Geet 29 July 2020: On Geet Wednesday 29 July 2020 Star life update, Geet is lying on the bed and gets flashbacks of – MSK telling her that he wants to be a Dad, Geet telling MSK that she wants to take their relationship on a higher level,

MSK playing with her hair strands, MSK touching her face, MSK pulling Geet closer as Geet has her back to MSK, MSK tightening his grip on Geets hand! Geet smiles thinking of all the moments…! She holds a pillow tightly close to her..! She happily holds the pillow up and rolls on the bed…and is almost about to fall..! Suddenly she hears Pammi say..’Geet’..! She quickly settles herself..and says…’Yes?’ Pammi comes close to where Geet is sitting and holds Geets chin up…lovingly and says..’Wow.. what is up with u??Today ur face is glowing..!’ Geet feels shy…! Pammi says…’It appears that u have made up with Maan ji?’ Geet looks down and smiles…! Pammi sits next to Geet and says…’I understand it feels when dreams come true after a long wait..! The entire world appears barren without ones hubby!’ Pammi is lost..n Geet notices..! Pammi quickly recovers and says…’i m such a fool…i forgot to tell u the main thing! Be ready in the evening..Boys family is coming to see Nandini!’ Geet is surprised hearing that… and says…’But.. why all of a sudden?’ Pammi says..’Its not sudden.. Tejjy and Beeji have already seen the boy and thats why.. they were sending u to the wedding…so that the boys family can see Nandini! Had Nandini known of this from before..she wuld have refused to go to the wedding..thats why this was all kept a secret!’ Geet says…’Now i understand! Btw now Nandini knows right?’ Pammi says..’Yes… Beeji has gone to tell her..! Come lets go as well…!’  Geet says..’Ok!’ 

Dev in his room and is lost in Nandinis thots..! He gets flashbacks of Nandini falling and him catching her in time..! Dev smiles..! Again he gets flashbacks of the KC moment when she fell on him…Nandini blowing air on his wound in the jungle as she bandaged his injured hand! Dev smiles broadly..! Suddenly he realises what he is doing and chides himself saying…’Dev..what are u thinking? U should not think all this! But what to do.. my thots are not in my control! But if i think all this…then it will be a very big problem …!! Well thinking is ok for me..but its not right for Geet and bro..! It will be a big problem for them..! What should i do?’ Suddenly Dev overhears the sound of Anklets…As he turns..he sees Nandini entering his room…wearing salwar suite..n covering her head with her dupatta..and shyly looking at him! Dev and Nandini are lost in eyelock! Nandini slowly walks towards Dev..! 
Nandini says.. ‘Suniye Ji..’ (Listen)! Dev says.. ‘Ji’ ! Nandini looks up and shyly says..’Ji?’! Dev again says…’Ji’! They keep repeating the same..’Ji’ ‘Ji’ lines…when suddenly Nandini smiles and says..’Jija ji..!’ Dev stands stumped!(Sound of breaking glass in bg) ! Dev looks irritated..! Right then someone says…’Jija ji…’ and Dev thinks its Nandini n self thot..’ She is back again?’ But its Lachchi who is carrying Tea for him..! Lachchi offers the Tea to Dev..! Dev takes it…thanking Lachchi..! Dev says..’Lachchi…have u seen Bro..erm i mean Balwant Singh our driver?’ Lachchi says…sounding annoyed…’U have become his devotee too? Dunno what magic that guy has spread on the whole family! Well ..i dunno where he is..! And today i have 100 work… boys family is coming to see Nandini..!’ Dev is shocked hearing that..! Lachchi continues …’I cant leave the work of the kitchen …and go searching that Balwant Singh..thats why..i m outta here..!’ As Lachchi turns to leave.. Dev calls out..n says..’What did u say?’ Lachchi says…’That i have 100 work!’ Dev says…’No no.. before that..!’ Lachchi says..’That i have to prepare refreshments!’ Dev says..’No no..before that..!’ Lachchi says…’What did i say before that? Oh yes… boys family is coming to see Nandini!’ Dev is shocked..!! Lachchi is confused seeing Dev’s expressions..! 
