Geet Wednesday 14 October 2020 Star life Written update, Jugnu comes to the room where he had kept Dev as hitman.. n wonders where he went! Jugnu goes to washroom. . n then Devini come n put the body in the room! Jugnu comes and thinks the body is drunk n starts to wake him up.. n then realises that the guy culd b a murderer..! He decides to do something to get rid of it! Right then Dev gets call from Adi.. n he says he needs sign so coming to KM! Dev says.. he isnt at home ..n will sign next day..! Adi says..he will take MSKs sign at hotel and then take his sign! Dev asks what MSK is doing in the hotel?? Adi says..he has no idea!! Dev says..he is in the same hotel… n asks him to come! Lucto are watching.. Devini and see Nando show the ear-ring she found near the body.. ! Nando wonders where she saw it! Dev asks her to forget n move!! Lucto wonder what Devini are doing there n decide to think something! Adi comes to the hotel.. n Dev comes to sign .. ! Adi asks what he is doing there n Dev says.. about Honeymoon! Adi laufs n says.. both bro think similar n says.. MSK came for same thing! Adi tells Dev .. MSK is coming n Dev runs! MSK sees Devs signature n calls him on the cell..!! The cell rings right there n MSK gets suspicious! MSK discovers Dev..! The hitman wakes up .. n wonders what he doing there..! Jugnu whacks him unconscious again! Nando wonders whose ear-ring it is..!She recollects its hers ..n she had given to Preeto! MSK comments that.. Devini are in the same hotel… n asks him ..why he is scared..?? Dev admits .. he should have told him! Dev gets Nandos call n excuses himself..! MSK says.. he has heard the ringtone before n asks if he was the guy .. in the room where Maneet hears shrieks.. n Dev agrees!! LucTo.. are worried about Nando finding out the truth n what Maneet n Devini doing there! LucTo’s doorbell rings.. n its Nando..!!

Jugnu is shifting the body. .to an empty room and manager sees n asks and he says.. nothing.. friend is drunk! Geet screams.. MAAN! MSK rushes!Geet discovers body in the alley!! LucTo and Devini gather..! Manager checks the pulse and says.. he is alive.. all breathe easy! Waiter brings.. Jugnu out n says.. he put the body there..! All shriek! Maneet ask them what is happening? All speak at once.. n Maneet go..”this update is a copyright © content for Blasters Series” ‘D’oh’??? All return to KM ..laufing..! MSK says.. Jugnu did a unforgettable thing by bashing Dev.! Dev says.. from next time..they should tell everyone where they are going for HM.. !! Geet says.its .late.. lets go n rest..n MSK says.. nope.. he n Dev have work.. n leave!
MSK and Dev are working and MSK is busy drooling on Geets pic! Dev grins.. n says.. it mus be surprising for MSK realise that.. a guy like MSK fell for a girl like Geet..! MSK says.. when love goes to the head.. a person forgets.. questions n answers n himself.. too but not ‘HER’!! Nando comes and says.. she wants to drink coffee n Geet says… a bit later.. but first need to give to MSK! Nando says u care for MSK so much and Geet says.. he does to! Nando says..ur life ..saw so many up n down.. but ur love is stronger.. n Geet says.. we have.. SOUL connect.. so.. n our Babaji is there! Nando asks Geet what Gift she will give to MSK?? Dev asks MSK?? Dev asks MSK.. that hope he din forget his wedding anniversary n what gift he is giving to Geet..! Geet tells Nando..she is gonna give MSK a gift that he wont forget.. n MSK says same to Dev!
Geet is lying on her bed with pen n paper n smiling! MSK comes n lies next to her! MSK asks if she is writing something special?? Geet says yes!! MSK asks.. something special?? Geet says..yes.. its late n we should sleep! She asks MSK to change n come! Maneet rue that.. the other is awake.. still now.. n they cant plan for anniversary!! Geet asks MSK…to speak! MSK says.. have to exercise..!! Geet says..what happened? MSK says.. feel like stretching..! Geet says so late?? Then she stops n says.. this is fine.. he can exercise n i can plan! Dev n Lucky see MSK n ask.. why is he looking troubled!! MSK says.. he is and they are adding to it! Both apologize! Dev asks what the matter is?? MSK says.. next day is first anniversary of our wedding.. wanna surprise Geet..!! MSK says..cant think of a gift.. what to do so she remembers all her life?? Lucky says.. something big n special! Dev says..thats what MSK said.. think! Lucky says.. if we have to give gift to Geet.. lets ask her!! Dev chides him! Dev asks MSK how he excused himself from Geet?? MSK says..said for exercising..!! Dev n Lucky lauf!! Geet asks Nando n Preeto for suggestion n suggests… Dinner for MSK?? Geet chides Nando n Preeto for not helping her! Geet gets an idea!! MSK comes to room n searches for Geet! MSK asks Geet where she had gone as she comes. .n she kitchen for drinking water!! Geet says..he too took lot of time! Geet says..lets go to bed.. and MSK pulls her close.. n Geet says..what u doing n MSK says..drooling on ur beauty n Geet asks him to remove his hand.. !! Geet looks around.. faking anger.. n MSK says..its been one year seeing ur fake anger.. n in one year.. so many bonds are tied.. and despite of ups n down.. our love din decrease..!Maneet are hugging and Geet says..this love wont decrease in next 7 janams!! Maneet SIDE KISS! (tanu FAINTS)! Next morning ..Geet wakes up n finds.. boquets all around..! Rose petals are rained on her.. MSK comes near n sits by the bed! MSK hugs Geet.. n wishes.. Happy Wedding anniversary.. n she gives him one red rose and says.. Happy Anniversary!Maneet hug n Geet says.. in one year.. we have lived every moment.. n wished to come close…!! MSK says.. dun say things that take my life.. n Geet says.. m ur life.. n ur mine!! MSK excuses himself to make some arrangements.. n both self thot… decided what to gift u!”
All are waiting for Maneet n Adi notices.. Maneet coming n points to them! Maneet are walking down together.. hand in hand.. MSK in all black n Geet in blue.. for the anniversary.. celebration! All look at them n smile!Geet says..where are other guests?? MSK says..they will come later.. first us family will celebrate!! Both eyelock and yap n Preeto says.. u both got lost again..??? Think about us! She asks them to cut the cake..! Both blow the candle together n cut cake n feed each other! Everyone gives them gift.. n Jugnu says..will give at budday time!! All ask Geet n MSK what they gifted each other? Geet tells MSK… ur gift is in the study room and MSK tells Geet.. ur gift in above room!!
Geet comes to the room n thinks.. MSK mus hv planned something! She switches on the light n sees.. a baby crib n smiles..! She plays with the toys and smiles… n cries..!
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