Geet update Wednesday 29 January 2020 Starlife: MK getting dressed in confused state, talking to him self I did good thing by stopping her, but now what should I do??

Geet Wednesday 29 January 2020 Starlife: I’ll have to face her, morn/evening, night and while he says that we see-three form of geet.  He goes till daadi gets better he has to work from home, the gal started reading his face and now she would know that he likes her talk, action—– and he pauses, adds that MSK will come up with the solution.

Geet is explaining herself, that she stayed back for daadi, do not think you surrender to MK or you have lost. You need to stay till daadi gets better, forget about yesterday, stay away from MK so that you won’t get weird thoughts and he will be happy too. Mk still pacing in his room, finally smiles as idea comes in his mind, Mk blurts out that it’s better we do not see each other alone.

Geet is thinking my job is for his secretary, so how can I not see him?? I’m stuck. Suddenly she hears noise at the door, she starts babbling, as if he was waiting for morning, does not even has manners to knock the door before entering in a gal’s room, but is shocked like me to see asha sis, pinky and adi.

Geet hides under the table seeing them. Some one asks saasha why has he called us here, saasha irritatingly answers how would she know she is not his secretary. Adi laughs and says definitively some thing big happen, so he has called all staff here,  tasha is worried now, but excited that it’s fine even if he asks to work at home, Pinky wonders why was she called, adi laughingly tells her let MK come all will be clear.

MK walks in, goes to table stand right next to geet, who is hiding under it like scary. He tells daadi is sick, so till she gets better he will work from home, that is why he has called all here, today on wards they all will report here.  Geet hears all and hits her head at the table, MK hears the sound, bend and gets good morning from his GF. He asks her to come out, she refuses, he questions is she going to hide whole life there, come out, she says not infront of them, he yells, she says, okay I’ll come.

All are shocked to see her, only adi smilingly says geet. MK asks her what was she doing under the table, but geet got staring infection from MK, so lost in staring at him. MK has to yell her name to bring her back on land. She gives an excuse of searching for cockroach… MK is like what??? All are confused.

MK asks her to get ready so that work can get started, geet questions him work with you again, he says yes, any problem, she nodes in NO. he tells her to go inf act yells.

How to avoid Maan Sir

Geet goes to mirror at her room and starts talking to her mirror image , geet what did explain to you, stay away from MK, but you do n’t get any thing in one shot, all were looking at you there, do not look at him again like this, she scolds her own mirror image like scolding at child, tell me would you not look at him again like this. Do not just node, follow what ever has asked to, then goes to explaining it’s question of few days, once daadi is oki then all will be fine till then focus on work, do not look at straight in his eyes, bow head and work., understand.

Then she turns her back to mirror and says but how would she stay away from him at same work place, decides to work at the corner table, quietly.

Saasha is having indigestion aka stops pinky and asks what is miss hoshiyarpur doing in MK’s house, tell the truth, Pinky says she does not know, in fact she is more shocked to see geet here than having sugar cube in popcorn’s pack ( it sounds much better in hindi) . saasha asks her to find out, MK watches them, he says if kitty party discussion is over then start working. Pinky asks peon to move corner table next to MK’s desk.

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Geet comes down to see, table has gone, upset that table was bothering whom, notices it next to MK’s desk, still decides not to sit there, even if she need to stand whole day fine. MK comes back, she hides her face in the file, she does not see any place to sit, starts pcing, MK notices, tells her if she has done with morning walk then she should start her work.

Geet goes to request pink to exchange seat with her. Pinky initially refuses saying who will go near to volcano, geet says oh it does not explode every day, geet blackmails her about her friendship and baabaji. Finally Pinky agrees , goes sit next to MK. MK watches all drama from his desk.

He comes up with a very old modified trick that my lab mate used to do calls her from her desk and asks to bring file. At least geet trying to stay away), geet goes and pataoofy SS to give file to him by saying he will promote you for doing this. Saasha gives file to him, he notices it is same one that he has asked geet to bring, he asks saasha to tell his secretary to bring coffee.