Nandini comes to her room and sees Beeji selecting outfit for her…! Nandini goes to Beeji and says..’Beeji!’ Beeji says…’Where did u go Nandini?’ Beeji is holding an outfit selected for Nandini and keeps it on the bed..! Nandini says..’I was right here…! But why are u in my room all of a sudden?’ Beeji shows off the outfit she has selected for Nandini and says…’See this.. its such a pretty dress..! Do one thing..wear this in the evening..and also cover ur head.!’ Nandini puts her hand on Beejis shoulder and says…’Beeji.. tell me clearly ..what is the matter?’ Beeji says..’Well the thing is…Boys family is coming to see u..thats why i m asking u to be ready..!’ Nandini gets annoyed and says..’I knew it..! I knew ..that u wuld say something weird like this..! Beeji.. listen to me carefully..I will not get married to this boy..atleast not like this..! U plan to send me off with anyone ..just like that?’ Beeji gets angry and says…’What are u saying? We have seen the boy.. he is nice.. from a good family!’ (Pammi and Geet arrive in the meantime) Nandini says…’But Beeji.. i dun wanna get married..! And even if i wanted to get married… i will find a boy myself..!’ Beeji chides Nandini …saying.. ‘Dare u say such a thing ever again!’ Beeji says..’Boys family is coming to see u in the evening.. get ready!’ Nandini tells Beeji in firm tone..’Ok then.. if this is ur stand..then i wont bow down to u..!’ Beeji is about to react when Geet intervenes! Geet says..’Lemme talk to her!’ Beeji & Pammi leave from there..! 
Geet asks Nandini …’What happened…why are u being stubborn?’ Nandini says…’U they are forcing me..?’ Geet says…’This is not forcing… they are worried for you.. they want only your good!’ Nandini says..’But.. …how can i get married to a stranger? Someone ..i dun even know.. how can i spend my entire life with him? And if this only was to be done.. then why did they educate me?’ Geet makes Nandini sit on the bed.. and says..’Tell me one thing..the guy u will find.. he too will be a stranger on the first day? Nandini ..this love is such a thing.. that u never know..when ..where or how u fall in luv with someone! U know.. a few days back.. the person u hate… the person whose face too u dun wanna see.. u wont realise..when that Dusht Danav will become ur heartbeat! Even breath will stop flowing without his permission! On the walls.. on the ceiling.. in the air.. everywhere.. u will see him..n him only!’ Nandini smiles n says..’Really? All these things happen?’ Geet says..’Yes..! Thats why i m saying..atleast see the boy once..! Who knows..maybe Babaji has paired u up with him?’ Nandini smiles and hugs Geet! Beeji and Pammi who are overhearing… heave a sigh of relief! 
Dev is walking around talking to himself..n contemplating if he should tell or not…! Dev tells himself…’Come on Dev…be brave and go and tell her..! But i cant say! If i say..then Bro will get defamed and i cant give problem to him!’ Dev is walking around still muttering to himself…! MSK who is washing the car…in (black vest n jeans) wonders whats wrong.! MSK calls out Dev..! Dev turns and says..’Yes Bro?’ MSK asks..’Whats the matter?’ Dev stammers and says…’Nothing..!’ MSK says…’Something is up…ever since u came back from the jungle.. u look lost..! What is the matter?’ Dev self thot.. ‘Tell him.. Tell bro..!’ MSK asks Dev again..! Dev says…’Well i was thinking ..that yesterday in the jungle.. it was like an adventure..right?’ MSK says…’Adventure type? That time in the jungle… everybody was scared for their lives…and u r saying that it was Adventure type?’ Dev stammers again..! MSK says..’What is the matter?’ Dev starts to speak… saying..’Bro..the thing is… i and…’ Right then Lucky comes and says…’Jija ji ..ur strange.. inside the boys family has come..and ur standing here yapping! Come inside.. Beeji is calling u..!’ Dev says…’Yes yes..go ahead..’ Lucky catches hold of Dev’s hand and tugs him along inside! Inside.. Pammi is serving tea to the boys family…!’ Dev is making faces at the boy…! MSK is watching Dev..! As Pammi comes to offer tea to the boy.. he refuses and says..’I dun drink tea!’ Lucky says…’Thats great.. even i dun drink Tea… should we get Milk or Lassi for u?’ The boy says…’Please no need for formality!’ Jugnu says…’Dun worry son.. u just order what u wanna drink! Here we have arrangement of all sorts..!’ Right then Pammi offers tea to Jungu! 
