Geet 11 March 2020: On Geet wednesday 11 March 2020 star life, Khurana Mansion at night…Maan staring out window while Geet sleeps.

Geet 11 March 2020: Wind blows as Maan turns around and looks at Geet with sindoor oops..khoon.. in her maang..

Maneet scene..Geet wakes up..Maan goes to her and she asks him..’aap kis mitti ke bane ho?’


She continues…’the people who refused to look you in the eye are now daring to question you

‘I’m feeling scared instead of being happy

maan says ‘I will always be with you

scene switches to naintara looking in the mirrror furious and upset…

again maneet…maan looks at geet..mahii….

geet says ‘i can’t sleep’

maan says ‘When people see maan singh khurana they lose their sleep…

Nt goes to Dev meanwhile

Dev tells her to go away and leave Maneet alone….

nt says okay”..’ she’s’s rolling his eyes…

nt goes to the bar and takes out some drinks..and then opens a satchet containing some kind of substance…
she takes a glass to dev and gives it to him…

and then she collapses..blood coming out of her dev’s arms..telling dev…’humne aapse kahaa tha…’
the morning after..we see maneet scene…geet is dressed in green as usual… maan in white….and something breaks..geet is shocked to see maan..maan stands in front of her and we see their reflection in their mirror

maan tells geet that ‘ i did all this not to fill your maang but to be your life partner..’

Maneet in outhouse.. MSK lifts Geets hand n says..i wanna marry u…will u marry me? Geet says..but how will we get married… u know… na.. how many obstacles we hv to face..!! MSK long as we are together we will face all troubles…. Geet says.. Dadi wont agree n MSK says..i will make her agree..!! MSK says..u hv faced so many troubles…i also gave u so much pain.. made promises but culdn fulfil.. Geet says… dun say so… ur not at fault.. MSK i m at fault…n i promise that i will do anything to bring smile on ur lips!! MSK tells Geet..come wit me to meet Dadi

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Maneet walk in the alley….MSK holding Geets hand n leading n brings Geet at par wit him n enter mansion!! Dadi comes down from stairs n says Maan…n stares at Maneet hand holding.. Geet try to remove but MSK hold on … n Dadi stares!! NT in hosp.. docs are trying to resurrect her..n decide to operate her!! NT asks for a writing pad n writes ‘Please call’ n passes out!! Deveera outside the room n asks Doc abt NT..n Doc says..its critical since she has taken strong poison… so need to wash it out..!! Meera asks Dev to inform MSK…n Dev hesitates n Meera suggest to tell Dadi

MSK tells Dadi..i know u know all….its not important to know why it happened… n right now..we need ur blessings.. no one knows my hearts desire better than u….. so wanna tell u.. that .. its Geet with whom i wanna spend my whole life..!! If Geet is here..i feel like smiling like living!! U only wanted me to smile.. i got my smile n life.. back.. We need ur blessings n approval!! Phone rings n Dev tells Dadi..that NT is critical… as she has had poison..!! MSK asks what happened….n Dadi tells its Dev..n NT taken poison!! MSK says its a sham.. but Dadi says.. NT is family….. n MSK agrees to visit NT…n asks Geet to stay back n MSK leaves wit Dadi! Geet goes back out..

Dadi n MSK reach hosp n Meera tells Dadi that NT is serious..n MSK goes to talk to doc…!! Dev is hiding away n Meera asks Dev not to hide n seek MSKs forgiveness…as its an oppurtunity….!! Geet in outhouse..wonders about why MSK not back…n Geet says i m stupid… din do ny packing also..when MSK brought me home!! Dev n MSK face to face n Dev seeks forgiveness..! MSK says ur sin is too big to be forgiven so easily..n leaves!!

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MSK at hosp reception signing docs… n police comes n says… its not a suicide case but attempt to murder …. someone has tried to murder her… n MSK says..what rubbish…. n Police says… well someone from the Khurana family has tried to kill her..!! Dev goes to NT n says..why did u do this?? NT says…whats wrong…its possible u or ur family tried to kill me…n Dev says..u made th drink so u only must hv added th poison n NT says..who will believe u?? Dev says shld hv let u die there..n NT says… dun speak loudly or police mite here..!! Dev says..wont leave u for this n NT says..thats why…i m ensuring that before i get out of hosp u end up in jail n behind u ur full family!!

NT tells Dev…make a deal with me… i will save u n ur family or u will save me….. coz if i go to jail i will take ur whole family. . MSK… Geet n Dadi to jail.. Dev shocked!! Dev agrees..!!


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