Geet 2 September 2020: On Geet Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Written update, MSK asks Dadi. .why she supports Geet so much … n thats why Geet lies so much..!

Geet tries to speak n MSK silences her.. n warns that if she repeats he will forget he made any promise..! Dadi fakes fainting.. Maneet hold her! Geet suggests splashing water on Dadi n she goes to get n splashes on MSK
n he says on Dadi.. n Dadi regains consciousness..! MSK asks.what happened.. n Dadi said i culdn see u fighting..! MSK says.. Geet sent that message n Dadi says..i asked her to send n i din mention my ill health.. dinno u will be so scared… i wanted to talk to u.. come first lets sit n eat.! Geet says..u go. .i will finish work n they both glance at each other! Everyone at the table.. n Dev says.. NT has made special food for all n MSK says.. really?? Dev asks NT… so serve… n NT silent! NT says.. after a while.. have made.. lemme get it.. Dev surprised! Jugnu sneaks in the kitchen n starts to eat… palak paneer..!! He hears footsteps n asks Geet to help him hide! Its NT n Jugnu spills flour on her…
Geet teases her n NT glares..!! NT looks around for the palak paneer.. but cant find.. (Jugnu had it hidden under veggies)! Geet joins all at th table n Dadi says..she is hungry n where NT is?NT arrives with flour all over her… n Dev smiles seeing n  asks what happened?? NT says..made palak paneer but not there in kitchen .. Dev says… why lying..i know u dunno how to cook! NT says to MSK and Dadi. .she had made..!Dadi says..leave it.. sit and eat..! Geet says..yes.. it wont fall less..n Dadi says go clean urself up n come!

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Dadi tells MSK that next day its Teej… since not well cant arrange.. but wanna celebrate..! MSK says..fine! MSK says.. now lemme go to work n Dadi says.. who will do arrangements… ?? MSK says but work .. Dadi says.. fine.. go there no need to care for me.. n MSK says..i will handle all work here..!! Next day..Dadi looks around n says… wow nice arrangements… need to praise him n Geet agrees..! MSK says.. now m going to office.. all arrangements done..! Dadi says.. u gonna go to work on Teej?? Geet has kept fast…U have to stay at home today..! MSK agrees… glaring at Geet.!

NT sees a saree n decides to wear  it n wonders who will iron it..n calls out for Nando
n says.. this is Devs fave.. n need to iron. but i cant iron.. so will u?? Please..?? Nando agrees! NT says.. forgot moby at hall .. lemme go n get..!! Dev comes n sees Nando n asks..u here?? Nando says.. NT asked me to press.. so…! Dev takes n says.. i will get it done! MSK tells Adi on phone he wont come.. n as he walks he feels a whiff of air n turns n sees Geet! MSK drools on Geet as she is shown combing her hair.. applying lipstick and putting earing on!!
His eyes r fixed on her lips!
He watches as she puts bangles on! She hugs Maneets wedding pic. . as MSK watches feeling sad!She sees MSKs reflection in the photo frame n turns n MSK is startled! Geet smiles at him n he looks away n leaves..!! Geet hugs the pic again!

MSK comes n Geet blocks his way n says.. wanna talk to u.. n asks.. why were u stealing glances at me?? MSK .. no ways..! Geet says.. smilingly. . i saw.. n MSK says..r u an angel ..go get ur eyes checked..!! Geet cribs with MSK n MSK says..yes i was..!! Geet says.. then take off my nazar… n on whom ur eyes fall they fall flat…! MSK says.. nazar lies on humans.. n not. . Geet says.. now take off the nazar n snatches MSKs wallet!! Maneet are cribbing..! MSK maanhandles Geet.. n Maneet close moment..! They break the eyelock n Geet says..this is my house.. my family i will do as i please.. MSK says.but i brought u here… n dun wanna listen to u.. Geet says.. u have to. .from now on.. on the house n on u.. Geet Singh Khurana will rule! Geet takes MSKs wallet n he keeps screaming..!!


Jugnu n Lucky are in drawing room n Jugnu says..lucky day.. we get such awesome food being cooked..!! Dev sees the two of them.. n seems to get a plan!
Dev tells Jungu that the food being made is for ladies..! Lucky says..yes yes..true.. Jugnu opposes..n says shall go to court… n Dev says no need to .. have better idea..! MSK in his room n cribs.. how dare she… she is trying to be wife.. i will show her! Geet overhearing.. but MSK spots n Geet runs off!! MSK rues…Geet  n her family will drive me mad!!

NT is looking for Nando for her saree..! Nando informs that Dev took it to get it pressed..NT wonders what he will do! NT asks Dev for her saree n Dev silent..! NT screams… n Dev says.. shouting?? What will be impression on Bro… ur imperession of being a hapless person will be ruined..!! NT says..u doing deliberately?? Dev says yes to show ur true face! Dev says..forget saree… n NT says.. u ruined saree to harass me? Dev nods n says.. u were harassing Nando .. right?? NT says.. oh ok get it..! NT asks Dev if Nando is very close to his heart… n if he has given his heart to her?? NT says.. as such ur dil -phek.. n says.. ur choice is ruined! Dev choice used to be bad.. now better! Its evening.. all in the hall .. Dev comes in orange kurti paijama… Nando in blue.. NT comes n seeks Dadis blessings! NT in orange saree .. blocks Dev from coming to Nando… n asks Nando if she is fasting for good hubby n Nando says..i dun need to. .coz  i dun wanna get married..!

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Lights go off n Dadi asks Dev to check n goes to check on Geet..!!

Jugnu in saree in sneaking in the kitchen n cribs about food being hidden! Dadi comes n  sees the figure in kitchen n calls out who it is n Jugnu in ladies voice says.. m frm Sharamjis family..n Dadi says.. first puja then food..come to hall! Geet in darkness looking for sindoor! MSK with lighter.. comes n asks her to go in the hall or she might fall n Geet says..its Teej cant go out in sooni maang.. (without sindoor)! As the lighter goes off Maneets hand touch n MSK lights the lighter again! Eyelock!

MSK asks..where did u keep… Geet says what.. MSK sindoor n Geet points! MSK brings the dibba to Geet n gives to her.. .n she takes n applies.. with MSK reflection in mirror.. ! Wind whiff blows..n Geet has a some sindoor on her nose..n MSK comes to her..n wipes the sindoor..!! Maneet eyelock..!


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