The boys mother says…’Our Daman.. doesnt touch.. tea or coffee! He is an only son! He has grown up drinking Milk and Lassi only! He is so decent…that we keep thanking God for giving us such a nice son!’ Dev is again making faces at the boy and MSK watches..n wonders..whats wrong..! Beeji says…’Yes…indeed.. hope God gives such wonderful son to all..!’ Dev jerks his head..disapprovingly! Beeji says..’Our Nandini is also like that…honest.. educated and amiable! Well we always wanted a boy like him..only!’ Boys dad says..’Then theres no question of like or dislike! We also wanted a girl with such qualities!’ Beeji asks Geet to check if Nandini is ready or not! Boys mother says…’No problem.. we have already seen the girl and liked her as well! What i suggest is let the kids meet each other.. after all they only have to like each other!’ Geet turns sideways and sees Dev shaking his head and raises an eyebrow and Dev smiles at her..n turns away! The boys mother says..’If u all dun mind.. let my Daman go to Nandini! Beeji says..’No no.. problem! Lucky.. take Daman ji to Nandini!’ Jugnu says..’One minute sis.. its our daughters Jugnu will do all the work.!’ Jugnu takes the boys hand and asks him to follow! Dev watches on.. biting his nails..and Geet looks at Dev ..then at MSK… and MSK keeps looking at Dev! 
Jugnu is walking with the boy and says..’So Chaman…’ the boy corrects.. ‘Daman!’ .. Jugnu ..’Ok Daman…what work do u do?’ The boy answers…’I have a factory for bond paper…’ and Jugnu hears the word BOND and says…’James Bond? U work for James Bond..! Well do one thing.. leave James Bond and join a bigger detective..’JJ From U-SA’ The boy says…’JJ??’ Jugnu says..’Jugnu Jasoos from United States of Amristar!’ The boy says..’So u are a detective as well?’ Jugnu says…’Yes.. its a very complicated work we do…!’ The boy asks..’What type of detective work do u do?’ Jugnu says..’I do outdoor as well as indoor! Btw tell me one thing..what are we here to discuss?’ The boy says..’We are here so u can take me to meet Nandini!’ Lucky has come in the meantime and overhears…! Jugnu says…’Nandini…?? Nandini who?’ Lucky says…’U r a character alright.. everyone is waiting for him.. and u are showing him around the house..! By the way ..i guess by now…he (Daman) has become half a detective.!’ Jugnu says..’He is James Bond’s personnel!’ The boy clarifies.. ‘I have a factory of Bond Paper manufacturing!’ Lucky says..’Paper…Mama..!’ Jugnu says…’James Bond papers are also available!’ Lucky says…’We will talk about this later..right now guests have come.. ..i will tell u later! U (Daman) come with me.. we will go upstairs!’ Jugnu offers to accompany.. Lucky says.. ‘U wait over here.. !!’ Jugnu says..’Dun ditch me’ .. Lucky says..’U wait here for half n hour.. i will come back in 10 minutes!’ Lucky leads the boy outside…! 
Nandini is sitting in the courtyard..! The boy glances at Nandini.. who looks away..! Nandini self thot..’Its possible that..whatever Geet explained to me …luv is like that only! But how can i trust a stranger? First i need to get full information about him! He appears pretty decent! But u never know with the guys..culd be someone from the face..n someone from within!’ The boy says looking at Nandini ..’ U r not saying anything..?’ Nandini says..’What can i say.. u say something then i will say!’ The boy says..’Honestly speaking..there are many girls who are my good friends…but i culd never make that b.f n g.f kinda relation..!’ Nandini self thot..’So that means.. he doesnt have any g.f!’ Nandini gets up from her seat..! The boy continues..’As far as the hubby-wife relation i believe that where there is love.. there needs to be understanding and freedom.. like u have lived ur life here in this house.. u can lead ur life in same fashion after wedding too!’ Nandini self thot..’He talks really nicely.. but then this is the problem! All boys talk well..but the secret is open only after marriage!’ 
Geet comes in the kitchen and calls the servant…! She picks up the tray with glasses and hands it over to the servant..and asks him to take it outside! Geet is chopping something..! She suddenly turns…and MSK comes in and grabs her from the backside..wrapping his arms around her waist and picks her up and puts her in front of him! Geet says…’What are u doing? Guests have come outside..and u are up to playing pranks in here!’ MSK says..’If i dun play pranks on u.. then should i play pranks on our neighboring aunt?’ Geet wonders…who this aunt is and says…’Who is this aunt?’ MSK grabs Geet again and rest his head on her head…and says..’There is someone..!’ Geet slaps MSK playfully and says..’Maan..dun u feel ashamed.. ..ur saying with so much pride..that there is someone?’ MSK is holding his cheek… and Geet holds her hand and says..’Sorry! Did it hurt a lot?’ MSK nods his head.. Geet asks..’Where did it hurt?’ MSK puts his finger on his lips and shows to Geet..! Geet turns around and says…’Leave it.. now go! Go to that aunt only! If u dare to even come near me… i will jump in the well and die!’ 