Dev-NT. Dev tells her work done, we will get the site for construction, we should go and give good news to daadi ( good news??? There is death warrant for you) he tells her is she happy now, he has started handling business. Nt replies she does not know why I remembered geet, and yes you are working hard, after long time we are spending time together. He tries to tell but daadi is not well. She says she called and daadi fine. Dev is suspicious what is wrong with her?? First geet, now stopping me to see daadi?? Sure some thing is cooking, NT hugs him and thinks she would get detective to find geet.

Geet talking to coffee mug, that why is it staring at her?? Is it Maan sir??? in fact she got his staring disease. She is worried whom she should send to give coffee, finally come up with adi’s name, asks mug would it go with adi?? Voice over comes do your own work?? Geet bounce what??? mug is talking??? Again hears if you finished with nautanki then would you turn??? She turns to find MK standing there.

MK asks her that he has asked coffee half an hour before, when it was ready then why she did not come to give. Geet lie bluntly that she has made now, MK gives a look like you are unbelievable and starts walking towards her, she keep backing up, he takes the mug and says oh that is why it is so cold. geet says NO, but both lost in each other’s eye. MAHI moment, very close to each other, MK breaks the eye lock. Geet is like OMG what happened just now.

MK asks what has happened to her, he is noticing since morning, whatever work he would ask her to do she would give to some one else so that she does not need to face and stops, looks at her.  He goes I do not get it what to do with you. Geet retorts then sir what do I do?? Say sorry?? Mk replies all I am saying is that you should stay few words to maintain courtesy in limit.

That is it, volcano toh MK hai exlode geet ho. She gives back to him saying do not even talk about talking in limits, no one knows better than you how to cross the limits, in fact you should be the one saying sorry to me for crossing limits.

MK says so now you want to have counting like child. Geet says let’s do it. You are not as great as you think. I have whole list when you should have said sorry but did not, All the time you yell at me and want me to say sorry, you always find mistake in my work, stare at me and want me to say thank you. She goes very close to him. He asks are you done??? So I leave geet gives standard reply YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME and turns back. MK says to him self she has gone mad.

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Geet thinks to herself, why am I yelling at him, what is the point telling him all this, I need to understand how bad is he. MK is confused all this time looking at her. He says, geet I ‘ve heard all, now she is shocked she thinks he read her mind, so asks him what?? He replies yes that you will not say thanks to me, but no need to yell and what ever today, she cuts him off, says today what?? Look I have made no mistake today, even if I did you do not need to worry, I’ll fix it. That is why I did not sit next to you, so you stay away from me and do not get close to me and do not —-MK turns to her at this point and she realizes what she said. EYE LOCK and The end.

geet telling MK she has not made any mistake even if she did she would correct, he does not need to worry, so she would not say thank you. MK asks her no need to yell and about to leave when geet explains him why she was avoiding him and stops in btwn when she realizes what she said, runs away from there. MK thinks she has gone mad, half the things she says, rest stays in her mind, she herself does not know what is she saying. He thinks he could have peace of mind only if he goes to daadi.

Geet curses her self how could she yell at MK like this he is whole sole of Khurana construction, owner of the house, her boss and why all the time she keeps thinking abt him.  she opens the eyes to find office gang is right there. Adi asks her if MK will be back or not. Geet says she has no idea, now tasha saasha start grilling her about her staying in his out house, being his secretary, etc, Geet has lost totally and replies ulta pulta, she does say that she stays here but not his wife. Adi-pinky confused, do not like saasha’s taunting.

Geet tells saasha that she had resigned, but saasha retorts that was not her dream plan, so that she can enter in to house. Geet replies may be dream for you, but I make dream in real. Adi laughs and I just love adi ki laughing on this. Saahs gets pissed and leaves . Geet is now frustrated that what is she doing. Pinky calms her down and adinky ask her what has happened between her and MK. Geet her self is confused, that she does not know what has happened, goes in FB about dargah.Geet thinks every one thinking she has gone made, but the person who is driving her nuts has gone from here.

Mk while going to see daadi thinks what kinda dilemma he is in, why can not he stay away from geet, why is she behaving strangely, sure she is hiding some thing.

Doctor is asking daadi why she has asked him to make wrong reports. Daadi says sometimes to get things right, we have to follow wrong paths, she sees MK coming and starts acting. Doctor tells MK that reports are not god they need to take care for her very well. Daadi is about to say something, when MK gets call, he needs to leave, daadi is disappointed, but happy that fake illness is helping. She is determine to have MK agree about her wish.

