘I m sorry Geet….i m doing the same thing that i hate the most…lying to you…n thats coz of Dev!’ Next day morning…Geet is at Indian Paint office n says..’Meera was right ..if you have made a mistake then you should apologise..!! I will go and apologise to him rightaway..!! Geet calls for lift and it opens and meets MSK in lift… !! Geet tries to leave but lift door closes by then..!! MSK turns and looks at Geet and Geet too looks at MSK..!! Both stealing glances..!! MSK looks solemn *Btw MSKs tie color is blue n so is Geets suite color* MSK doesnt look at Geet.. but Geet keeps staring… n turns to say something but is lost for words..!!Geet self thot..that why are u dumbfounded…say what u had thot to say..!! Geet rues..that she is lost for voice..n wat should she do..!!

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Geet notices that her dupatta is touching MSKs hand..n MSK also notices…..!! Geet quietly removes her dupatta from where its touching n MSK self she doesnt like her dupatta touching my hand now!! The lift door opens and MSK walks out…before Geet can say anything..!!

Back to Dev niharring Meera ..n complimenting her… nice she is…Dead coz she is doing so much for him..!! Meera offers him tea…!! Dev says …’Meera due to me coming here your responsibilities must have increased greatly na? I mean my medicines.. my food, drink and you are having to do what u hate the most…..i.e. to have to lie to Geet coz of that she doesnt find out about me?? Meera says..its a matter of a day or two..only…. once ur alright..neither will u stay here..nor do i hv to do anything…!! Meera gets up and is about to leave but before leaving asks Dev to get ready so she can take him to the doctor!!

Geet in office grumbling…’Why doesnt he say something…his silence is more killing that his anger …i should have said sorry right then…!! Hope he forgives me…!! Till he forgives me..i will continue to die all worried n scared.!! I have to apologise to him anyhow……but how!!’ Romeo calls n asks.. hows u?? Geet says..’Well…’.. Romeo says…’No need to say anything…wherever u are…theres happiness!’..n informs Geet that MSK wants the accounts file.. !! Geet offers to take the file to MSK……but Romeo says..’No need for you to take sit there..i will come and collect the file and take it..!’ Geet decides that…’She will only take the file’ she gets up and right then Manisha comes n says..’Where are you going?’ Geet says..’This file..’ and Manisha says…’Well exactly my luv this is the file i want take to Hot Hot Boss (HHB) !!’ Manisha snatches the file from Geets hand and runs off..!! Geet says…’While making the mistake you werent looking for excuses then why searching for excuses at the time of seeking forgiveness…? Go strait n apologise!’ Geet seeks help from Babaji and goes towards MSKs cabin!!

MSK is looking at the file while Manisha is gazing at him and starts to go out of the cabin..!! While going out Manisha bumps into Geet and MSK looks up and sees Geet…!! Geet tries to seek MSKs attention..n says…’Sir i need to talk to you..!!’ MSK says..’Not now…!’ Geet startled…n wondering why is he talking so coolly wit me? Geet tries again and says..’Its me..Geet!’ n MSK looks up and says…’I recognised your voice..! I am busy right now..come later..!! Theres an important meeting..!!’ Geet starts walking.. looking back at him wondering..why is he so calm.. something is for sure wrong…..!!

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MSK asks Geet to look forward or she will fall since there are steps ahead…. and Geet says..i wasnt looking at u..n Maneet eyelock..and then Geet goes off..! MSK looks at where Geet went…

MSK comes in storeroom looking for Rampyaare n asks him to take out the old stock!! Geet comes there..n says..’Sir i wanted to….’ n MSK says.’Not now Geet..’ and tries to go away but Geet hurries and closes the storeroom door n stands next to it!! MSK says..’Geet wat r u doing??’ Geet says…’I learnt this method from u only.. since morning i wanted to talk to u..but u are not giving me any chance…Just listen to me once!’ MSK says ‘Listen Geet i m getting late for an important meeting…and ur wasting my time..!!’ Geet immediately puts her hand on MSKs mouth n says.. ‘Chuppp…bilkul Chuppp’ !! Geet realises what she has done and removes her hand from his mouth and says..’With a lot of difficulty …i hv gathered courage..pls listen to me just once!’ The peon Rampyaare opens the storeroom door and Geet gets disbalanced and falls forward into MSKs arms as he supports her..!!