As Geet turns again.. MSK grabs hold of her…and pulls her closer and bends her over on the side…and says..’She is 70 years old… u wanna meet?’ Geet nods her head and says..’No!’ MSK again asks..n Geet gets irritated…and says..’Why do i need to meet him? The one who wanna play pranks..can go and meet her.. why do i care!’ Geet continues her chopping work..! MSK wraps himself around Geet again and says…’I can play pranks even now!’ Geet hits MSK with a spoon and says..’U keep looking for reasons to do all this Lafange work!! I have a lot of work..!’ As Geet tries to go.. MSK calls her and says…’The thing i came to talk to u about …i forgot..! The thing is.. .ever since Dev has returned from the jungle…he looks a bit worried..! I dunno what is wrong with him!’ Geet says…’Ur worrying for nothing.. just a while back..i saw him laufing and chatting with Lucky! U stop worrying… i gotta go!’ Geet leaves..! MSK self thot…’Something is definitely there..that Dev is hiding from me!’ 
Dev is pacing in the alley waiting for that boy…right then he spots him..n asks…so u talked to Nandini ?? How did u find her?? The boy says.. i like her…! Dev is shocked n says.. well u should like her..she has all qualities…!! Boy says…my parents also wanted such a nice bride..n life will be like heaven..! Dev says..yes heaven as in..big house.. servants n lots of clothes… u dun worry.. Nandini will bring all this when she comes…she luvs to shop..n boy says..what?? Dev says.yes for short clothes so she can dance…n boy shocked..n says what.. Dev says..yes after she drinks…n that he has seen 50 boys coming in n out of her life. n then says…but she will marry u only.! Boy shocked and turns and leaves! As Dev turns.. Geet sees n says..what are u doing.. spoiling Nandinis life.. Dev says… i dun want Nandini to get married..! Geet says why?? Dev says..i luv Nandini…! Geet says..what…?? Dev says…u wont understand… she used to scold me always..n i fell in luv with her..! Geet says.u hv any idea if they find out here about this..?? They think… MSK is Ballu.. i m Geet.. n u r MSK… n Nandini is my sis..! Geet goes n meets the boy and tells the whole story truly… that MSK was kidding only..! Boy says..this is not fair…on his part..n Geet apologises..! MSK watches on wondering whats up..!
MSK comes near Geet and asks.whats the matter… Geet wonders if she should tell MSK or not..n decides to tell..! As she is about to tell… Beeji calls her out…and asks her to help Pammi in kitchen.. She asks Ballu to get sweets..since Shagun will be today! MSK wonders… earlier Dev was being weird. .now Geet! Jugnu is ready with a diary to ask questions to the boys family to decide about whether the boy is worthy for Nandini..! As Jugnu starts quering.. Tejjy gets irritated… Lucky tries to grab him away.. but Jugnu persists..! Jugnu says..if this questioning was done for Geet..she wont be in this situation n Tejjy glares.. Lucky drags Jugnu aside..! Geet comes to the kitchen…and Pammi asks Geet to help her..since she is from city n wuld know the taste of city people! Pammi says.. Nandini is about to say yes as well…n Geet is lost in thots what to do for Dev n what to tell MSK! MSK sneaks thru the window of the kitchen… signalling Geet but  Lachchi keeps interrupting..n MSK hides…! Geet wonders…Dev likes Nandini n outside. Nandinis relation is being decided..! Suddenly Geet notices MSK…n asks…Lachchi to swap locations with her..! She goes near window n MSK asks…why are u upset?? Geet reason n asks him to leave… Suddenly Lachchi sees n says..thief..n MSK starts eating onion! Pammi says..u hungry.. why eating onion… Geet says..yes.. eat mooli…MSK no…no need n leaves..!
Beeji says…theres no shortage of anything in this house… just want that Nandini-Daman like each other.. Boys family also says the same..! Boys dad says..dun worry all will be well..n look Daman is here..n asks him about his decision..! Dev looks on anxiously! The boys family asks..why are u so quiet?? U like Nandini n boys says yes…n Dev shocked..! Everyone congratulates n boys family says..we will give Shagun today only..! Beeji asks Geet to get Nandini!  Geet turns and sees her…n says..she is here..! Boys family asks Nandini her decision n she says yes…n all rejoice..n Dev is shattered..! MSK watches Dev…and Geet looks at Dev sadly..!
Jugnu gets the sweets..n is gonna feed the boy..n almost feeds his dad instead n Lucky stops him in time…!
 Then Beeji makes  Nandini sit next to Daman n feeds them sweets n Dev watches heartbroken..! Geet keeps turning to see Dev.. who sadly smiles at her n leaves.. MSK watches..!


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