Geet walking, wondering that what happens to her as soon as she sees MK. She decides not to look at him, keep doing her work and BANG MK walks in, they both walk towards each other, she starts acting to write, and accidentally spills the ink on MK.  Geet is shocked, MK says geet, she starts fumbling for words, sorry, sir, this ,ink etc, and ends up saying perhaps it’s your bad luck??? MK questions bad luck?? She keeps mum and starts wiping ink from his suit and face, but gets lost in staring at him.

Mk is comfortable her wiping ink, asks her what happens?? Has it cleaned?? She stops and mumbles why he always has to bump me. MK gives her stern look, takes her dupatta, starts wiping himself. Geet just stands there admiring his wiping, he notices, short eye lock and geet runs away leaving her dupatta with him.

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Geet bumps to a lady who was busy checking her cell. The lady blurts out crap, looks at her hand that has ink, gives disgusted look to geet. The lady starts insulting geet, immediately right, left, center, asks her does she has any idea who I am. AAA Gayaaaa MK, biwi ko dupatte se cover karne he has become ever ready geet ka coverer now or should I say security guard, jks apart, MK walks and covers geet with her dupatta who is standing there shaking. Geet looks at him, very short mahi moment, he turns to talk lady.

MK says hello Ms Rathor, geet says, sorry, but Ms rathor tells her to buzz off and starts insulting more, asking MK what type of staff has he hired. Mk tells geet to leave, says to Ms rathor, he will get cleaned it up, let’s discuss the business.

Ms rathor tells Mk, she needs to go back Mumbai tonite, there is party in her honor. She adds further, so basically presentation ki report needed to be done tonite.  She says it seems doubtful seeing first impression of staff basiclly insult geet programme is on.

Mk replies his team is efficient, and he will get done. Saasha borrows 2 hrs to get blue prints ready, Ms Rathor happy and goes to insult geet more. Saasha is very happy. Geet feels very humiliated, adi feeling bad MK just stands there. They starts leaving, same time geet starts leaving too and comes in between to get more insulted.

NT telling some one over phone to get all information about geet, she has already mail her picture, the gal is from Hoshiyaarpur, Dev hears HP, and skeptical, asks her what was she talking, she tries to brush off but dev does not buy her excuse and is cross with her, but dev tells her in firm tone that is she wants her happiness then go back to delhi. NT agrees. Both think they will fine about geet there.

MK planning how to get work in 2 hrs, so distributing responsibilities to all. Tells vinod, lara and taasha to work with other witch asha, adi will handle accounts, and geet will be sitting next to me so I can properly stare at her kidding he says geet will handles the project files.. It’s a terrible Thursday for geet so she thinks oh lord she is stuck with him again, better to say no and I see terrible Thursday turning to torture Thursday that can result in Freaky Friday tomorrow.

Any ways, she speaks up that she wants to work with saasha not him, all are shocked including saasha, Geet says she wants to do this project, it’s getting done so fast, so she will learn too, MK replies in firm tone that he will decide who deos what and his decision is she is not doing this project. Geet still adamant about doing project with saasha, MK says she has to work with him, she bluntly tells him, she does not want to work with him. MK gets angry and says to her why??? Look at me and answer. Both look at each other, MAHI and adi follows their gaze.

Geet gives modified answer as yesterday, she wants to stay away from him. All are shocked, she tries to cover up saying, she means how long she will be serving tea, coffee etc.She adds that I want to work where I can use my brain, let me work with saasha,  Mk tells her to stop, he says I have told you earlier too that this project is not for yours, you can not work on it. Geet says, you can not judge me with out giving chance. Mk says he did not mean that. . She says, may be I do not dress up every day, can not speak English,, but I have brain. and I can prove my ability. Adi and MK both are in pain hearing this. Mk finally agrees, tells her fine do it, but then do not tell that I would not warn you. Geet closes her eyes, nodes in yes, MK leaves with adi, geet thinks it’s better to get insulted by MK than be with him, Saasha happy thinks that geet you do not know which shoe you have stepped in.



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