MSK holding Geet by shoulder n both close..n by this time Rampyaare has left..!! MSK is about to go off..n Geet says..’i m sorry Maan sir!’ n MSK stops n looks at Geet..!! Geet continues saying …. ‘Please forgive me..!! Last nite watever i did i shouldnt hv done…. i din do anything intentionally….u only…’ MSK says.. ‘Geet…yesterday wat i did’..n Geet continues…’Wat u did yesterday was wrong..very wrong! I never thot that u wuld cross your limits like this..!! MSK looks sadly at Geet!!

Geet says..’I m apologising to you because i shouldnt hv answered back to wat u did last nite by raising hand on u…..i din wanna do it!!’ n MSK self thot.. MSK saying…’Neither did i want to’ ..!

MSK breaks trance n says..’Geet i have an important meeting ..i m going..! Excuse me..!’ n walks off ..out of the store room n Geet asking.. from behind.. ‘U din reply’….n MSK says..’U will get an answer in one hour.!’ MSK..self thot that sometimes sorry is not enouf..for some mistakes …coz for some mistakes its important to correct them rather than to apologoise!! And its my promise to you that i will correct the mistakes that have happened between us..!! Munda walks off!!

Munda holding Taveez n in his workout dress.. shirtless….. n recollecting the babajis prediction for taveez …. MSK says i hv set u free from the feelings that hv gotten u so much pain… the feeling that has made me lost…..n flashback of party scene…pool scene..self realisation !! MSK says…u hv to go away from me…this is right..!!
Geet wonders wat does MSks eyes want to say? I hv never seen such look….n maybe i wont see those eyes..ever again…!! Its been one hour. n he isnt back yet..!! Manisha n all wallowing.n Geet goes n asks…n Romeo says.. MSK has sold off company n to a person who has kicked out all of us..!!All workers sad….n Geet recollect Dadis words…of MSK buying it for her…. n also her slapping him…!! Geet self thot..he went two steps ahead in anger..but leaving me like this?

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Mundas angry workout..with ICE… recollecting Geets words…n incident at party n breaks two large blocks of ice….in anger n cuts his hand..n Geet comes..
Geet asks… why u sold fact?? MSK says….i set u free from me.. Geet says…free??

Deveera….back from doc….n Meera says..u hv to tk complete bedrest…for one stress n Dev says….with NT out..i hv to take stress.. n she can harm Geet anytime….. will u support me?? Meera nods n says…i will support u coz i cant see Geet sad..

Geet says MSK….u took ur decision alone again?? Atleast u culd hv asked me once….!! MSK says…u want freedom? Geet abt to come to MSK…n cuts leg in iceblock… MSK it hurting?? Geet asks..its hurting u also na?? MSK says..wats use of so much pain…..limit will break somewhere….n Geet limit is broken coz i raised hand??

Geet says..but why u punishing workers for my mistake? MSK says..watever happened yday..n Geet answer is yes…!! Geet says..since last nite u were asking… whether it makes diff to me… answer is Yes.. it makes diff to me..!! But this wasnt question.. question was whether i can stand on own foot without u…!! MSK says..wat happened yday wasnt right..i shld hv controlled… n MSK says..ur going away from me wuld b the right thing..

Geet says..i wont u leave so easily from my life..n MSK says..its the right thing for both of us…that i go far away from u…n MSK turn to leave n Geet says….u got scared na… that i will beat u..that i will do everything.. thats why u show me ur back to run away..!! MSK turns n says…what did u say?? Geet says.. Maan sir lost…n MSK says..i din lose..don talk like kids.. Geet says…the one who sells off co. n take away jobs of innocent n run away from war is a loser…..n MSK Says..i can prove ..!! Geet says..u just talk..u cant do anything… n can u talk ur workers n me back?? MSK says..u all will work in my office u too..n remember u cant win witout my help..!!

MSK leaves n Geet says…i knew it…..u wuldn turn back on us…n leave..!!

Meera painting…some cloth….n recollects Dev saying…that NT culd hurt Geet…n Meera says….i hv to control my feelings for Dev..i m supporting him only for the sake of humanity….i hv to talk to Dev!! Meera comes to search for Dev…n Dev wit Dadi n says…NT got me out on false papers..!! Dadi says… MSK is very angry on u….its better not to tell MSK..n u better leave town …for a few days..!! Dev says..i will stay away from Maneet but wont leave Delhi coz NT is in Delhi only..n she can harm Maneet…Angry n dun worry bro wont know..!! Geet wednesday 4 March 2020

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